Harrowsmith Winter 2020

Harrowsmith is still the reliable go-to for gardeners, weekend carpenters, homesteaders, hobby farmers and urban dwellers with romantic fantasies of country life. Harrowsmith publishes four issues a year in conjunction with the seasons.

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our contributors

AMANDA BULMAN is a chef, writer, filmmaker and standup comic from Prince Edward Island. Her first cookbook will be released sometime next year, but she isn’t allowed to say too much more because there are still some pesky contractual details to be worked out. She lives in colourful St. John’s, Newfoundland, with her husband and a rascally basset hound named Gabby. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @amandabulman1. MARK AND BEN CULLEN Mark is an expert gardener, author, broadcaster and tree advocate and holds the Order of Canada. His son, Ben, is a fourth-generation urban gardener and a graduate of the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University in Halifax. Follow them at markcullen.com, @MarkCullen4 (Twitter) and @markcullengardening (Facebook) and look for their latest book, Escape to Reality. ROBERT DICK is one…

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a vision for the future

At Harrowsmith, we’ve always been keenly aware of the power of community. This bringing together of like-minded individuals toward a common goal, whether it be as small as a family farm or as big as a province-wide initiative geared toward making our footprint on this planet more gentle and sustainable. Despite the hardships the novel coronavirus has brought down, it’s been heartening to see communities far and wide pulling together, delivering PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies to those in need, acknowledging front-line workers for their sacrifices, and sharing their bounty and resources and fundraising. From Little Free Libraries to eco-villages, in this issue we take a look at local initiatives that build and grow communities. Across Canada, 4-H youth come together to strengthen their personal leadership skills while making an impact in…

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all together now

It’s times like these that we really notice the world around us—the family we’ve created, the friendships we’ve nurtured. Without the busyness of work as usual, we return to the people and things that really count: our relationships, our health, our community. When our editor-in-chief, Jules Torti, came up with the themes for our 2020 issues, there was no novel coronavirus in our sightlines. She couldn’t have predicted how the world would show up during a pandemic and that the word community would take on more significance than it had for as long as many of us can remember. And yet, as we adjust to our ever-changing normal, there couldn’t be a more fitting theme for our Winter 2020/21 issue than “community.” We may all be socially distancing, but as I…

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KEEP IT COMING For many years, we enjoyed reading Harrowsmith Country Life, with its great informative articles on gardening, DIY projects, advice and just plain ol’ country living, until we received the last issue (March 2011). Thanks again for publishing Canada’s greatest country magazine. Once more, we’re totally inspired and look forward to each issue. Thank you, Ingrid Hodnett, Havilland Bay, Ontario FAMILY DAY Hello there! I just wanted to share some photos of our two grandsons helping their parents with the horses on their family hobby farm on Harrowsmith Road in Harrowsmith, Ontario. Love your magazine! So glad it came back into production. Thank you, Laurel Scott, Chelmsford, Ontario A LOVE THAT GROWS My grandparents on both sides farmed, and then I married a farmer! Even as a young child, I pulled a geranium plant from…

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a cup of coffee with a local

It’s the kind of success every musician dreams of—landing a track on a TV show and breaking their music worldwide. Add to that the ethereal appeal of Jill Barber and the whole plot twist takes on surreal proportions. But that’s pretty much what happened to the three-time Juno nominee and mother whose song “Chances” appeared in the pilot episode of the massive television hit Orange Is the New Black, which eventually resulted in a certified gold record for her album Chances (2010). About a decade ago, the anglophone singer-songwriter started performing in French, beginning with a show at the Montreal Jazz Festival, where she surprised her audience with a French translation performance of one of her songs. This past summer, Barber, whose career has seen award-winning turns in indie-folk, jazz and pop,…

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growing communities

Gardening is a deeply personal experience, and one that is made for sharing. It is true that a gardener develops a relationship with their garden. Knowing where the sun does or does not shine, what the different soil types around the yard are, and anticipating growth, colour and change throughout the seasons—these are some of the joys in solitude that any gardener will be familiar with. Yet there is a generously social aspect to gardening as well: Garden parties, public gardens, and meals and memories shared over a backyard harvest are some examples of where we come together socially over gardening. These aspects of gardening are more important now. Studies show that one in five Canadians identify as being lonely. There are various contributing factors: an aging population (which means more people…