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Harper's Bazaar April 2021

Every issue of Harper's Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career and lifestyle.

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editor’s letter

As we begin to imagine our post-pandemic lives, the idea of reinvention has never been more relevant: Who do we want to be when we emerge? What parts of us do we want to leave behind? What hard-earned lessons will we take with us? Throughout this issue, we explore the theme of reinvention, starting with Jane Fonda on our cover. In so many ways, the legendary actor and activist embodies it, having redefined the concept of celebrity. Fonda—photographed in black-and-white by Mario Sorrenti, and styled in sequins and sheer looks—is stronger and sexier than ever. She opens up to Durga Chew-Bose with astonishing candor about her past relationships (and how she became different versions of herself to fit them), her path to activism, and her thoughts on (and regrets about) motherhood. Fashion…

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“I AM VERY EASILY BORED—I CRAVE CHANGE AND CREATION,” says singer-songwriter Finneas O’Connell, who performs as FINNEAS and who fittingly curated a playlist around this issue’s theme of reinvention. Before jump-starting his solo career in 2019, O’Connell rose to fame producing and co-writing Grammy Award–winning tracks for his younger sister, Billie Eilish, and also fronted Los Angeles pop ’n’ roll band the Slightlys. “It’s been a process of reinvention through trying to articulate what I really want to convey through my music,” he reveals. For his song selects, O’Connell included Frank Ocean’s “Chanel,” explaining, “It wasn’t more of what we got on [his previous album] Blonde, it was a totally different approach”; “Viva La Vida,” by Coldplay, a band that “has never stopped reinventing itself”; “Big Jet Plane,” by Angus…

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why don’t you…?

1 WATCH EMMA SELIGMAN’S SHIVA BABY In writer-director Seligman’s fast-paced and claustrophobic debut feature, a bisexual college student (Rachel Sennott) runs into her sugar daddy (Danny Deferrari) and his wife (Dianna Agron) at a family shiva. The proceedings are also attended by her preening parents (Polly Draper and Fred Melamed) and former best friend turned high school girlfriend (Molly Gordon). Releasing in select theaters and on TVOD April 2. 2 TRY CRYSTAL LIGHT BED THERAPY Said to reduce anxiety and stress and result in better sleep, the treatment involves pulsing healing frequencies through a spectrum of crystals, delivering them into a client’s chakras. Available at select spas including New York’s Modrn Sanctuary. 3 EXPLORE YAYOI KUSAMA’S SPOTTED WORLD Reflecting the artist’s love of flowers and the natural world, “KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature” opens at the New York Botanical Garden…

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ALEXANDER FURY WRITER: “Fendi’s New Renaissance Man” Page 110 “Isn’t putting on clothes every day a reinvention? Whenever we change outfits, we semaphore a new sense of self. That said, I’ve also been forcibly ‘reinvented’ thanks to the necessities of lockdown—namely via an array of at-home haircuts.” SHANIQWA JARVIS PHOTOGRAPHER: “Rites of Spring” Page 122 “The last time I reinvented myself was in my dreams last night.” CAMILLE BIDAULT-WADDINGTON STYLIST: “Fendi’s New Renaissance Man” Page 110 “I reinvented myself when I moved from Paris to London in 1998. My English was okay but not totally fluent, so I had to be more clear, succinct, and simple in my words. I also loved the fact that nobody really knew me, so I could not be classified by my used words, accent, or education, and it gave me lots of…

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the bazaar

Polish model ANJA RUBIK on the LEATHER PANTS that only improve with age Good leather pants are a must-have in every closet. They get better with time—you can pass them down to your children someday and they’re still going to be cool. I bought mine at Isabel Marant’s SoHo store in New York more than 10 years ago. I’d been looking for a great pair for a long time, and I wanted them to have a little twist but not be too rock ’n’ roll. I passed by and saw ones with a silver zipper that I really liked. At first I thought they might be a bit much with the ruching on the sides, but I tried them on and they were just perfect. Sometimes I purposely hide them because…

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everyday hero

As a SURGICAL NURSE at New York’s LONG ISLAND JEWISH MEDICAL CENTER, where she’s worked for 16 years, SHEREE IFILL has been treating COVID PATIENTS since helping to diagnose THE FIRST CASE on her floor in March of last year. “Emotions were all over the place, but as a hospital we supported each other,” she says, recalling how the shortage of personal protective equipment forced her to worry about bringing the virus home to her three daughters. “This is still real, but we can get through it. It’s tough, but every time I go to work I try to find the bright side of stuff.” To carry her essentials—pens, a Sharpie, a pill cutter, bandage scissors, and a stethoscope—Ifill wears a fanny pack that she bought at Walmart for her eldest…