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Meet… MARK ANTHONY GREEN As GQ’s resident style guru, Green is used to fielding readers’ sartorial queries (page 62). We had a few questions of our own. How many pairs of shoes do you have in your office at this time? Let’s not talk quantity. Let’s talk quality. I have some gems in my office right now. How many rings is too many rings? Eleven. Because a toe ring would be overkill. Describe an item you own that you’re too scared to wear. A Gucci G-string that Tom Ford designed. I don’t have any sneakers to go with it. When you meet someone new, what is your biggest style red flag? A MAGA hat. Other than that: Come as you are! What’s the best outfit you wore in middle school? I didn’t miss in middle school. Probably…

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up with the system!

A STRANGE THOUGHT’S been brewing in the political nether parts of my brain lately. Nothing conspiratorial. Just the opposite. In the Trump era of naked power grabs, anti-democratic impulses, full-scale bullying, and open corruption, when even “collusion is not a crime,” I find myself longing for the System. It slipped away, and I wish it would come back. Reborn and improved, for sure. But back. ¶ When I grew up, the last of the original hippies in my town—crispy guys who hung out in the parks or at the black bridge behind my school; guys who’d seen the Grateful Dead back in ’72 (and ’73 and ’74); people we no longer called hippies, actually, but “burnouts”—they would smoke a lot of dope and then mansplain, or I guess hippie-splain, to…

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jaden smith wants you to dress like a superhero

JADEN SMITH HAS three style icons. There’s Tyler, the Creator, who taught him about Supreme. There’s Batman, whose suit Jaden wore to Kim and Kanye’s wedding because, he explained at the time, “I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there and needed to have the proper gear to do so.” And then there’s Poseidon: “He always comes with the next-level vibes.” Maybe I’ve misheard him. Poseidon? Like, the Greek god of the sea? “Yeah,” he says. He’s smirking. How does he dress? “Really good,” Jaden says. “A lot of drapes, you know what I’m saying? Those are really next.” Jaden soon makes it clear that he means sculptures of Poseidon, wrapped in marble robes, not the actual deity. And you know what? On this count, Jaden Smith, 20-year-old actor, musician, and fashion plate,…

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chapter 1: the chelsea boot

CLOTHES HAVE NEVER really been my thing. I wore athletic shorts for basically my entire childhood, including in pile-driving Connecticut snow, waiting for the bus to take me to middle school. So when I started at GQ, I quickly learned that my closet was not up to the task. No one here dressed alike, but everyone dressed with purpose. The only intention behind my outfits was “Don’t be naked.” My boss gave it six months before I figured things out. It happens to everyone who comes to GQ, he said. It has been three-plus years and I’m still waiting. That’s not to say I haven’t tried—a pair of A.P.C. jeans here, 18 pairs of Stan Smiths there. But I never quite turned “owning clothes” into “having style.” I wasn’t trying to go…

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the chelsea-boot spectrum, from skipper to swerve

1 DRINK IT IN Chelsea boots now come in every color of the rainbow. But before you grab a pair in desert camo, try slightly out-there maroon. Common Projects $529 2 NONE MORE BLACK Ralph Lauren, master of all things aspirational, figured out how to turn upper-class velvet slippers into badass boots. Ralph Lauren $795 3 A BARGAIN BIT One side effect of the Chelsea-boot explosion? You don’t have to fork over a grand for that coveted strap-and-ring piece. Aldo $150 4 STAND TALL Buy for the details you can see—that extra-sleek silhouette, the cap toe—and the one you can’t: CL’s famous red lacquer sole. Christian Louboutin $1,195…

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you just haven’t found your chain store

When I shop, it feels like the only good fashion pieces nowadays have a 3-D frog sewn on them or cost a thousand bucks. Am I doomed, or is there an easily findable store I’m overlooking—a place where I’ll want everything on the rack? I went to a mall in L.A. a few weeks back to find a simple white button-down for a party, and it turned into some kind of fashion odyssey. Everything had pick stitching or bejeweled buttons or embroidered amphibians. I felt like I was shopping at the Rainforest Cafe gift shop. So I agree: In this maximalist, put-an-animal-on-it sartorial era that we’re currently shopping in, it’s damn near impossible to find a foundational anything. Which warps our perception of what makes a great brand. We’re too focused…