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Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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welcome to the issue

WAIST-UP DRESSING. Zoom-friendly jumbo jewels. Duvet coats. Slippers 24/7… It’s fair to say that the past year has been a different experience when it comes to fashion. So as we dare to dream about a life free of lockdowns, this Big Fashion Issue of Grazia is dedicated to using fashion to spark joy. Whether that means dressing up-up again (p148) or making tracksuits part of your forever wardrobe with a new styling twist (p46), I hope you’ll find fresh ideas and inspiration. Whichever side of the sweatpant divide you land on, don’t miss Simone Rocha’s collaboration with H&M. On p110, she talks about bringing her subversively pretty pieces to the masses. Bagsy those statement earrings – perfect for the screens of now and the parties to come! HATTIE BRETT, EDITOR @hattie_brett…

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over to you...

HELP AND SUPPORT I was thrilled to come home after a paramedic shift and see Grazia awaited. I’m always impressed at your take on gender, race, work, relationships, and especially mental health. The number of people I’ve met because their deteriorating mental health is an emergency medical situation is so sad. And yet, without a more obvious ‘sign or symptom’, there is often a heartbreaking limit to what we can do to help and, crucially, what help is out there. The more people are aware about mental health, the better. Please keep those features coming, and don’t omit the hard stuff, especially during the pandemic when even the most stoic have been rocked. Thanks for all your efforts. Erin I wanted to tell you how much you’ve helped me this past year.…

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grazia view

The beauty industry desperately needs TLC “Remember Eat Out to Help Out, the lifeline for the struggling hospitality sector? It deserved all the support it got, but there’s another industry on its knees, one that contributes £28bn annually to the UK economy – twice that of car manufacturing – with a workforce that is 88% female. Yes, we’re talking about the beauty industry, which has received no emergency funding, a gesture that reeks of sexism. That’s why we’re adding our name to a letter from the British Beauty Council to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, calling for a financial package, including a cut in VAT. It’s about saving jobs, livelihoods and an industry that powers our self-esteem.*” *FOR MORE INFO VISIT GRAZIADAILY.CO.UK/BEAUTY-HAIR…

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what’s new now!

WARDROBE SAVIOURS Is it vanilla? Is it custard? Who knows what to call the colour of this perfectly slouchy cardigan; but I do know it cheers me up every time I throw it on. £225, ME+EM The item I’ve worn more than anything over the last year? These cashmere trousers. They are beyond comfortable for wearing around the house and chic enough to wear when I pop out for an essential shop/ park walk, too. £170, Ven Store Just one of the reasons I love Kamala Harris: she’s made pearls modern again. Unusual combos have been my Zoom staple. CATWALK M O M E N T Even watching virtually, I was gripped by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ sharp first show together. If you take nothing else from it, the coat clutch is a neat styling…

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i can’t tell you when it’ll be over. but when it is…

WHEN ALL THIS is over, I am going to go wild. Dangerously, decadently, inadvisably wild! I am going to gatecrash parties to which I am not invited, mainline martinis, insult the host; dance on tables, swing from chandeliers, outstay my welcome by days, not hours! I will be charming and rude and hilarious and shocking; indiscreet, bitchy – above all: drunk. Whenever I excuse myself and pop to the loo, people will ask: who is that woman? And no one will really know! Until it gets to the point where my reputation precedes me, at which juncture, I shall have to change my name, or up my game, and you know what that means… Oh, you don’t? Well – just wait and see! I will hustle myself into the soft openings…

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chart of lust

1. New in THE ENTIRE CAST OF SPACE SWEEPERS Lockdown deepens and we delve further into our Netflix algorithm for the sweet relief of TV we haven’t seen already. We found this. Top notch Korean space opera with hot cast. 2. New in ALIA SHAWKAT We also delve further into our Amazon Prime algorithm – and found Animals, a gem of a film (by Grazia’s Emma Jane Unsworth), with Holliday Grainger, Alia Shawkat and AS’s exceptional wardrobe. 3. Down S N O G G I N G STRANGERS Fourth on the list of things people won’t do any more, even when the pandemic is over, according to a OnePoll study. Number one (since you ask) is: share lip balm. 4. New in JADEN SMITH AND CARA DELEVINGNE Probably aren’t actually happening as a couple – but then again, what if they…