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the cult of the good guy

DONALD TRUMPHAS a thing for “good guys.” His administration is lousy with men he calls “good guys.” When they are magically disappeared, they are replaced by others who are inevitably called the same. He uses the term compulsively, to the point of a verbal tic. Have you noticed? You will now. The president has many enjoyable verbal tics and many that are highly irritating, that I can tell you. But they all mean something. The one I kept hearing all summer long, through every criminal investigation, every staff purge, every ugly racist outbreak? The “good guy” tic. For most of us, this is the empty, slightly awkward thing you say when you meet someone who knows a mutual acquaintance and you have nothing better to say about that person: “Oh, you know…

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gq hq

• Olbermann (right) with editor-in-chief Jim Nelson. Keith Olbermann: GQ’s First Line of Resistance These days everyone is a Trump pundit, but when SocialFlow published the news events that Facebook users engaged with the most, Keith Olbermann still topped the list: An early episode of his GQ series The Resistance with Keith Olbermann reached 54 million people. Watch every episode on GQ.com—everyone’s doing it. Get GQ’s “Best Stuff” in Your In-box Would you rather read about cool style swerves or the geriatric drama of your mother’s garden club? Yeah, us too. That’s why our new Best Stuff newsletter is sliding into your in-box with the best gear, tech, and style. Sign up at gq.com /email/beststuff. Sorry, Mom. Sickest Burn of the Year GQ Style’s fall issue featured an interview with musician-DJ Diplo. It also featured 2017’s…

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tree huggers, unite! a guide to sustainable style

Listen, nobody loves fashion more than we do. But in terms of pollution, the apparel industry is right up there with oil and coal. Every stage of the supply chain—from growing the cotton (with toxic pesticides) to assembling the garments (in smoke-belching factories) to shipping the clothes (in gas-powered vehicles)—takes a toll on the planet, only for Americans to throw away an astounding 24 billion pounds of clothing and footwear every year. So what’s the good news? Well, more and more brands are using organic or recycled materials. They’re manufacturing in countries (like the U.S.A.) that have high standards for labor and emissions. And as you’re about to see, they’re doing all this without sacrificing the feel and fit that make clothes worth wearing in the first place. Suit jacket, $1,740,…

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how ’bout a hug for jonathan groff?

Would it be fair to say that Jonathan Groff is a little like Pez? You get a nibble of the guy and you end up craving more. He made delightful cameos in Glee, as Jesse St. James; in Hamilton, in which he played King George as a rompy monarch fop; and in Frozen, as the voice of Kristoff. And now he’s ready for a star turn—if he can keep a straight face about it. Starring this month in David Fincher’s Mindhunter, a Netflix original series about serial killers in 1979, Groff plays a starched, thin-tied FBI agent charged with creating the first psychological profile of debased binge murderers. “I’m not a Method actor,” Groff says, “so I found myself laughing a lot in between setups, to counteract the intensity. It being…

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when two labels love each other very much…

UNIQLO JW ANDERSON style from the inside out “This collection was about twisting British classics to my own viewpoint,” says cheeky designer Jonathan Anderson, “and the trench coat is such a symbol of Britain because of the weather.” Now for the twist: “I decided mine would have this uber-classicism on the outside—a very good fit—but that we would also finish the inside. It’s reversible. If you wear it inside out, it has khaki lapels and then the body becomes plaid.” Trench $150 | Sweater $40 | Jeans $30 | Backpack $40 uniqlo.com ERDEM H&M fast fashion slows down For his debut men’s collection, womenswear prodigy Erdem Moral?o?glu drew Jacket $249 | Hoodie $99 | Pants $99 | hm.com UGG 3.1 PHILLIP LIM HOUSE SHOES HIT THE STREET • Until this collab, Ugg boots were basically furry slippers that went up…

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we found the perfect fall sweater

• We’ve always loved the look of a shaggy sweater. What we don’t usually love is the feel of a shaggy sweater: so itchy, so scratchy. All that changed with the arrival of Howlin’. The ingenious Belgians behind the label make a full line of clothes (including polo shirts so plush they could double as bath towels), but woolly sweaters are their signature— they’re brushed with dried flowers to get that perfect texture, and they come in colors and patterns that nobody else in the world can match. As soon as you see one, you want one. As soon as you touch one, you want the whole stack.—JIM MOORE $200 (solid sweater) $250 (with stripes) mohawkgeneralstore .com…