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welcome to the issue

Where’s the first place you booked into when restrictions lifted? For me, it was George Northwood’s salon to see if he could sort out my lockdown hair – and, in the process, restore my sense of self. Such is the power of beauty; a power we wanted to celebrate in this issue. So if you’re ready to dust off and restock your make-up bag, don’t miss our exclusive reveal of Zara’s first ever full make-up range (page 66). It’s as impressive as you’d expect. Or if you’re looking for hero buys that’ll refresh tired skin (just me?) or a new scent to spritz on the brighter days ahead, check out our beauty team’s tried-and-tested edit (page 74). Enjoy! @hattie_brett/feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk…

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over to you...

Your article in response to Nikki Grahame’s tragic death was by far the best I’ve read, but I want to add that not only is there insufficient inpatient care for critical stages, but quality outpatient/day care, which could prevent the illness becoming severe, or help people make meaningful permanent recoveries, is just not available. Nikki had been ill since the age of eight and had been in and out of treatment. I’m in recovery from anorexia myself and it’s complex, slow and gruelling, requiring professional psychological and practical support that’s hard to come by. Tori CALL TIME ON TIKTOK A wee note to say that I read The dark side of TikTok (19 April) in complete disbelief. The article described what sounds like a form of torture that many women are subjecting…

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a fond farewell

I wanted to write to thank you for the sensitive way you wrote about the sad death of Nikki Grahame (‘Nikki couldn’t access the help she needed’; 3 May). This was in contrast to other reports about her, the majority extremely triggering to read with photos of her looking very poorly. It was nice to read about Nikki the person, not Nikki the illness. I’ve lived with anorexia for 20 years and, like Nikki, have had inpatient admissions. As Natasha Devon wrote, more needs to be done to stop preventable deaths. I will be writing to my MP following this article and I really hope others do, too. Clare…

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john lewis is a national treasure for homewares

John Lewis took a bashing last week. As the story goes, the PM and his fiancée refurbished their Downing Street flat to rid it of the ‘John Lewis nightmare’. It’s reported to have cost as much as £200k, but it’s not clear where the money came from initially (though Johnson now says he paid himself ). A scandal? Absolutely! John Lewis is a dream! It’s where you rush, excitedly, for your first fancy wine glasses in your twenties, for a lamp in your thirties, then, when you’ve really made it, a sofa, curtains and bed. It’s where many register their wedding lists. BRB while we daydream about how we’d refurbish our home given free rein in one of Britain’s best department stores.…

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the actual re-emergence tribes: which are you? (i’m at least three)

WHEN BOZZER THE JOZ first announced his roadmap out of lockdown in late Feb, I formally predicted the establishment of two tribes of re-emergers: those of us who could not get enough of it, versus those who preferred to stay at home, thanks all the same. Some weeks into the actual experience, it seems I was wrong. There are currently at least 37 tribal re-emergence divisions in evidence, with more forming all the time. Among which: Nouveau Angsters For whom this semi reopened country is fraught with hitherto unrecognised causes of distress and the despatching of multiple frantic dithery WhatsApp messages – for example: ‘But what if the pavement space of the restaurant we booked for the 7.30–9pm dinner slot tonight doesn’t have adequate heater/leg blanket provision, and I get really cold?’…

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chart of lust

1. New in DANIEL KALUUYA’S MUM Who became a meme – not to mention an Oscar night legend – after her son thanked her and his dad for having sex, thus creating him, in his acceptance speech. 2. Up KATE WINSLET Just when we started seriously despairing of decent new telly prospects, Mare Of Easttown hits Now and all our prayers are answered. Huzzah! 3. New in AMITA SUMAN Ah, but not just Mare Of Easttown! Shadow And Bone (Netflix), which stars Amita, is rather good too, especially for those of us who like a nice bit of fantasy. 4. Up MATT SMITH In a blonde wig, with a sword, on a beach, filming early scenes of the Game Of Thrones prequel, which we will be watching because, as previously established, we do like a bit of fantasy. 5. New in YOUN YUH-JUNG Won…