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All the juciest celebrity news! The most jaw-dropping celeb pics! The FUNNIEST commentary on the crazy celeb world! The stars' styles that you'll want to copy… and those that you won't! Plus the most comprehensive entertainment and reviews section out there, with the best TV listings in the business.

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celeb employee of the week

WILL SMITH FOR HIS SOLIDARITY WITH THE REST OF US The Fresh Prince himself showed us it’s OK to gain a few pandemic pounds, posting a pic of himself in boxers and a jacket on Instagram last week. Will Smith captioned it, “I’m gonna be real wit’ y’all – I’m in the worst shape of my life,” winning praise from celebs and fans alike – over 6m people have liked the post so far. We don’t want to be cynical, but could this be a great marketing ploy? Will has now announced he’s teamed up with YouTube to get his “health and wellness back on track”. Either way, we’ll always love you, Fresh Prince. COVER: PHOTOGRAPHER MARCO VITTUR; SHUTTERSTOCK; MEGA; LMK; GETTY PAGE 3: PHOTOGRAPHER MARCO VITTUR; SHUTTERSTOCK; GETTY…

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out out special

It’s time to go OUT OUT! With lockdown restrictions easing across the UK from 17 May, it’s finally time to take off our coats, move indoors and have a proper night out! Head to our Wear It’s At section to up your glam game before you hit the town – plus in Life Hacks, we’ve got the best hangover cures and everything you need to know about post-lockdown dating. WWW.HEATWORLD.COM ON DAB DIGITAL RADIO /heatworld @heatworld @heatworld COVER: PHOTOGRAPHER MARCO VITTUR; SHUTTERSTOCK: MEGA: LMK; GETTY PAGE 3: PHOTOGRAPHER MARCO VITTUR: SHUTTERSTOCK: GETTY…

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posh: back to spice world

Diving into the big story of the week She’s achieved a hell of a lot over the years, but if you ask us, Victoria Beckham’s finest hour was her Oscar-deserving performance in the 1997 filmic masterpiece Spice World. Specifically, the moment when she flaps about fully clothed in the Thames after the girls’ boat capsizes, desperately shrieking, “This dress is dry-clean only, Melanie!” Perfection. So, news that she might be donning her little Gucci dress and coming back for a rumoured sequel is pop music to our ears. According to our insiders, she’s not totally adverse to the idea, especially since husband David and the kids are egging her on. Are you listening, members of the Academy? You’d better start dusting off that award. “She may have drawn a line under her…

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cameo spice

EMMA: ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS We loved Baby Spice’s Ab Fab appearance as Eddie’s client, who is very unimpressed by her PR – especially when Eddie can’t name a single one of her solo songs. GERI: SEX AND THE CITY Budding thespians searching for a nuanced performance to emulate, look no further than Geri’s faaabulous (and not at all cringeworthy) turn as Samantha’s bikini-clad friend Phoebe. MEL B: CORONATION STREET This one’s a corker as it happened before her Spice Girls days. Mel played Amy Nelson – in one episode – after the actress who previously played her, Louise Duprey, unexpectedly left the show. VICTORIA: UGLY BETTY Reminding us all that there’s nothing greater than Posh Spice playing Posh Spice, Vic did another hilarious send-up of herself, playing Wilhelmina’s attention-seeking maid of honour. MEL C: MUSIC CAMEOS OK, her acting career…

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has panicked stacey gone too far?

Ever since she moved into Pickle Cottage a couple of months ago, Stacey Solomon hasn’t been able to contain her excitement and emotion as she transforms the Essex property into her family home of dreams. She’s been happily sharing that journey with her 4.5 million Instagram followers and everyone has been keen to do as much of the DIY as possible, but we’re told she’s now realised what a huge project it is turning out to be and that she may be in way over her head. Plus she’s worried about burglars if she gives too much information away online. “Stacey has always been proud of the fact that she can do most things by herself, especially when it comes to her home, and it’s what’s made her such a big…

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inside coleen’s summer of fun

Guys, it seems we may get a summer holiday after all, following the announcement that international travel is returning, albeit with the government’s “green list” of COVID-safe destinations. And, believe us, no one is more relieved than Coleen Rooney. After all, the WAG/tan fan relies on vacays the way that we rely on food and water: they’re paramount to her survival. So, by all accounts, the past nine months (she last went on holiday last August) have been hell. Add to that her ongoing court case with Rebekah Vardy, homeschooling four boys, renovating a mega-mansion, and supporting husband Wayne in his demanding job as manager of Derby County, and it’s no surprise that Coleen’s planning to spend more time in the air this summer than on the ground. According to our…