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her majesty…

“Next, One would like to get in a Twitter fight with Piers Morgan” Move aside Ariana Grande, because we have a new Instagram Queen – and unlike her rivals, this one legitimately wears her crown. Yes, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth proved, once again, she’s as current as ever last week as she published her very first Instagram post on the @TheRoyalFamily account, signing the caption “Elizabeth R”. And, much to our delight, the historic moment was filmed, with a video showing the 92 year old remove her glove to press publish on the iPad. Epic. Now, all we can do is await her first selfie. Every issue, we award a star this prestigious honour for services to celebrity that go above and beyond the call of…

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cheryl tells liam: ‘we need to be a family again’

Cheryl and Liam were at the same event last week When they announced their split last July, they had “so much love for each other as a family”. But Cheryl and Liam Payne’s relationship quickly deteriorated – in part thanks to Liam’s new romance with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Now, after weeks of tension and awkwardness, insiders tell heat that Chezza is finally willing to put all that behind her. In fact, she’s already reached out to her ex to talk about getting their friendship back on track – just in time to throw their son Bear the best second birthday party ever. But first, Mum needs a holiday.“After everything that’s gone on recently, Cheryl and Liam’s relationship had really hit a low point,” says an insider close…

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the star exchange

SAFE BET GENDER FLUID REVEALS Speaking on a panel for International Women’s Day, Meghan Markle said that, although she didn’t know whether she was having a boy or a girl, she felt the “embryonic kick of feminism”. Which we think means she hopes she’s having a feminist. BUY! BUY! BUY! SUBTLE SHADE Taylor Swift referenced her beef with Kim Kardashian last week, when she wrote about “thriving in spite of bullying”. Oh, and she basically told us her inflatable snake named Karyn was exclusively to piss off Kimmy K. GOOD PERFORMANCE NOT-SO-SUBTLE SHADE After Kylie Jenner was declared the youngest “self-made” billionaire, the ACTUAL dictionary(.com) slammed the star by tweeting, “Haven’t we gone over this? Self-made: Having succeeded in life unaided.” Burn. …

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will moving to the country save the beckhams?

Posh indulges in some horseplay Fishing trip with Romeo and Brooklyn Beckingham Manor: their £2m Cotswolds pad These days, it’s rare to find the Beckhams all living in the same time zone, let alone the same house. Yet, despite their jet-set lifestyles and work commitments, David and Victoria have recently been making a more concerted effort to spend quality time together in a bid to save their 19-year marriage. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve hit a roadblock – and it’s all over where they plan to spend their time. While David’s told his wife he wants to quit city life for good and move the family to their Cotswolds home, Posh is horrified by his bombshell, and wants to restrict their country jaunts for…

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bronze it like beckham

Sure, they may be struggling to spend time together. But last week, Posh got two husbands for the price of one, as the couple posed in front of a newly-unveiled statue of the former footballer outside his former club LA Galaxy’s stadium. The glorious effigy was created to honour Becks’ contribution to US football, after becoming one of the first big names to join a Major League Soccer team in 2007. And despite the statue’s, er, questionable resemblance to David, the star told the assembled crowd, “Today is a dream come true.”Later that evening, Posh and Becks continued the festivities at a celebratory dinner, where they wasted no time in flashing their wedding rings for the candid cameras. Say what you want, these two really are made of steel.…

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how lauren ruined mark’s big return

Lauren: keeps opening her beak The couple together last week He landed back in the UK with a bang last month, emotionally telling fans he was trading in his Hollywood gig to spend more time with wife Michelle Keegan. But if Mark Wright was hoping for a fresh start upon his return, he had another think coming. No sooner had he touched down, he was facing an unwelcome blast from the past – his ex Lauren Goodger.In an interview last week, Lauren got busy name-checking Mark again, saying she’d recently bumped into him and Michelle, but that they’d blanked her, adding, “It was like they didn’t even know me.” Lauren also said that she and Mark – who split for good in 2011 – had…