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Grazia Issue 769

Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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7 stars go green (quite literally)

BEIGE DOMINATED the front rows at fashion month, with editors and influencers dressed head-to-toe in the stuff. But might it soon fall out of favour? It certainly looks that way. A far more in-your-face colour cropped up last week – and it has none of beige’s, well, beige personality. Meet your latest wardrobe energiser – emerald green. Not only did the shade RSVP to the latest round of shows – appearing in all its jewel-toned splendour at Bottega Veneta, Valentino and Balenciaga – but the A-list have already discovered its attention-grabbing power. The front row at Dior was a sea of deep green checks, with Alexa Chung and Lady Amelia Windsor both toeing the emerald line. The Hadid sisters, meanwhile, demonstrated how the colour ticks both the smart and casual boxes during…

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Why every woman needs a platonic straight male friend SING HOSANNAS, for I have a male friend! A male friend without benefits. This has never happened to me before. I know, I know – it’s primitive in this day and age to be so gendered. And there hasn’t been a huge gaping hole in my life because my female friends give me everything I need. And I’ve got great gay male mates, but straight males have always eluded me. It’s more of a niggling curiosity as to why I have been so incapable, when so many of my female friends seem to have perfectly platonic friendships with members of the opposite sex. I’ve tried to have male friends in the past, but something has always gone wrong when they got close (we’ve…

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quick updates

Swap your hardware – it’s amazing how different handles can give a kitchen a whole new vibe. And change your taps, too! Change your splashback tiles – opt for a different colour or add pattern and texture. You can even paint over your old tiles using tile paint or a solvent-based primer followed by gloss top coat. If you want to give pattern a go, check out Etsy for tile stencils. Add a curated touch – hang a piece of wall art or put up some shelves and style them with decorative pieces. Inject a different lighting vibe – hang different pendants or add a few table lamps.…

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9 fashion falls for fringe

MOST FASHION TRENDS don’t make you want to jump up and start twirling, so it’s important to take note when one does. Step forward fringing, which cropped up again and again on the fashion month circuit, and is looking like the ultimate way to spark joy in your wardrobe right now, next season – and hey, forever more. On the Dior catwalk it started small, with fringed blazers, but grew to swinging lengths on leather midiskirts. Meanwhile, Austrian-Nigerian designer Kenneth Ize gave a striped coat, worn by Naomi Campbell, a fringed hem with extra swish-factor. Bottega Veneta’s fuzz-covered coats were given tentacles that swept the catwalk – ditto the woven leather clutch bags (best avoided on wet days: soggy fringing is not a good look) – while Jil Sander’s fringed tunics demand…

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7 days of tv

Catch up on… Dirty Streaming: The Internet’s Dark Secrets If we have half an ounce of conscience now, we know our ecological footprint from driving, flying, even eating meat. But do we know what our irrepressible lives online are doing to the planet? It may be time to control. alt.delete, according to this wizard documentary. BBC THREE Watch live… Five Guys A Week Generation Rent gets its very own Love Island as a young singleton invites five men to spend a week at home, to investigate their domestic suitability. This spreadsheet nature of dating will end up being the death of love, but we’ll holler wide-eyed all the way to its cemetery. TUESDAY, 9.15PM, CHANNEL 4 Wallow in… The Undateables It remains the most offensive title of any show, but still manages to procure a single solitary tear as the…

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10 how georgina’s moved on from harvey’s scandal

LAST MONTH, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of third-degree rape and a criminal sexual act in the first degree in a New York courthouse. While he was cleared of some charges, the verdict felt like something of a vindication for the women – at least 80 – who had come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. In the aftermath, the film producer was sent to prison via a stay in hospital, leaving his victims to contemplate how to move on with their lives after justice was served. But what of his ex-wife Georgina Chapman – who has also been forced to work out how to live beyond the spectre of Harvey? The British-born founder of Marchesa, and mother of Harvey’s children – Dashiell, six and India, nine – has been…