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GQ November 2017

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Officine Generale jacket and pants (left)More on page 33EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.comTO LEARN more—and see different ways to wear what we’ve chosen this a few of our picks from this issue...Tom Ford long-sleeve t-shirt p. 89Valentino Garavani sneakers p. 34Tom Ford glasses p. 134Gucci jacket and hoodie (left) p. 42PHOTOGRAPHS,CLOCKWISE FROM TOP:SEBASTI ANKIM(2);PETER YANG;SEBASTIAN KIM;PARIDUKOVIC. TOP,HAIR:LOSI AT MARTIAL VIVOT SALON. MEN’S GROOMING:SARAH APPLE BY USIN GDIOR HOMME. ASIA KATE DILLON’S MAKEUP:SARAH APPLE BY USING YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTY. TOP,ALL CLOTHES:OFFICINE GENERALE.FROM LEFT,BOOTS:JOHN VARVATOS. WHITE SNEAKERS:ADIDAS ORIGINALS. LACE-UP BOOTS:ALDEN FOR J.CREW.BELT:DSQUARED2. WATCH:FRÉDÉRIQUE CONSTANT. PINKIE RING:DAVID YURMAN. NECKLACE:RENVI. ■…

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Editor-in-chief Jim Nelson and John ElliottMeet Ben Schreckinger, Our Man in the CapitalOur president once called Ben Schreckinger “a major lightweight with no credibility. So dishonest!” (On Twitter, natch.) We call him our newest political correspondent on His job interview was...grueling.1 What do you consider your greatest weakness (physically)?I am less flexible than an 84-yearold woman. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s personal trainer can attest to this.2 What is your greatest strength (in karaoke)?The wisdom to never try to perform karaoke.3 When you’re working in a team, what is your middleschool- group-project persona?Some would call it slacker. I call it delegate-er.4 If you were an animal, what would your desired salary be?Unlimited Scooby snacks.5 What’s the one word that you always spell wrong?“Covfefe.”6 Describe a time when you exercised leadership and…

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Balenciaga on Josh Homme and Mark RonsonTHE CLOTHES:Audacious designer Demna Gvasalia makes the season’s most decadent suiting, and he finds his inspiration in the grimy 1970s— back when rock stars wore wide lapels and every shade of brown.THE CREW:Ronson (right, of Amy Winehouse and “Uptown Funk” fame) produced the jagged new record Villains, by Homme’s stomping rock band Queens of the Stone Age.JOSH ON MARK:“I call Ronson’s style Mobster on Vacation.”MARK ON JOSH:“He’s Rock ’n’ Roll Death Star.”JOSH ON JOSH:“I would prefer Idiosyncratic Greaser.”2 of 5Valentino on J BalvinTHE CLOTHES:Everything about designer Pierpaolo Piccioli’s collection— from his color scheme to his fits to his mustache-shaped bow ties—feels a little off-kilter. And that’s exactly what we like about it.THE CREW: Balvin (center) is the Colombian reggaeton singer who o∞cially crossed over…

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the style guy

Is the tie officially dead? I interviewed a few millennial-male job candidates recently, and all of them wore a suit, but none of them wore a tie. Is it over?I don’t consider myself a conservative person in any way. I own a pair of red leather pants. I thought Bernie needed to move more to the left. I don’t have blinds in my apartment because I don’t want my neighbors thinking I’m closed-minded. But I wear ties to interviews—and so should you. Rules of dress in the o∞ce are becoming more lax; they’re more about ideas and less about customs. But as long as men have necks, the tie should be a staple...these days more than ever. It wasn’t too long ago that men wore ties to ball games, but…

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rethink your ink

Dress for the job you want” doesn’t stop with your clothes. It’s time to adopt the prestige meeting accessory, the tool that will leave your coworkers feeling self-conscious about their little Bics, wondering where you got such a pen. (Answer: Japan or Germany.)1. Secret WeaponsMeet the sleek descendant of the bullet pencil, once a piece of military kitsch, from Japanese paper company Midori ($25). Elsewhere in newly revitalized office style, historically staid stationery company Smythson steps out with a notso- staid slogan notebook ($75 each).2. Agenda Item: Increase WhimsyFinally, a mechanical pencil that looks more “pencil” than “mechanical” (Delfonics, $10) and, on this initial notebook by Type Hype, a monogram that doesn’t remind you of Patrick Bateman’s shirt cuff ($15).3. Balancing the SheetsThe surprising heft of this Montblanc leather notebook…

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how to be a holiday boozetender

• Feeding people for the holidays? Easy. Grab your favorite Barefoot Contessa cookbook, make a ton of food, put it in bowls on the counter, and stand back. The worst that can happen is everyone eats too much. Providing your guests with drink is a whole other matter. It has to taste delicious and yet not inspire Pop-Pop to put the yam bowl on his head and sing “Carol of the Bells.”After years of plying close friends and (mostly close) family with tasty beverages during the holidays, I’ve developed four principles that should keep everyone happy enough they’ll want to do this again next year.1. MAKE IT SELF-SERVEGuests don’t always want to get tanked right away, but they do want something in their hands right away. So once coats have…