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GQ Oct-15

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trump wall of shame

(SEBASTIANKIM)WE’ VEALLLIVED WITH the Joke of Donald Trump for so long—the daffy, possibly amoral billionaire who reminisces about his favorite bankruptcies as “fantastic,” the blowhard life-coach who doesn’t really care about your life—that it’s impossible to separate his essentially comedic persona from his new, more demanding role. Call it Lead Actor in a Performance Guaranteed to End in Tears.Here’s the thing. He knows it. Trump knows we can’t quite separate the buffoon from the Contender, that our first thought is “Is he...serious?,” and he knows this blurring is the key to everything. He doesn’t want us to take him too seriously—that would leach all the fun we’re having right out of this little ride, and force us to think about the kind of world we’d be living in if it…

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A Model Walks into an Office...How do we find the newest, most stunning models? Through office visits known as “go-sees.” Bookings director Victoria Graham started a models-only Instagram account (@GQ_Castings) so you can meet the women before you start seeing them on billboards, in advertisements, and in this magazine.MEGAN WILLIAMS @meganmaywROSE BERTRAM @rose_bertramJULIANA HERZ @juliherzzGQ PREFERS THAT LETTERS TO THE EDITOR BE SENT TO LETTERS@GQ.COM. LETTERS MAY BE EDITED.Great Scott!To tackle one of the biggest novels of the year, in hype and volume—City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg—for this month’s Punch List (page 144), we called up A. O. Scott, a chief film critic for The New York Times and author of Better Living Through Criticism, out in February. We asked him: How would you describe reviewing a 944-page…

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get the gq look

Just a few of our picks from this issue...EACH MONTH, the editors of GQ will select a series of items from our pages available through our online retail partner, Mr Porter.comTO LEARN more—and see what we have chosen for you this month—go to WISE FROM TO PLEFT:ELLEN VONUNWERTH;PEGGYSIROTA(3 ■…

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the chelsea boot, rebooted

It was patented by Queen Victoria’s royal bootmaker in the 1850s, then dusted off a century or so later by the Beatles and the Stones. Now the Chelsea boot just stepped firmly into the 21st century—with a little help from the likes of designer Hedi Slimane, Harry Styles, and Kanye, the face who launched a thousand menswear movements. No more pointy mod toes and buffed-to-gleaming black leather. Now the Chelsea’s a casual I-just-yanked-this-on power move that can anchor a suit (turn the page, you’ll see) or some slim beat-to-hell jeans. It’s none of the Victorian fussiness, all of the rock-star swagger.John Varvatos | $898 | johnvarvatos.comGQ Endorses 1 of 2RODUCER:STEVE BAUERFEINDF OR BAUIEPRODUCTIONS.PROPSTYLIST:STEVEHALTERMANFORSTEVEHALTERMANSTUDIO.COM.JEANS:BALMAIN. ■…

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laces out!

GQ EndorsesWhich Way to Chelsea?They’re available in a dramatic range of styles and prices. But the pants must always be skinnyPenthouse Look, Basement PriceFirst pair? Go suede. Like baseball mitts and Keith Richards’s liver, suede boots get better with hard use. Pair ’em with a knifesharp pinstriped suit.Aldo | $155A Little Less RingoIf you want to shine, try a burnished brown leather boot instead of the classic Beatle black. (But steal the boys’ tailoring and peg them high on the ankle.)Berluti | $2,270Looking for a Lift?When shopping for Chelseas, always check out the height of the heels. More of a skyward stack means more eyes on you. That’s not a bad thing. Own it.Buttero | $510Wings for Your FeetDid you know that Chelsea boots and wingtips are now having babies?…

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your next move

Cardigan, $825, by David Hart. Shirt, $99, by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. Jeans, $118, by Gap. Boots, $750, by Ralph Lauren. Belt by J.Crew. Bracelets by Miansai. Where to buy it? Go to don’t have to set up a tepee in your backyard to get in on the 1970s Dennis Hopper movement that’s currently doing wheelies through stylish men’s wardrobes. This fall, all you really need is a bulletproof-thick, peyote-trippin’ cardigan. Just know that this isn’t the frat-jokey dreck peddled on UglyChristmas These are serious garments (thumb-sized zippers, graphics that have been in development for a millennium) that you’re meant to wear less-thanseriously. Like as a psychedelic blazer. Or as the capper to an all-denim Allmans-at-the-Fillmore look. And as for actually doing peyote? We wouldn’t know a…