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All the juciest celebrity news! The most jaw-dropping celeb pics! The FUNNIEST commentary on the crazy celeb world! The stars' styles that you'll want to copy… and those that you won't! Plus the most comprehensive entertainment and reviews section out there, with the best TV listings in the business.

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celeb employee of the week

HAT-TRICK MUMS... THESE CELEBS ARE ALL ON BABY NO.3 Spring is known as a time of rebirth, renewal and sowing new seeds. And this lot took that literally, by welcoming their very own mini-mes – or announcing they’ve got a bundle of joy on the way. First up was Zara Tindall, who had her third baby (and a tenth great-grandchild for the Queen), with son Lucas being born on the bathroom floor at home after a super-speedy labour. Ex-Corrie star Helen Flanagan and fiancé Scott Sinclair also welcomed a son last week, Charlie, who’s baby brother to Matilda, five, and Delilah, two. Finally, congratulations were in order for The One Shows Alex Jones, who announced baby number three was on the way live on TV. Yep, definitely something in that springtime air. WWW.HEATWORLD.COM ON…

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inside stacey’s new dream life

It was with wild excitement and a fair few emosh tears that Stacey Solomon showed fans around her incredible new Essex mansion last week – after uncharacteristically keeping it on the down low for months. We all know how stressful moving is, let alone with so many pickles (that’s kids, to you and me) – and nothing says “relaxing weekend” like piling your whole life into boxes and then having to unpack them again. However, when you’ve moved into a £1.2m period home in the countryside, it probably makes the whole experience a little more joyful. Stacey’s 4.2m Insta followers were thrilled for her and loved her tour of the 15th-century, four-bed property and grounds. As did we. Most exciting thing to have happened to us all week. Stacey and fiancé Joe…

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celebrity homes

Chris & Rosie SHAGGED, MARRIED, MOVED HOUSE Just two months after welcoming new baby Rafe – brother to four-year-old Robin – Chris and Rosie Ramsey have moved into their “dream” home. The couple, who co-host award-winning podcast Shagged, Married, Annoyed, shared the news with their followers after admitting it was “terrible timing”. The drool-worthy six-bedroom house in Northumberland was clearly worth the stress after Rosie told her Instagram followers, “We’re in and we’re buzzing.” As it has a library, huge kitchen and adjoining conservatory, and even a tree playhouse for the boys, we weren’t surprised when Rosie said, “We’re really chuffed.” Jac & Dan’s RENOVATION PROJECT Lockdown has clearly done wonders for the Osborne family. After facing some marriage issues over the last couple of years, Jac Jossa and Dan Osborne are starting…

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posh’s panic about leaving david behind

It’s safe to say that life BC (before COVID) looked rather different for David and Victoria Beckham. With their careers taking them around the globe, they were more than used to spending weeks apart. But the past 12 months have changed all that, with the family being brought closer together than ever – first in the UK, and then in Miami, where they relocated to at the end of last year. And according to insiders, Victoria’s starting to panic. After all, they may have a good thing going Stateside, but her close-knit family, not to mention the kids’ schools, are all back in Blighty. And while David’s told her he’s happy to stay in Miami solo – he’s based there for work – and commute long-distance, she’s completely torn between…

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megxit: the movie

Getting into the showbiz big leagues is much like winning a game of Bingo: the more boxes you dab, the more successful you’ll be. And by the looks of things, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are filling up their ticket fast. We’ve already had the no-holds-barred Oprah interview, the multimillion-dollar Netflix deal, the equally lucrative Spotify deal, and – of course – their tell-all book Finding Freedom (which they’ve admitted they were involved with via a third party). But, according to insiders, all that is small fry compared to the couple’s latest grand plan: a sweeping Hollywood biopic. Guys, prepare yourselves for Megxit: The Movie. “This would be Harry and Meghan’s trump card, and the money that’s being thrown around is staggering,” says an insider close to the couple, who earlier…

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so, who’s going to play them?

Harry DAMIEN LEWIS Posh? Check. Ginger? Check. He even went to the same school as Harry, Eton College. So, yeah, he’s basically the same person. EDDIE REDMAYNE Like Damien, he also went to Eton. Plus, he’s an Oscar winner, so he could definitely pull off the tearjerking moments. TOM HIDDLESTON He’s said to have missed out on a life-changing role as James Bond. Surely playing the prince is the next best thing? Also an old Etonian. STRICTLY’S NEIL JONES Hey, if this movie becomes a musical, we know exactly who we want waltzing his way onto the screen. Make it happen, Hollywood. Meghan RASHIDA JONES She’s not just a talented actress, she’s also a writer and director – so hopefully she’d sort out any dud script that came her way. ZENDAYA She may be 13 years younger than Meghan, but she’s been performing…