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welcome to the issue

PERHAPS IT SHOULDN’T be a surprise that, after a year spent largely at home, we’ve become obsessed with making it as nice a place to be as possible. Shops have reported record sales of storage and The Home Edit – a show hosted by Reese Witherspoon’s favourite home organisers – captivated audiences on Netflix. But surely the queen of this new ‘orgfluencer’ movement is Stacey Solomon, whose Tap To Tidy Instagram stories show rooms in her home go seamlessly from messy to neat with a single tap. On page 38 we speak to her about what’s behind the nation’s new obsession with organising. And if you fancy trying out your new tidying skills, we’ve rounded up the best decluttering advice on page 86, too.…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK WE NEED CULTURE CHANGE I felt ashamed of the world we live in when I read Candice Brathwaite’s ‘Those with privilege have to get better at giving up some of that power’ (8 Mar). Racism is still alive and kicking, but it’s not the product of evil hearts – people learn to be whatever society and culture teaches them. Parents must actively teach kids to be anti-racist. When I look at young people, I do sense change. Noting ALL races marching side by side makes me hope that one day it will be different. People are owning the problem and taking positive action. Candice hopes the world will see her dark skin as an asset. I hope…

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it’s a win! but equality should never have been put on hold

Hurray! Breathe a sigh of relief! Unclench your fists (for now), because all the campaigning worked – gender pay gap reporting will be enforced in 2021. Thank you to almost 10,000 of you who signed our petition with Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka, and the TUC when we relaunched our law-changing Mind The Pay Gap campaign last month. You helped highlight the urgent need for transparency. Now, larger companies will have to report their gender pay gap by October, after this requirement was suspended last year. At a time when women’s progress has gone backwards, equality should never have been up for debate.…

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the end is nigh (in a good way)… but which re-entry tribe are you?

THE PROBLEM WITH this bit is: having had a sniff of some forthcoming Normal, a timeline out of restrictions, having spotted an unprecedented but – can it really be? Yes! Yes, it is! – distinctly hopeful glint in scientific advisors’ eyes… It now doesn’t feel like Normal is coming forth quickly enough. Knowing all this will, after all, end, isn’t just an exercise in joyful anticipation, it’s also a jolting reminder that what we’re experiencing right now is unacceptable. A despicable excuse for an existence. An injury. An insult. Restrictions might endure but, emotionally, we’re now half-in, half-out of the Covid mindset, caught in a flickering, Matrix-y schism of perception; hopeful and terrified, grateful and furious, only now capable of starting the grieving process – at the precise point we’re about…

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chart of lust

1. New in ‘GINNY & GEORGIA’ At the centre of beef with Taylor Swift, which is... whatever it is, time will tell. But we’d just hate for an otherwise brilliant show to get obscured by a row. 2. New in FELIX MALLARD Having said which (ref: Ginny, Georgia, Taylor, et cetera), this chap (one of Ginny’s love interests) could be about to have a Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton moment. Fine by us. 3. Up WILL SMITH Didn’t rule out the possibility of running for political office in a recent ep of podcast Pod Save America. ‘I’ll let that office get cleaned up a little bit… then consider that at some point down the line.’ 4. New in LIZZO’S HAIR BUN BIKINI Which she DIY fashioned herself, all impromptu like, then debuted on her Instagram feed, because why on Earth not?…

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what’s new keeping us going now!

PETAL POWER I like to keep a vase of fresh flowers around at all times, to lift my days working from home. Sage Flowers, based in my corner of south-east London and now offering national delivery, is a new favourite. From £30, Sage Flowers SHEER JOY I love the delicate ease and versatility of this sheer oversized blouse by Uterqüe. It looks great with slides (for picnics in the park) and heels (for social times ahead.) £125, Uterqüe SLIDE IT ON The ballet slipper is my new lockdown hero. It doesn’t get better than Chanel’s. £590, Chanel HAIR DIY It’s been a while since I’ve seen a hairdresser, so this shampoo is helping to keep my hair happy in the meantime. £24, Redken T-TIME I’m constantly scrutinising my T-Zone on Zoom and Teams. 4.5.6 Skincare, formulated specially for melanin-rich skin, has helped…