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GQ November 2018

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cover-worthy style

If there’s only one takeaway from this page, it’s this: Get yourself a glorious double-breasted peak-lapel wide-wale-corduroy sport coat and wear it every day. High-level fall layering like this must follow a system: Put light outerwear under heavier stuff, mix and match different patterns and textures, and keep the fit loose and easy. Ryan Gosling’s own Rolex has a smaller profile and a low-key retro vibe, similar to this new Oyster Perpetual 36. This mustardy shade feels fresh when paired with almost any suit or jacket. And the knit polo is ideal when the move is to look both relaxed and ready for anything. Stylist Mobolaji Dawodu creates looks that will make a guy—an A-list celebrity, even—feel comfortable while pushing his personal style into new and unexpected places. CAPTURED ON GOOGLE PIXEL 3. STILL LIFES:…

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gq hq

Meet… LAUREN LARSON In this issue, GQ associate editor Lauren Larson interviews Gillian Flynn, writer of ‘Gone Girl’ and co-writer of ‘Widows,’ a very good movie about a very messy heist (page 44). Here, Larson interviews…herself. What is your heist persona? The beautiful wild card. The heist hits a snag. How do you save the day? The lock guy forgets his lock-picking kit! I pick the lock with the underwire from my bra. What is your ideal heist target? The White House while everyone is at Mar-a-Lago. Who is your most reliable accomplice? Laura Vitale, GQ copy director and bloodthirsty mercenary. Who is your least reliable accomplice? My “Heist Instructions” PowerPoint presentation. What would you call the film about your heist? Ocean’s Forty: It Takes a Village. Who would play you? Jane Fonda. What would you do with your…

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fashion drops

Peanuts x Todd Snyder Who better to front the current wave of sporty Americana in the fashion universe than Charlie Brown—a style icon in his own right. This season the logos on Todd Snyder’s long-running Champion collab have been taken over by Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the “Peanuts” crew. We’re not saying that Linus, Lucy, and Pigpen are the next street-style stars, but we’re not not saying it, either. GIVENCHY JAW SNEAKERS Sneakers are fashion now, and Givenchy’s new pièce de résistance—the brand’s first since artistic director Clare Waight Keller took over—is big, aggressive, and toothy (hence the name). THE ROW x OLIVER PEOPLES Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s quiet luxury label launched a men’s line this fall. It also made shades with Oliver Peoples. COACH x THE VIPER ROOM Fashion and nightlife have long been…

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my life in lifts

MY FIANCÉE, BLESS her heart, towers over me. I’m five feet seven on OK Cupid (five feet six IRL), she’s a lithe five feet nine by bedtime. When she wears heels, we look like the first and last bars of a cell signal. After six years of dating, that vertical disparity isn’t something we talk about much anymore, unless a light bulb needs replacing or we see another couple on the street with similar dimensions. (“Oooh, look—it’s us but white!”) And then we had to plan our wedding. You see, there’s a specific aspect of the ceremony that has me inconsolable. Weddings are an exercise in self-presentation, and the thought of us standing up there at the altar, in front of genetically blessed future relatives I’ve never met (who can all probably…

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four things to shop for (if you’re short)

1 CHORE COATS on Kanye West Whereas proportions on denim jackets and overcoats can be tricky, chore coats hit the thigh at the short-guy-friendly zone. It’s a useful visual trick. 2 SLIM LAPELS on Donald Glover When eyeing a new suit, go for a lapel that’s thinner—about two and a half inches. It won’t overwhelm your frame. 3 TAPERED-LEG ANYTHING on Brooklyn Beckham It’ll make you look taller. Make sure the taper is right for you by flipping a leg inside out. The opening of the pant should be narrower than the knee. 4 PANTS WITH NO BREAK on Jimmy O. Yang If the goal is to appear long and lean, you want to ensure that nothing interrupts your silhouette, least of all a pooling pant leg. From top: BG008/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images; Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images; Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty…

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menswear doesn’t have to be made for men

Nothing’s more important than fit, and sometimes the clothes that fit a shorter guy better are…actually not made for men! Basically, don’t be afraid to try women’s clothes, which run smaller and slimmer. It’s 2018, after all. And, really, the hardest part of buying womenswear isn’t getting over your outdated sense of gender norms. It’s learning how to button shirts from the left side. WILDFANG This Oregon-based all-women/womxn-run clothing brand riffs on popular menswear trends—brightly patterned camp shirts, floral suiting, streetwear-y logo’d tees. Plus, you won’t be the only guy in a Wildfang store. During a recent visit to the flagship in Portland’s downtown district, a salesperson told me a quarter of the clientele were dudes. ISABEL MARANT This Parisian designer has perfected that whole French slouchy thing. In particular, look for knitwear and…