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All the juciest celebrity news! The most jaw-dropping celeb pics! The FUNNIEST commentary on the crazy celeb world! The stars' styles that you'll want to copy… and those that you won't! Plus the most comprehensive entertainment and reviews section out there, with the best TV listings in the business.

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celeb employee of the week

PATSY PALMER FOR DOING A BIANCA AND STORMING OFF She was barely on screen for two minutes last week, when – during an interview on Good Morning Britain – Patsy Palmer said, “Nah, I ain’t doing this,” and cut the video. Well, what she actually said was, “I don’t even want to do this interview, because I dont even want to look at what it says at the bottom of that screen”, referring to being described as, “Addict to wellness guru”. The 48 year old was not happy about them referencing addiction issues, which she stressed “were talked about by me many, many years ago and it’s over”. Patsy joked she was “doing a Piers Morgan”, but we know she was really channelling feisty EastEnders icon Bianca. WWW.HEATWORLD.COM ON DAB DIGITAL RADIO /heatworld @heatworld @heatworld…

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sarah: ‘i want to make the most of every secnd’

When Sarah Harding announced the tragic news that she had advanced breast cancer last August, she said she was doing her “very best to keep positive” and was undergoing gruelling weekly chemotherapy to try to fight the disease, which had spread to other parts of her body. Then, last week, she released her autobiography Hear Me Out, in which she tragically revealed that it was unlikely she’d make it to next Christmas, as she now has tumours on her lungs and brain. And while the prognosis has obviously devastated Sarah and her friends and family, she has said she is determined to make the most of the time that she has left. “Nothing is certain any more,” Sarah said in a recent interview – the first time she had spoken publicly, apart…

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sarah & cheryl’s charity gala

Sarah has been so grateful for the care she has received throughout her treatment, she wants to show her appreciation by organising a gala night for the two charities closest to her heart: Macmillan and The Christie Charitable Fund, which provides services for The Christie Hospital, one of the largest cancer treatment centres of its kind, and where she’s received the majority of her care. She has asked Cheryl to help her organise a big event and hopes to get the other girls to come along, as well. She says it would be something she would love to take part in, but wants it to go ahead even if she’s no longer around, as a way to say a huge thank you.…

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harry storms the grammys

We don’t need to remind you that social activities over the past year have been null and void – and even glitzy award ceremonies have been largely confined to Zoom. So, last week’s Grammys, which actually gathered some of the biggest, mask-wearing stars in the world into one socially distanced outdoor space, was music to our ears. And you best believe that they made it a serious night to remember. From Harry Styles’ electrifying performance and monumental win (not to mention his ridiculous hotness), to Beyoncé’s historic victory, it truly was a night for the history books – and gave us hope that one day soon, we’ll all be stepping out in purple feather boas. Naturally, there were nerves that the lack of audience and the COVID-friendly outdoor stage would dilute…

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coleen’s fears for wayne’s explosive tv tell-all

It’s fair to say that Wayne Rooney has messed up a few times over the years, especially when it comes to his wife Coleen. The 34-year-old WAG has had to put up with a lot, including allegations of Wayne cheating, his gambling problems, incidents of drunken behaviour, and arrests – and up until now, the former England captain has remained mostly silent about matters. However, it has been revealed that Wayne is set to address all of that and more in a shock new documentary about his life and career. And, understandably, Coleen is worried about what will be dragged up. “There’s been a lot of discussions about what should and shouldn’t go in the film,” says our Rooney insider. “But everybody involved knows that it will only work if it’s…

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losing wag faces £1.4m legal bill

As Coleen worries about Wayne’s new documentary, it was revealed last week that she could be forking out £1.4million in her ongoing legal battle with fellow WAG Rebekah Vardy. Details of the costs and budgets were revealed in another hearing last week, with Judge Roger Eastman describing them as “extraordinarily large”. Becky – who is suing Coleen for libel – has a budget of nearly £900,000, while her rival’s is almost half that at £465,000. Coleen described Becky’s budget as “grotesque”, and has said she doesn’t want this to go to a full trial, as she feels it is unethical to spend this amount of money when the country is in a pandemic. She is said to have offered Becky a last-minute offer to settle out of court, but it was…