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valuable guns

On that inevitable day when someone cracks open my gun safe to find out what I was hoarding in there, their conclusion will be that while I didn’t manage to acquire much in the rare category, my days were well-spent carrying, shooting and fondling the same firearms that everyone else has.There’s an 870, of course. And another, and another. Oh, wait, there’s one more toward the back. Why? Early on, because price. Later, because synthetic and turkeys and ducks. What can’t be seen by anyone but me is the gaping hole left by the sale of my first shotgun. It was a 20-gauge 870 Wingmaster, which I purchased for $189 at Kmart in 1979. I sold it a few years later to make rent, and it’s the only…

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petite powerhouse: the 22 winchester magnum rimfire

The .22 Magnum Rimfire was introduced in 1959 by Winchester, but the company didn’t market a gun to shoot it until well into the following year. Ruger and Smith & Wesson, on the other hand, advertised revolvers for the new round before the end of 1959, and Savage chambered its Model 24, a .22/.410-bore over/under combination gun, for the Magnum Rimfire shortly thereafter. The discontinued slide-action Winchester Model 61 was the first rifle of that manufacture available for the brand new round.At present, there’s a wide variety of single-shot and repeating rifles, as well as pistols and revolvers of American and European manufacture, available in .22 Magnum Rimfire. The standard bullet is a jacketed 40-grain type, although Federal introduced a 50-grain bullet in 1988. CCI recently introduced a hyper-velocity…

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legislation update/news

(PHOTO: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY)(PHOTO: JIM SCHLENDER) Military Funding Bill Makes Surplus 1911/1911A1s Available In late December of 2017, President Donald Trump signed H.R. 2810, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018 (NDAA), into law. A good portion of the bill authorizes appropriations for a number of Department of Defense (DOD) activities and programs; however, another provision also included in the bill would require military surplus 1911/1911A1 pistols currently in storage to be made available for the American public.An earlier version of the NDAA signed into law under the Obama administration in 2015 authorized, but did not mandate, the Secretary of Defense to transfer up to 10,000 1911s per year to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) for sale to the public. This version requires it. The provision in the…

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letters to the editor

‘Tanker’ Trouble Jerry Lee’s article on the M1 in the December 2017 issue was a nice “primer” on this most legendary service rifle, but I think to list the Tanker Model as a “variant” is a bit misleading. No Tanker Models of the Garand were ever made either for or by the U.S. Government. They’re all after-market rifles, built by clever folks with a bit of ingenuity and some machining skills. Oftentimes they were built on welded receivers. These guns might be fun to shoot (most guns are), but they certainly have little if any collector value. I would caution the reader to not pay too much money for a Tanker Garand.–Don J. Kemps, Stockbridge, WI Don, you’re correct in stating that the U.S. Government never officially introduced…

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digital/new in the store from the gun blogs at gundigest.com

GUNS CHATTER 5 Scout Rifles To Consider For Survival The scout rifle needs to be short, lightweight, handy and chambered in .308 Win./7.62 NATO — a rifle to do just about anything needed from hunting to self-defense. NEW GUNS AND GEAR New Gun: Remington 870 DM Remington has upped its popular pump-action shotgun’s game with the introduction of a detachable box magazine variation — the head-turning 870 DM. GEAR TO GET Upgrading To A Velocity Trigger The quickest and easiest way to tighten your groups is to improve the trigger in your gun, and Velocity makes some great options. SHOOTING TIPS 5 Critical Elements Of A Handgun Training Program Tacticool instruction might…

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defensive handgunning   glock modifications, affordable steel, competitive training

To modify a Glock pistol, some plastic surgery is required. Check out this Glock’s frame-stippling job by Dove Custom Guns. This MGM Targets Steel Challenge plate is very affordable and extremely portable. It can make your training sessions more fun and even more rewarding. Plastic Surgery I’m not a Glock guy. I don’t like them and I don’t own one. But that doesn’t mean I have no experience with Glocks or that I don’t know how to shoot them. During my time as a law enforcement officer, I carried Glocks — for a time, a G22 on my hip and a G23 on my ankle. I even competed with Glocks and won a Law Enforcement Glock match. I know I’m in the minority; Glocks are the…