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thank you, i’m hungry

FOLKS, IT’S ALMOST Thanksgiving, so I apologize for not having a giant succulent turkey breast on the cover, glistening with oven sweat and turkey acne. We had so many other things we wanted to celebrate and give thanks for in this issue. Including, yes, a bounty of American food, which somehow keeps getting better and better (scarf down “The 50 Best Things to Eat & Drink Right Now” on page 130). In fact, we inadvertently ended up making a different kind of Thanksgiving issue, an all-American celebration of Excellence, Righteousness, and Taylor Swift. And so, my fellow Greatest Nation in the Worlders, we’d like to give thanks and bow down first to Taylor, because like America, she is important and beautiful and responsible for half the GDP of her industry. Then…

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The Internet Just Got a Whole Lot Better Our website is getting a major overhaul this month, spearheaded by the three digital ninjas you see below. This isn’t just a face-lift; it’s full reconstructive surgery. The team told us about a few areas where you’re about to see big changes. Mike Hofman Executive digital director “Making sure that our site foregrounds video is really important. Whether it’s Jim Moore ironing a shirt or 2 Chainz trying out the most expensive bong, these are really fun videos that you can get lost watching on Saturday afternoons.” Sarah Ball Executive digital editor “It’s like our photos went from pixelated Apple II screens to lush NFL-size Jumbotrons. It makes the biggest difference. You can finally see the finest details of a style shoot— or some highres chemistry between R2-D2 and…

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get the gq look

EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.com TO LEARN more—and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to GQ.com/selects Just a few of our picks from this issue...…

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blame canada… for these amazing clothes

Vancouver >Has Peak Style The whole slim-sweatpants, luxe-and-relaxed athleisure movement is the dominant force in menswear right now—and in outdoorsy Vancouver, it’s a way of life. This is the birthplace of Reigning Champ (terry-cloth gurus who treat their sweatshirts, tees, and shorts with suiting-worthy reverence) and Wings + Horns (Canada’s softer, cozier take on Scandinavian austerity), not to mention Lululemon (the yoga and CrossFit kings). Herschel Supply and its trail-inspired, street-ready packs came up under the city’s North Shore Mountains, same as Kit and Ace, a new “technical luxury” label pushing cashmere-infused tanks, tees, and trousers. The goat hair comes from Mongolia, but the laid-back vibes are purely local. Toronto >Has Incredible Shopping in Store Yeah, with all the walking around, it feels like shopping in New York. But even N.Y.C. doesn’t have…

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pay respect to the convertible corduroy suit

Do Some Lines at the Club Can you hear the haters? “You can’t wear corduroy to the club,” they grumble. They’re wrong. Start with a black polo, then layer with a sweater in this season’s Most Valuable Color: camel. The beauty of corduroy is that it doesn’t need to be creased and pressed—so pop your collar (the jacket, not the polo), push up your sleeves, and sip that sweet haterade. Suit (three-piece) $1,298 Brooks Brothers. Sweater $225 J.Crew. Polo shirt $425 Dolce & Gabbana. Watch Smart Turnout. Backpack Coach Men’s. Start Looking Money Cory Michael Smith may have to get used to sporting a green suit—on Gotham he plays Edward Nygma, the oddball scientist who’ll eventually become the Riddler. Well, we solved this one: It’s easy if you choose a workswith-everything hue like hunter…

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the style guy

It seems like every designer is making rock-star clothes. Celebs look cool wearing them, but I’m a dad who works in I.T. Can I pull them off without looking like a poser? I’ve bought a few pieces of clothing with heavy lead-singer stylings that I thought made me look like denim-and-chains rock god Lenny Kravitz but then, when I got home and looked in the mirror, made me look like shopping-at-Ann-Taylor, bad-style Lenny Kravitz. The line is thin. Your reservations are justified. The key to trying rock-star style is to dip your toes, literally, with a pair of Chelsea boots. They’ll team up seamlessly with your go-to jeans, a tee or button-front shirt, and a blazer. That way you look like yourself, just with some kick-ass boots on. If that’s working,…