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Harrowsmith is still the reliable go-to for gardeners, weekend carpenters, homesteaders, hobby farmers and urban dwellers with romantic fantasies of country life. Harrowsmith publishes four issues a year in conjunction with the seasons.

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SHANNON COURTNEY is the former editor-in-chief and co-founder of Salty, Prince Edward Island’s comprehensive food and farm digest. Shannon completed her master of environmental studies at Queen’s University, focusing her thesis research on how local food systems both depend on and create social capital. The holistic-nutritionist-in-training has milked Jersey cows in Australia, almost overdosed on maple syrup in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and explored Vermont’s foodscape beyond Ben & Jerry’s. MARK AND BEN CULLEN Mark is an expert gardener, author, broadcaster and tree advocate and holds the Order of Canada. His son, Ben, is a fourth-generation urban gardener and a graduate of the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University in Halifax. Follow them at markcullen.com, @MarkCullen4 and facebook.com/markcullengardening and look for their new book, Escape to Reality. CLAIRE DAM specializes in food…

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weather or not...

Fall is in the air, literally. As a meteorologist, I’m well aware of the transitions underway in our atmosphere as the sun angle decreases and winter’s touch draws near. The sizzle of summer can be so fleeting in our country, which creates a near fever pitch to have all of our dreams come true within that finite, intense heat of July and August. But as the leaves and temperatures fall and the nights turn crisp, there’s a palpable change in our lives too. We are back to our daily routines, meaning that for some of us there’s even less time to enjoy our outdoor and indoor passions. So, whether you’re forced inside to avoid a rain or snow storm (those usually get me outside, but it’s the weather geek in me,…

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survey says!

The American game show Family Feud debuted in 1976 and was one of very few programs that we could reliably dial in with an antenna and rotor control box out in the country. My siblings and I sat cross-legged in front of the console TV, yelling over the competing family members. We sat too close, of course—the common refrain from my dad was “You’re going to hurt your eyes!” We’d hush him so we didn’t miss any bit of the show. The answers to the host’s questions were actually based on those obtained from a 100-person survey panel. Contestants battled it out, trying to guess the most popular answers to the question. Since the answers were derived from a survey, “Survey says!” was the natural response. When piecing together content for “Air,”…

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love is in the air

As John Paul Young sang back in 1977, love is in the air. There is a palpable anticipation for fall fairs, pumpkin carving, and fireside nights spent nursing wine with a good book. As the bounty of beets and sweet potatoes are harvested, garlic bulbs are pushed into the ground for next season, continuing the beautiful loop of our gardens. The love, for change and newness, comes fast on the heels of summer. Fall is the season when things can seem up in the air. And they actually are. The hummingbird feeder is taken down with a small sigh as honking geese flocks begin their miraculous migration south. “Back to school” doesn’t have to be a bricks-and-mortar concept: adults can pursue self-directed continuing education opportunities too, whether it’s deciding to experiment…

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RE-BOOT Editor’s note: Harrowsmith food editor Signe Langford generated a lot of colour commentary with a post she shared on Facebook from Pink Tractor. The post, which included an image of rubber boots, read as follows: “On the farm, rubber boots go with anything, especially pajamas.” Langford added, “So very true! We love Billy boots! And everyone seems to call them something different...Wellies, Billies... what else...?” We received a flood of responses from followers eager to contribute to the long list of nicknames. Here are a few of our favourites: gum rubbers, puddle boots, Red Bands, Newfoundland Adidas, stovepipes and belly boots. 50 SHADES OF GREY I’m located on Salt Spring Island, B.C., and am looking for grey water recycling systems for my new build but have found nothing on your website. Do…

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things we love

Esther the Wonder Pig Esther was supposed to be a “micro piglet”—and she was until she grew into her 295 kg (650 pound) adult self. Owners Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter never imagined how macro their lives would be as a result of this little piggy. Inspiring three New York Times bestsellers and a social media following bigger than Brie Larson (1.4 million on Facebook alone), Esther will be receiving the celluloid treatment this year. The Donners’ Company, which produced Free Willy, is developing Esther’s story for Hollywood’s red carpet. Two years after Esther’s arrival in 2012 (and her subsequent growth spurt), Jenkins and Walter established the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary in Campbellville, Ontario. They now rescue and rehabilitate abused farmed animals. When Esther seemed off her game and was…