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All the juciest celebrity news! The most jaw-dropping celeb pics! The FUNNIEST commentary on the crazy celeb world! The stars' styles that you'll want to copy… and those that you won't! Plus the most comprehensive entertainment and reviews section out there, with the best TV listings in the business.

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5 min.
kim tells khloé: ‘i want to be the hottest sister again’

Whatever your feelings about Kim Kardashian, you cannot deny how flawless she looked on holiday in Iceland last week, as she walked around in an unforgiving cream bodysuit. OK, so it’s taken £100k of surgery to get there, but still… Unfortunately, heat has learned that her shortcut to the 3st 7lb weight loss has caused tension between her and gym-mad sister, Khloé, who thinks Kim’s “cheated” her way to the perfect body. “Kim is losing weight by whatever means necessary,” says an insider close to the reality star, who gave birth to her son Saint on 5 December and is already mum to North, two. “As well as extensive liposuction and a tummy tuck, she’s tried appetite suppressants and crash diets – she’ll do whatever it takes to lose the weight. She…

1 min.
kanye’s first phone!

Kanye only got his first mobile phone five years ago. At least, that’s his story. On the Kocktails With Khloé finale, Kanye revealed he only bought a mobile phone in 2011 to pester Kim . “I got a phone, because somebody decided they wanted to marry [basketball player] Kris Humphries,” he said. “I was on the internet, and there was Kim Kardashian with some extremely tall person, and I was like, ‘I need to call her.’” His story was backed up by his BFF, singer John Legend, who was also on the show. He said, “I remember when you didn’t have a phone, then you got one, and the only number that you had was Kim’s.” Now, Kanye only follows one person on Twitter: Kim. So at least he’s consistent.…

3 min.
vicky & mario’s date night

Dark, handsome reality star with a slightly cheat-y past? We’re starting to suspect Vicky Pattison has a type. Only a few weeks after ending things with Made In Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews, heat spotted Vicky on a date with former The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone – a date that ended back at his, with a sheepish-looking Vicky making a swift exit the next morning. Onlookers said the pair were “giggly and flirty”, as they left the fancy Shepherd & Dog restaurant in Essex on Saturday 16 April. One witness tells us, “They were very handsy with each other and clearly have amazing chemistry. There was a lot of laughing and intimate chatting as they walked to his car.” After dinner, the pair popped into a nearby 24-hour Tesco before Mario…

3 min.
victoria: ‘we’ll renew our vows and show everyone we’re strong’

“Victoria hates that people think she and David are unstable” Next year, it’ll be 20 years since a floppy-haired footballer and a totally- not-Posh Spice Girl’s eyes met across a charity football event, and the love story that is David and Victoria Beckham began. Now, heat can reveal the Beckhams will celebrate two decades together by doing what they do best – making the ultimate public declaration of love by renewing their wedding vows. The Beckhams’ 17-year marriage has been plagued by rumours over the past year and just last month, heat revealed how Posh’s busy career was driving a wedge between her and David. heat’s been told that the wedding-vows renewal is part of a series of steps the couple are taking to show the world that they’re totally fine. “Victoria hates…

1 min.
brooklyn and ava swap numbers

They’re both hot, 17 and have extremely famous parents, so it’s actually quite weird that it’s taken this long for Brooklyn Beckham and Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillipe to potentially hook up. But that’s exactly what happened last week at Coachella, and heat’s onlookers were there to see it. “When Brooklyn saw Ava, he went straight over – they’d already connected on Instagram last year,” says our spy. “He asked her for her number and when she said no, he insisted she take his. He said he was hoping she’d call and had already starting thinking about where he’d take her.” Brooklyn’s been linked to actress Chloë Moretz since splitting with girlfriend Sonia Ammar last month, but our insider says he’s currently single and is interested in Ava. They already have mutual…

2 min.
katy’s panic: ‘orlando’s ex could ruin our relationship’

Among all the flower crowns, peace signs and Instagram posts at Coachella last weekend, Katy Perry was avoiding something even more annoying: her boyfriend’s ex, Miranda Kerr, on the warpath. And now heat can reveal that Katy is concerned that Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife could jeopardise their relationship. The trouble started when the singer was spotted rocking out on Orlando’s shoulders, smoking what could have been, shall we say, a “herbal” cigarette. Other festival goers seemed convinced it was weed, as one member of the crowd Snapchatted, “Katy Perry smoking a J [joint] on Orlando Bloom’s shoulders. You don’t see that everyday.” While another tweeted, “LMAO at Katy Perry smoking a joint watching Lorde.” A source tells us that all sorts of drama went down when Miranda saw the pictures, as we’re told…