Handwoven September - October 2018

Each issue offers a stunning collection of enticing weaving projects. But the magazine is more than that: it's a pattern book, and weave structure textbook, it's a place to discover original designs, and find solutions to weaving challenges. For over 20 years Handwoven has been an indispensable resource for weavers.

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from the editor

GUILDS AND GUILD CHALLENGES AND EXCHANGES are dear to my heart. Although it took some time for me to attend my first guild meeting, once I got there, I knew I was in the right place. Where else can you freely discuss sett and drape and work on fiber projects in public without fear of sideways looks? I recently wrote that if there had been a guild challenge to weave purple placemats out of old kitchen towels, I would have happily joined in. And it’s true. As much as I love “big” guild meetings, I love guild groups, challenges, and exchanges even more. It’s in guild study groups that I’ve made some of my closest weaving friends, pushed myself to decipher enigmatic weave structures, and even challenged myself to learn about…

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MYSTERY TOOL REVEALED In the last issue, we asked readers to help us identify the mystery tools in the photo sent to us by Sue White. Joan Sheridan shared these thoughts with us about the tools, and we think she’s right! —The Editors I believe these are for pile work. One side has a double edge for inserting a cutting tool (razor or scissors). The different widths are used for varying the heights of the pile (rya, for example). I have a set in my weaving arsenal. Remember, Michigan is the home of the Cranbrook loom. A very well-known teacher, Robert Kidd, taught in the area, sold many looms, and introduced myriad people to weaving. Because the Cranbrook is a perfect rug loom and Kidd also sold (quite nice) yarn, I’d bet that…

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nomadic art at the textile museum

WEAVERS OF CENTRAL ASIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST have long been revered for their carpet-and rug-making prowess. These textiles were especially important to nomadic tribes who used them as an easily portable means to decorate their tents. Although the pile-woven Persian or Oriental carpets are perhaps the most famous of these textiles, the tapestrylike, more abstract kilim can also trace its roots to these caravans. These rugs are the focus of the upcoming exhibit A Nomad’s Art: Kilims of Anatolia at the George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum. Opening September 3 and running through December 23, A Nomad’s Art features kilims collected by the late Murad Megalli, businessman and avid collector of exquisite textiles. The collection, donated to The Textile Museum by Megalli’s estate, features Turkish kilims from the…

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hats off to autumn

IT’S HARD NOT TO FEEL INSPIRED BY AUTUMN as trees burst into bright yellows, oranges, and reds, and the chill in the air makes sitting at the loom all the more inviting. In honor of this inspiring season, the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery presents Hats Off to Autumn, a show dedicated to autumn in Alexandria, Virginia, and the textiles inspired by the season. The show features mostly hats, as one might expect, as well as other fall-themed textiles. Hats Off to Autumn runs October 2–November 4 and is free to the public. Find more information about the show and the gallery at www.potomacfiberartsgallery.com.…

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kelly marshall custom woven interiors

THE SHOWROOM OF KELLY MARSHALL’S WEAVING STUDIO, Custom Woven Interiors, is filled with weaving that showcases her imaginative color blends combined with bold, geometric rep-weave patterns. Located in the heart of the Minneapolis arts district, her studio is run by a close-knit team that can handle the whole production process, from winding the warp on the warping reel to threading the loom before the actual weaving. A sturdy Swedish floor loom and computerized dobby looms share the same room, cleverly bringing together the best of traditional handweaving and twenty-first-century state-of-the-art technology. BACKGROUND A Minneapolis native with Norwegian, Danish, and Irish heritage, Kelly studied textile design at the University of Minnesota. The passionate textile student seized the opportunity to spend her last year of college in Sweden with a focus on weaving. During…

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Weaving in the Round Create woven works of art to display on your wall, turn into jewelry, or hang on your Christmas tree with Round Weaver Art Looms from Purl & Loop. These single-use round looms require small amounts of yarn, so they’re perfect for using up extra-special bits and bobs of leftover yarn that you can’t bear to throw away. They range in diameter from 1" to 5" and are available in packages containing a single size as well as variety packs—there are even kits for making earrings. Display stands are available separately. www.purlandloop.com RailReed Adjust your warp’s sett while you weave with the RailReed. This ingenious tool attaches to the beater of your floor loom, and with sliding, hinged modules, you can stop weaving mid-project and adjust the warp density to create…