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repeal and replace

CAN YOUIMAGINE how desperately Donald Trump wants a war right now? How badly he is gunning for a full-on fight with a fresh enemy of the people, real or imagined, that could galvanize his limp (and getting limper)public support, stop people fakenewsing about the catastrophic failure of TrumpCare, remove the asterisk from his Glorious Victory against Hillary, and take the media spotlight off the dark web of Russian collusion that has dogged and—let us pray—will ultimately end his Brief and Terrifying Reign. He needs something to distract us from all these distractions. And there is one thing that always works. Is there still time for a war? Because if there is, I believe Trump and Steve Bannon would love to bring it to us. War, I am sorry to promise you, or wild…

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TOM HIDDLESTON’S NOW WORLD-FAMOUS BOLOGNESE In Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s profile of Tom Hiddleston in our March issue, she gave the people what they wanted: details about Hiddleston’s split with Taylor Swift—and a really luscious description of his signature Bolognese. INGREDIENTS 1 “big, generous knob” of butter A little bacon Chopped carrots Chopped celery Chopped onions Mince (ground beef) 1 tin of tomatoes Bit of red wine Bit of milk Healthy garnish Instructions, to be read aloud in a suave British accent: You kind of braise everything—onions until they’re soft, mincemeat until it’s browned. Boil off some of the tomato juice, boil off some of the alcohol in the wine. Once it’s all sort of stewing, stick it in the oven at about 180 degrees [Celsius]. All We Do Is Win, Win, Win… > Or at least we…

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Radical Chinos • It’s time to give your spring wardrobe a kick— make that a kick-flip—and swap your heavy jeans for some newfangled chinos. That’s right, chinos. Khakis. The tan pants that used to be the height of countryclub prep. Designed with patches, holes, colored trim, and funky fits, they’ve gotten to the point where they’re almost actually… edgy. Which is why we recruited a gang of Las Vegas skaters to show ’em off. ON CHAD HOMAN: Pants $195 Hilfiger Edition + Tank Old Navy Sneakers Louis Vuitton Socks Adidas Originals Belt Gant | Bracelet Tateossian | Necklace Renvi | Skateboard Pharmacy Boardshop Why We’re Flipping Out Khakis were once reserved for middleaged golfers. Now, suddenly, they’re for the kids skating in the parking lot. (And the rest of us) ON BERNARD VAN WEYDEVELDT: Pants Baldwin…

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the style guy

Finally, all at once: the most basic, entry-level, starter-kit, frequently asked style questions…answered! Again! Style Guy is a pretty great gig. The benefits are decent—medical, dental, tailor-al are all covered. I get most fashion holidays off: Paris Fashion Week, Labor Day, Prince’s birthday, etc. And you guys are always polite with your sartorial insecurities,whether you’re tweeting at me or stopping me mid–green tea order. But every job has its negatives.And this—this exercise in answering the entry-level questions about men’s style—is the toughest part of the work. In fact, it’s an occupational hazard. Why? Because I don’t want to tell you exactly what to do.I want to tell you how to do what you want to do. I hate the idea of some manual of unbreakable style rules.I’ve also, in my short…

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the anxious man’s guide to public speaking

I feel more nervous being a person in the world than I do when I’m onstage.Ó • Remember thinking, Man, I sure wish I’d bought Hamilton tickets when I still could? Well, listen this time: Buy your Dear Evan Hansen seats now. It’s having a similar moment— and is already approaching a similar waiting list. Why? Because of star Ben Platt, the 23-year-old with a mostly under-theradar career (Pitch Perfect, The Book of Mormon) who plays an anonymous, neurotic 17-year-old on an improbable rise to high school popularity in the wake of a misunderstanding that escalates out of control. And since public speaking, really, is a performance ,you probably ought to listen to the performer we’d put our money on to win the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical (if…

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what lies beneath

When it launched in 1910, Alfa Romeo was known simply as A.L.F.A., an acronym for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. It's an incongruously humblesounding name for a brand that was bold from the outset. By 1911, A.L.F.A. cars were on race tracks, and the company had embarked on a path of innovation which continues today with the company's newest car, the all-new Alta Romeo Giulia, a head-turning new standard-bearer of Italian automotive prowess. Fitting perfectly in line with legendary Alfa Romeos of the past, the Giulia is a symphony of rich layers-a sleek and sporty chassis with indulgent interiors complemented by a powerful engine, muscletwitch handling and bleeding-edge technology throughout. The Giulia was born when a dedicated engineering team at Alfa Romeo, led by two senior Ferrari managers, was tasked with redefining…