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welcome to the issue

AS GRETA THUNBERG arrives in New York for the UN climate summit, it’s clear none of us can ignore the ways our actions impact on the world. We all want to become more conscious consumers, but what if – like us – you love fashion? Welcome to our circular fashion issue where, as always, we bring you an edit of clothes you’ll want to wear forever, but we’re also celebrating reusing, repairing and regifting clothes that might otherwise end up in landfill. Motivated to do a wardrobe clear-out? Check out TK Maxx’s Give Up Clothes For Good campaign, where your pre-loved pieces are sold on to raise money for Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People. @hattie_brett / feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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over to you...

HAPPY DAYS In reply to Polly Vernon’s Like the song (doesn’t) say: don’t be happy, do worry (26 Aug): I don’t think we should be afraid of happiness in this age of ‘world burning’, because it’s not happiness that’s the problem, it’s complacency. I’ve been through four episodes of depression and, having come out the other side, I now feel happier than I have in a long time, which is helping me to be way more active in terms of the things that matter, than when I was in that depressive state. We don’t need to be unhappy to be ‘raging and afraid’ about the things that matter. We need all the positivity we can get to fight back and turn that anger and fear into action. Caroline Prudames FATHER TIME I wanted…

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good as new

I identified with Switch on to Second Hand September (2 Sep). The only new clothes I buy are lingerie. All other items I buy are from charity shops. Not only am I helping the planet by recycling, I am saving myself a lot of unnecessary expense. I often get complimented on my outfits and smile to myself knowing they cost a fraction of what they would new. My latest find was a hat for a wedding. It still had the £99 price tag on. It cost me £6! I’ll tell my family and friends about Oxfam’s campaign in hope they get involved.…

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grazia view

Escape the doom loop With Brexit turmoil mounting by the day and no resolution to the chaos in sight, being British can feel bewildering and stressful right now. While it’s always important to stay engaged with the issues and make our voices heard where we can, it’s also vital to protect our wellbeing and avoid becoming overwhelmed by often alarming headlines. Try limiting your news intake to a few times a day, rather than constantly refreshing news apps, and varying where your information comes from, to remind yourself there are different perspectives. If your blood pressure’s still rising faster than you can say ‘prorogation’, that’s where Instagram’s kitten/pug/baking videos really come into their blessedly soothing own.…

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is anything less pleasing than a people pleaser?

RECENTLY, THE internet got its knickers in a twist over women overusing the phrase ‘no worries if not!’, thereby undermining any attempt to demand things they truly deserve (money, work, consideration, et cetera). I took a moment to contemplate my own occasional deployment of the phrase, then concluded that when I use it, I do so not because I lack confidence as a lady (I don’t), or because I suffer from impostor syndrome (I really don’t. Far from thinking I don’t merit the status, dosh and respect bestowed upon me as a journalist, I actually think I’m wildly underestimated and deserve more)… No. When I ‘No Worries If Not!’, I do it because I’m English. It’s not my sex that conditions me to come over all snivelling genuflecting pass-agg don’t-mind-littleold-me, every…

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currently obsessed with…

LEVI’S FRINGE TRUCKER JACKET If my clothes don’t swish when I turn, I’m not interested. TO ‘PRE THE GRAM’ To preview the Instagram of someone you’re about to meet for the first time. Social due diligence, c/o Celebs Go Dating. ALEXACHUNG FOR BARBOUR’S BEZ HAT Rarely have three fashion references worked in such harmony together. REWRITTEN’S READY TO WEAR The excellent bridesmaid and event dressing label just got a little more casual. PAT MCGRATH’S LIPTRANCE The packaging alone is a work of art. Stays on forever. Elson 2 looks ace on me.…