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HELLO! India June 2019

Hello! covers the world of celebrities from a completely different angle, making it the world's most loved celebrity magazine. Hello! is invited into the palaces and homes of some of the world's most elusive royal families, movie stars and celebrities, to get a view from the inside. The result: intimate, never-seen-before private moments far removed from the glare of the paparazzi, and interviews that are as insightful and interesting as they are exclusive

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chandni luthra

How did your interest in the health sector begin? “Coming from a family (my father runs Luthra & Associates, a company that deals with medical equipment and pharmaceuticals) that has been involved in the healthcare and wellness sector for decades, my interest in the sector was already well-entrenched. I have always been intrigued by new research and scientific development that helps people lead more holistic lives. So, when I heard about the concept of genetic testing, which is widely popular in the USA and Europe, I got excited. My father backed my project and I was able to venture into this unusual and futuristic field of genetics.” How does your education in international business help you with what you are doing right now? “I got to understand various businesses and markets of the…

5 min
chetana vij sharma

‘For me, design is everything. I like to go out of my way to add a little personal touch or detail to things others may not even notice. I enjoy it and am energised by it, whether it is having mismatched shoes or Tintin comic lacquer sheets as table mats’ An interior and graphic designer and brand consultant to reckon with, Chetana Vij Sharma founded her design consultancy – I ME AM Design – in the Capital in 1989. Over the decades, the talented entrepreneur has worked with some of India’s biggest hospitality chains and corporate organisations as well as noted international brands, adding her own touch of magic to their interiors. In conversation with HELLO!, Chetana reveals that even as a teenager she knew that “creating a visual experience” is…

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luxury living, redefined

It’s the perfect amalgamation of modern skyscrapers and the traditional Arabic heritage – the kingdom of Bahrain is the quintessence of luxury in the low lying islands located in the Arabian Gulf, off the eastern shore of Saudi Arabia. The beautiful islands, beyond horizon scenic views and the vibrant markets, make it worth your while. STAY The ultra-luxurious Ritz-Carlton is the perfect place to enjoy the sights of pristine beaches, hiking trails, the surfers, and dolphins. It had its own private beach, luxury villas and multiple restaurants, lounges, clubs and bars. It serves as an enchanting backdrop as tourists and patrons enjoy the local culture and the extraordinary cuisine while exploring the dazzling capital city of Manama. The Ritz-Carlton houses an exclusive club, which has panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and the…

3 min
sojourns of the mind

THE PATH MADE CLEAR – DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE’S DIRECTION AND PURPOSE BY OPRAH WINFREY Oprah Winfrey’s newest offering, is dedicated to helping people listen to their intuition and find their true path. Early in the The Path Made Clear, the media mogul describes the moment she discovered her purpose. It was August, 1978, and she was working as a news anchor and reporter on People Are Talking, a Baltimore talk show – but it didn’t feel right. “I knew I was not my authentic self,” she writes. “And my bosses certainly made no secret of their feelings. They told me I was the wrong colour, the wrong size, and that I showed too much emotion.” The television icon then found “every cell” in her body get charged up when she was ‘demoted’ to…

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chef ben ungermann

What’s the best part about being a chef, especially of desserts? “I love the fact that I get to be creative and innovative as a dessert chef. And with pastries being a bit molecular, the sky is the limit with what you can experiment with. Also, desserts are everyone’s favourite.” Please tell us about your association with KOKO... “I did some work with KOKO in 2018 and they fast became my favourite restaurant in Mumbai. I found it to be an honour and privilege to work together on a dessert menu for them.” Highlights of the desserts menu that you have curated for this restaurant... “The one thing that I’m very proud of is a Vegan-based dessert, which tastes incredible and has no animal-based products at all in it. It’s called the Ben’s Indonesian Experience…

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june calendar

ARTS AND CULTURE GANGA DUSSEHRA WHERE: Across north India WHEN: 12 June Celebrated across the northern parts of India, the Ganga Dussehra is marked by devotees flocking to cities dotting the River Ganges to perform aartis. Thousands of people flock to cities like Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh as well as Haridwar and Rishikesh to worship the Ganga for sustaining millions of lives in the country. The festival is also a photographers’ delight and numerous lens-people head to these holy cities to capture the grandeur of the events. SAO JOAO FESTIVAL WHERE: Goa WHEN: 24 June The annual festival seeks to pay homage to St John the Baptist. While the festival is held across the globe, Goa celebrates the occasion in a unique way as men as well as women devotees jump into drinking water wells to…