Handwoven November - December 2018

Each issue offers a stunning collection of enticing weaving projects. But the magazine is more than that: it's a pattern book, and weave structure textbook, it's a place to discover original designs, and find solutions to weaving challenges. For over 20 years Handwoven has been an indispensable resource for weavers.

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from the editor

MY SISTER KATHY was a bit of a tomboy growing up, so it surprised us all when her three-year-old daughter, Sarah, took the other tack and was more “girly-girl,” preferring dresses to pants and pink to other colors. She also liked lace and insisted on wearing her slip with the lace edging on the outside of her clothing so that everyone could see it. Call it a fashion first. Clearly, many of our designers in this issue also think lace should be seen. Six of them wove scarves: Deanna Deeds used bead leno, Nancy Rimsha wove a lace adjunct–canvas weave, Nancy Dunlap combined huck lace and twill, Robin Wilton combined huck lace with color-and-weave, Karen Isenhower chose Swedish lace for her Stained-Glass Scarf, and Jenny Sennott wove two scarves with pick-up…

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future themes

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 The Best of Both Worlds: Yarn Blends Combining fibers in one yarn often brings out their best qualities, and lately there are many blends to choose from. Yarn blends behave differently while weaving and in wet-finishing, sometimes making them the perfect choice. Send us your projects and articles about yarn blends and smart fiber choices. MARCH/APRIL 2019 Americana: North American Weaving Explore the world of weaving unique to the nations and cultural groups of the North American continent and surrounding islands. We will look at textiles past and present and offer projects celebrating them. MAY/JUNE 2019 Multiple Projects from One Warp “Warp once, weave many projects” is a time-honored slogan in the weaving community. We want to see the clever ways you have found to use the same warp in different ways. Learn efficiencies of long…

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guild education

THE WEAVERS GUILD OF MINNESOTA always welcomes new members to its multiple interest groups, but a few years ago, the education director thought a group just for new members would be helpful. As membership chair for our guild at that time, and with a little help from one of the teachers in the guild, we called the group NOW for “new and occasional weavers.” NOW picked up momentum when one weaver gave a short, 20-minute introduction about a single weave structure. She divided her talk into the five sections listed below, and this is now the template I use for most of our meetings. 1. What does the weave structure look like? This means showing woven samples or photos. 2. How is it made? This can be anything from a basic description to…

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taking tapestries online

THE AMERICAN TAPESTRY ALLIANCE (ATA) was originally founded in 1982 with the simple mission of uniting tapestry weavers and designers and promoting tapestry weaving in the United States. Since that time, the ATA has grown tremendously in membership and scope, thanks in part to the group’s robust website (www.americantapestryalliance.org). On the website, visitors can find membership information, educational articles on tapestry, and beautiful online exhibitions featuring some of the best modern tapestry art in the world. ATA’s World Tapestry Now exhibit is the twelfth American Tapestry Biennial exhibit, and the first to appear online. The show features traditional weft-faced tapestry as well as works that push the boundaries of the medium. According to Mary Lane, ATA’s executive director and webmaster, the title of this modern show is a nod to the…

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holiday shopping

Blue Butterfly Originals Whatever the yarn used, whatever the size Skipper Pin Looms woven on, the weaving Fun has just begun! 12 different sizes in solid cherry or walnut. Each loom is hand-crafted to last for generations of pin loom weavers. Made in the USA. www.bluebutterflyoriginals.com (765) 282-0124 Lone Star Loom Room Let the Lone Star Loom Room be your elf - tell your shopper to contact us and we’ll make sure YOU get what you want under the tree. • Gift Certificates• Books• Kits (Multicolor Double Weave pictured)• Subscription to VAV Magazine www.lonestarloomroom.com (888) 562-7012 An Exaltation of Blocks by Rosalie Neilson Second printing now available! This unique two-volume book pairs printed Design Pages with Transparent Overlays to create literally millions of “never seen before” block designs. Storage envelopes hold 72 printed pages and 49 transparencies to jumpstart the study…

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handwoven bamboo chiks

COME SUMMER, HOMES IN DELHI, INDIA, sport delicate patterned woven bamboo blinds called chiks (pronounced chicks). There are several woven varieties available, some using grass, but the ones that stand out for me are the delicate weblike blinds handwoven using humble bamboo and cotton. Made of thin bamboo strips and bound together by cotton threads, the chiks are available in varying lengths and widths. To the average onlooker, a chik is simple bamboo splits bound together with cotton, but the weaving is time-consuming. Chiks are useful blinds, allowing light and air into the home. They are also low maintenance, needing simply to be wiped with a cloth. When heavier curtains are required, the chiks are lined with a backing of cloth, or even plastic if they are to be used outdoors.…