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Women´s Fitness

May 2021
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The magazine for Women that want a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

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United Kingdom
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‘factor in some fun!’

This month I took a step back from my fitness regime and did some ‘just for fun’ workouts – easy trail runs, long walks in the countryside, light bodyweight sessions with the kids. Truth be told, slowing down is not something I’m good at, but with age has come a greater appreciation of my holistic health. It’s not only about exercising; there are other components to staying healthy, and you can be fit but unhealthy, too – something we discuss on page 18. One thing that often goes unsaid when discussing workout routines is that it requires great discipline to recognise the limitations of your fitness. It’s important to know when to back off from hard exercise. On page 28, we explain why you should be scheduling an active recovery day…

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meet the team

Christine Bailey Christine is a performance nutritionist, chef, author and keen runner. She runs online programmes and works with athletes.christinebailey.co.uk Lucy Miller Lucy is an ex-national gymnast and qualified PT. She is also a nutritionist and life coach who loves nothing more than to go for a run or do a gym session. @lucycmiller Eve Boggenpoel Eve is a holistic healer, yoga teacher and author. Her work is grounded in a deep appreciation of inner stillness as a pathway to transformation. @eveboggenpoel Emma Lewis Currently studying to be a PT, Emma has written and sub-edited on women’s health and fitness magazines for many years. She is a lover of everything that is active. Joanna Ebsworth A qualified Level 3 PT and fitness instructor, Jo has been combining her love of exercise and writing for 15 years, and is keen…

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about you

MAKING PROGRESS Thank you for Break Your Training Plateau (April issue). I’ve made a lot of progress with my training but, just recently, had to use lighter weights as I couldn’t do all set reps on the bench press. I definitely feel I’ve plateaued, but thanks to your article I know where I can go from here. I need to change things up with my workouts to start making gains again, so I’m tweaking them one step at a time. By adapting my routine, I feel I can constantly keep up with my goal. Your experts’ advice was most helpful – I’m increasing my training intensity, varying my exercise routine, plus I’ve stopped doing exercises that weren’t working. Kymberley Yetton, Cambridgeshire READY TO TRI! I absolutely loved reading your February issue and literally devoured…

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star letter

FEEL-GOOD FITNESS I really enjoyed your article with cover star Lisa Lanceford, “Work out because you love your body” (March issue). I don’t know how many times I overhear people say ‘I’m too big’, ‘I want a sculpted body’ or ‘My thighs are massive’. I do it myself. We all know that exercise is good for us, but I now realise I have to stop disliking my body and focus on the things I like about it. I need to shift to a mindset of what I love about myself, inside and out. Thanks to this feature, I am going to start embracing what I was given. It may not come overnight but I’m grateful for Lisa’s advice on how to make those changes. Deena Colworth, Huntingdon * Clothing available in sizes XS,…

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fit buzz

COME RAIN OR SHINE Are you looking forward to active days out this spring and summer? Then you’ll need to be suitably prepared for our unpredictable British weather! Thankfully, the new Kimberly Walsh x Regatta collection (£25-£100, regatta.com) will have you covered. Designed with UK holidays and adventures in mind, the singer and soon-to-be mum-of-three’s fourth range is arguably her best yet, featuring practical jackets, luxurious fleeces, lightweight hoodies and waterproof essentials, including this soft and stretchy Highton Lite Softshell, £45, which provides total freedom of movement for all your outdoor escapades. TRY THIS... FULL OF BEANS Looking for more than just a caffeine kick from your cup of joe? Exhale Healthy Coffee is the only coffee in the world scientifically tested to verify its performance-boosting benefits, which include increased energy levels, reduced fatigue…

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‘how i build my body’

CARDIO ‘I train between 20-30 hours a week and most of that is done on the bike outside. I don’t follow a strict training plan. Instead, I listen to my body to avoid burnout. That said, I work out seven days a week but Mondays and Fridays tend to be easier, with active recovery activities such as roller blading while the gyms are closed. Saturdays are my “racing days” with my “quarantine pod” [a group of five to six riders during lockdown]. We normally do 100 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing, spending around six hours on the bike. On Sundays, I’ll ride for three to four hours and then run for up to 75 minutes. I run two or three times a week because it works my legs and lung…