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Harrowsmith is still the reliable go-to for gardeners, weekend carpenters, homesteaders, hobby farmers and urban dwellers with romantic fantasies of country life. Harrowsmith publishes four issues a year in conjunction with the seasons.

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our contributors

RASHEEDA ALI After graduating with an honours BA from McMaster University in social sciences, Rasheeda worked in international development and travelled across Canada and the world, completing projects that mainly focused on the well-being of women and children. She always wanted to write, however, as it was one of her very first passions as a child. Creating stories and crafting engaging pieces to share with readers is what she has always wanted to do, and she is happily following that dream now. MARK AND BEN CULLEN Mark is an expert gardener, author, broadcaster and tree advocate and holds the Order of Canada. His son, Ben, is a fourth-generation urban gardener and a graduate of the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University in Halifax. Follow them at markcullen.com, @MarkCullen4 (Twitter) and @markcullengardening…

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the future is now

We are always Canada proud, but this issue it’s especially thrilling to share and see Canadians changing the world of food growing and production. In “The New Wave” (page 60), we feature some of the innovators leading the way. They base their business in sustainability and social responsibility. They produce food using renewable energy, using techniques like biodynamic agriculture to reduce waste. They’re also creating foods that are not only organic and fair trade but also equally healthier for us all. Some of them are even changing whole communities in their mission. Summerhill Pyramid Winery, in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, has been helping fellow grape growers switch to organic methods, supporting more than 200 acres of additional Okanagan vineyards to achieve certified organic status. Then there’s Entomo Farms, which was founded by brothers…

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taste the difference

Last summer, we finally started a kitchen garden at home. The kids got a kick out of helping themselves to fresh strawberries and tomatoes and finding new cucumbers every time they went outside to play tag. This year, I’m hoping to increase our harvest by maybe adding a raised bed or two. The pleasures of “grow your own” are known to many of Harrowsmith’s readers. But for those who haven’t started yet, know that it’s never too late, or too soon, to take the plunge. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge in the garden or wondering even where to start, you may want to consider adding beans to your plot. Gardening editors Mark and Ben Cullen are big fans and share their growing advice on page 20. You’ll also want to read…

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FRIENDLY DEBATE I was pleased to see Harrowsmith on the shelves and readily purchased the Winter 2019/20 issue. I only hope that this reincarnation will not become a platform for the spokespeople who deride modern agriculture. It’s fine to talk about garden plots or “hobby farms” of a few livestock, but the contributions of those such as Mary Lowther of Mesachie Lake, B.C., bear scrutiny. Her letter to the editor and biased allusion to the World Health Organization’s classification of glyphosate as a “carcinogen” ignore the findings of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and our own Health Canada’s findings underscoring the safety of this valuable agricultural input. The well-publicized lawsuits of supposed victims of glyphosate health issues have become a playground for contingency-settlement-hungry lawyers. The use of glyphosate in modern agriculture, combined with glyphosate-tolerant varieties…

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a cup of with a local

We dare you to not get hungry as you scroll through the colourful Instagram feed of @chef_ilona. The Charlottetown chef posts pics of gorgeous charcuterie boards, mouth-watering pies and salads and, of course, lobsters and potatoes. So there’s no better person to ask about the best places to eat in town than Ilona Daniel. The owner of Chef Ilona Events, Media & Consulting and a chef instructor at The Culinary Institute of Canada, Daniel is also a food and lifestyle presenter on CBC Radio. Here, she shares her favourite places to grab a bite in town, including the best spot to settle down with a cup of joe. Harrowsmith: So, where is the best place to sit down and have a coffee in your town? Chef Ilona Daniel: Probably my couch, but…

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on the road

We say that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to garden and those who love to sit on a bench and enjoy the fruits of labour produced by gardeners. Here in Canada and in points beyond, we enjoy an abundance of wonderful public gardens. Some require paid admission and others are free. Either way, we think that the effort you make to visit a public garden is well worth it. Here is a short list of our favourites. International Gardens France If you’re going to France, you really must go to Monet’s garden, located in Giverny. Claude Monet, most notably known as a painter, said that he was a “gardener first, a painter second.” If you are familiar with his work, you will no doubt appreciate a…