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GQ September 2016

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fear of a lady planet

ALL SUMMER LONG, through the non-stop tantrums and insults, through the seething Republican Convention (and, hey, let’s stop calling what happened in Cleveland the Republican Convention, because that is a slur to both goodhearted Republicans and anyone who actually convenes. That was a certified shitshow, and we should be calling it by its proper name, Tragicomic-Con), I kept wondering why Donald J. Trump was so orange with rage. He’s had a nice life! He should spend more time on boats. Get into luxury crabbing. Maybe buy a bay. That’ll chill you out. More to the point, I wondered, why were his followers so drawn to that hot temper and fulminating rage? Everyone says Hillary Clinton has an “authenticity problem” and that Trump “tells it like it is,” but I’ve never believed…

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sellout nation!

New Names on the Masthead Meet the latest additions to the GQ-niverse Anna Peele @bananapeele Peele is GQ’s culture editor and Matt Damon correspondent. 1 What was the first GQ story you ever read? I can’t remember, but the first GQ story I made everyone I know read was “The Well-Hung Boy Next Door,” the profile of James Deen by Wells Tower. 2 What’s the worst thing someone can shout at you when you’re exercising? ”Don’t ever darken the door of this Zumba studio again!” 3 Are you Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct? House Tyrell. John Ortved @jortved Ortved is GQ’s senior associate editor, fashion and lifestyle focused. 1 What was your first accomplishment? My parents kept me. 2 What was your worst accomplishment? A number of years ago, I met a handsome young man named Adam Levine, and I asked him, “Have…

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GQ Endorses 1 of 2 All Things Gucci • Every so often, a designer creates clothes so inspiring they push fashion in a whole new direction, and right now that designer is Alessandro Michele of Gucci. In the year since he was named creative director, Michele has completely re-imagined the storied Italian fashion house. His clothes are younger. Bolder. Wilder. The new Gucci is such a phenomenon that its revamped stores can’t seem to keep anything in stock longer than a couple of days. All hail the new king of cool and the raddest clothes on the planet. Enter the Gucci-verse The clothes and accessories in the fall collection draw on a freaky menagerie of ideas—zoo animals and ’70s wallpaper patterns, plus iconic loafers and Milanese tailoring, all through the filter of a Wes…

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the business shirt gets busy

The hierarchy of dress shirts goes like this: your safe solids, then your go-to stripes, and then your oncein-a-while plaids and checks. Those standards are fine, but they can be a little, well, standard. Which is why we recommend these Art Deco–ish prints. They’re surprising (but not too zany), and they’re businessappropriate (but not too fussy). With more shapes than you’ve seen since tenth-grade geometry class, they’ve got diamonds and circles that pop o≠ your chest and make all the other guys look like squares. G R O O M I N G : R E B E CC A P LYMAT E U S I N G B U M B L E A N D B U M B L E…

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the style guy

The tech tights that GQ has featured in the magazine—can I wear them without shorts? I think they’re comfortable, but will they look too much like leggings? I like to think I’m open-minded as far as Style Guys go. Red suede pants? Sure. Fur cardigan? Make Namath proud! Rarely is it impossible to pull something off. But this—this pressing issue at hand—is extremely tricky. Here’s the complicated, nuanced reason why men can’t wear tights by themselves: We have penises. And with spandex, everyone can vividly see the outline of your penis. You might be thinking, “So what? Parisians and rock stars have been showing bulges for centuries.” Fair. But there’s a difference between bulges and delineation. A bulge is a vague affirmation that there’s something at rest there. Congrats! A delineation—especially…

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man on the street

H A I R : B A R R Y WH I T E AT B A R R YWH I T E M E N S G R O O M I N G . CO M . G R O O M I N G : K U M I C R A I G U S I N G L A M E R . C LO C KWI S E F R O M TO P L E F T : 1 . G L A S S E S : M O S L E Y T R I B E S . WAT C H : E M P O R I O A R M A N I . 2 . H E…