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GQ November 2016

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hack trump

BRACE YOU RSELF. I hate to say all of this, especially so close to Halloween, but what happens after Election Day may be more terrifying than what came before it. Because Donald Trump will go. But he will not go easy. The good news: He will lose this election badly, by which I mean poorly. Exceedingly poorly. The bad news: After he does so, he will take his wounded pride and his seething, tiny-fingered resentment to war against this country. Not for this country. But against it. Because for all the haziness surrounding his agenda, his policies, the true colors of his hair and his heart, one thing has become crystal clear: Donald Trump is an enemy of the people. He will lose the popular vote, and he will lose the electoral…

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Meet Carrie Carrie Battan has already ventured deep into strange subcultures for GQ (she wrote about the lucrative world of nightclub appearances in the April issue). But this month, she went where we’re all too sheepish to go: the elite Equinox gym. 1 If you were in an Equinox ad, what would you be holding? The door, for a model. 2 What do you call your Equinox elliptical playlist? My treadmill playlist is called “Ellipticals Are Bogus,” and it’s all Drake. 3 What’s the first song? “4PM in Calabasas.” 4 What’s the least Equinox thing you’ve ever done? Chain-smoked. 5 What’s one piece of advice you give to other people that you never follow yourself? Don’t compare yourself with other people! 6 What’s your favorite bygone fitness trend? “Taking the stairs” as daily exercise. More from the 2016…

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golden goose sneakers

The not-so-secret secret of all stylish men is a carefully crafted nonchalance: projecting that they don’t care when, of course, they really do. Which explains the appeal of Golden Goose, the Italian label making brand-new sneakers that look like a worn-in pair of jeans. GG designers take the same quality leather you’d find in bench-made dress shoes and apply it to classic skate and basketball styles. Then they distress it by hand to create the kind of scuffs that’d take you years to make yourself, and finish the sneaks in color combos no one else has thought of. The result is a luxury item perfectly beaten up with “age.” Nobody needs to know it’s fresh out of the box. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand | $470 (left) | $480 | 468 Broome…

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slip into the world’s richest coat

Fly Boy Burberry’s extravagantly swanky aviator jacket has shearling trim at the cuffs, collar, and hem—basically everywhere your skin makes contact with the jacket, even when you are wearing a shirt. And it’s warm enough to keep you toasty when you’re not. Jacket $3,895 Burberry us.burberry.com Track pants Burberry Sunglasses Banana Republic | Scarf Standen | Necklaces David Yurman (top chain) and Degs & Sal Twenty-six-yearold French model Yassine Rahal is the guy every designer wants to dress right now. Also, he is not Colin Kaepernick. HAIR : JORDAN M FOR BUMBLE AND BUMBLE. GROOMING: JODIE BOLAND USING LAB SERIES SKINCARE FOR MEN. TOP RIGHT, POLO SHIRT: COACH 1941. PANTS : JBRAND. BOTTOM RIGHT, TURTLENECK: RALPH LAUREN. JEANS: ENNOIR.; PHOTOGRAPHS BY HANNAH HEINRICH…

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the new world of old-world tailoring

A Suitand-Coat Renaissance Massimo Piombo “I want to create the new glamour for the new generation,” says Massimo Piombo, the mad designer whose beautifully constructed, fantastically louche fall collection has just arrived in boutiques like New York’s influential Dover Street Market. To locate this glamour, Piombo swans around the globe—boating off the Sicilian coast, exploring tiny villages from Peru to Indonesia— searching for inspiration. “From each country,” he says, “we keep the best.” Piombo’s romantic lifestyle makes its way into fabrics woven in small-scale mills, which ensure quality— and scarcity. The resulting clothes are unapologetically dandyish and define a new, brash form of luxury. “The dream is not financial. The dream for me is to give people the opportunity to live in reality, but with a spicy touch, like garlic.” —MASSIMO PIOMBO Italian Peacocks…

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the style guy

I purchased a tuxedo about two years ago. It’s my favorite item of clothing, and I look damn good in it. (My wife certainly agrees.) Problem is: I’ve only worn it once. Is there any way I can wear it more without blatantly overdressing? I used to have this parka that was [cue Vince Vaughn voice] so money. Flannel on the outside. Down-filled. Rabbit-fur-lined hood. But at the time, I was living in Atlanta, which is never cold enough for rabbit-lined things, no matter how rakish they look. I knew I’d eventually move to New York and wear the coat on a somewhat daily basis—that my lifestyle would change. But at least once every winter, I’d force the issue and travel to some ungodly cold place. I didn’t book the flight…