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H&F Improve your sleep in 14 days

H&F Improve your sleep in 14 days

H&F Improve your sleep in 14 days
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Do you struggle to fall asleep at night or always wake up feeling tired? This expert guide will help you improve your sleep, beat insomnia and feel your best again. One-in-three people now suffers from insomnia, and millions of us have disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue due to modern-day lifestyles. It’s not just your mood and temper that can suffer – lack of sleep can lead to health problems and accelerated ageing. In this book, learn how to beat your sleep thieves and build a sleep-friendly lifestyle. Discover the foods and therapies that deepen your slumber and learn how to stop your partner keeping you awake at night. Follow the plan for 14 days and look forward to a happier, energised you.

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We all know the power of a great night’s sleep – how positive, calm and refreshed it leaves you feeling. Your eyes sparkle, your skin glows and your whole day seems to flow better. Unfortunately, for many of us, a perfect night’s sleep is elusive. The irony, of course, is that when life’s tough, sleep is essential for helping you cope. Even if you don’t have full-blown insomnia, you may be plagued by what’s known as ‘junk sleep’ – where you don’t have enough, or it’s poor quality, so you never wake feeling refreshed. And a stressful situation is magnified by tiredness – find out exactly why sleep matters so much on p14. W As a health journalist, I’m lucky to have access to leading sleep experts, tips and techniques for…

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how to use this book

D o you struggle to fall asleep, lie awake in the night with a racing mind or always wake up feeling tired? You’re not alone. More and more people are suffering from insomnia and disrupted sleep. But the good news is, with a few simple lifestyle changes you can enjoy an unbroken night’s rest – every night! We’ve compiled all the latest, science-backed advice into an easy 14-day plan that’s guaranteed to help improve your slumber. Here’s how to get started. 1. DISCOVER YOUR SLEEP STYLE What sort of sleeper are you? Take our quiz to help understand your sleep pattern and pinpoint the areas you need to focus on to get a better night’s rest. 2. TRY A SLEEP MAKEOVER Having the right sleep environment and bedtime routine is the foundation to sound…

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discover your sleep style

Yes, we’re all different. Your friend may be able to sleep like a log on a plane after downing three espressos, while you may struggle to nod off in the comfort of your own bed, even after sipping chamomile tea since 5pm. The following pages will help you work out exactly how to sleep well – including the tweaks to make to your bedroom and routine (p32) and the bad habits to break (p42). And if you never wake feeling refreshed, our quiz (p18) will help you establish whether you’re getting less sleep than you realise. Understanding your sleep pattern and making a few simple steps to start improving it is the first step to perfect shuteye.…

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why sleep matters

Most of us don’t get enough sleep. Research by the Mental Health Foundation shows one-third of us experience insomnia – and according to the Economic and Social Research Council, one-in-10 of us now regularly take medication to help us sleep. But lack of sleep doesn’t just cause a frayed temper and red eyes – it also affects your health. Here’s why solid shuteye really counts. M Women who sleep well age better and their skin recovers more quickly when it’s put under stress factors such as sun exposure 1. IT REALLY IS BEAUTY SLEEP You’ve probably noticed your skin looks fresher and brighter when you go to bed early. A study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, US, found women who sleep well age better, and their skin recovers more…

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how well do you sleep?

1. HOW MANY HOURS’ SLEEP WOULD YOU SAY YOU GET A NIGHT, ON AVERAGE? A Eight hours or more B Five to eight hours usually C Rarely more than five, sometimes zero 2. DO YOU THINK YOU GET THE SLEEP YOU NEED TO FUNCTION AT YOUR BEST THE NEXT DAY? A Yes, I don’t think I need more B I think I could do with a bit more or better quality sleep C Definitely not 3. HOW DO YOU FEEL EMOTIONALLY WHEN YOU’VE HAD A BAD NIGHT’S SLEEP? A Tired but not too worried – I’ll make up for it the next night B I feel grouchy and exhausted all day and take some extra steps to get to bed early C I feel wired and anxious, and worry I’ll get stuck in a pattern of sleeping badly 4. DO YOU GO…

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night owl or lark?

Do you loathe early starts? Or do you leap out of bed in the morning without so much as a peep out of an alarm clock? Maybe you’re more likely to hit the snooze button and pull the bedclothes up with a groan after staying up half the night watching a box set? Or perhaps ‘early to bed, early to rise’, is something that comes totally naturally to you... D It turns out that most of us really are either a night owl or an early bird. Scientists recently discovered that the physical structures of the brains of ‘morning people’ are different to those of us more inclined to stay up into the wee small hours. Researchers in Germany scanned the brains of those who like to stay up late, as…