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HELLO! India September 2019

Hello! covers the world of celebrities from a completely different angle, making it the world's most loved celebrity magazine. Hello! is invited into the palaces and homes of some of the world's most elusive royal families, movie stars and celebrities, to get a view from the inside. The result: intimate, never-seen-before private moments far removed from the glare of the paparazzi, and interviews that are as insightful and interesting as they are exclusive

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hello! most stylish

When asked to form a list of the Most Stylish Women in India, I took the task very seriously. Being a fashion enthusiast, I do feel that it is a very important honour which should not be awarded frivolously. Therefore there was much deliberation done on what “style” means to me. In my opinion, women who are effortlessly stylish and never fail to impress ninety nine percent of the time, deserve to be given this recognition. It is very crucial not to fall into the illusion that women who wear expensive labels are automatically stylish. Another factor I kept in mind was to look for women who dress well without dependance on hired stylists. Having and honing personal style was a key deciding factor in selecting this list. It is…

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to the editor

CELEBRATING DESIGN AESTHETICS I totally agree and connect with the editor’s piece in the August Interior’s Special, which says that homes convey a lot about the people residing inside them. No matter how big or small our homes are, no matter how much we can or cannot splurge on our house interiors, we still dream of making it look the best we can. All a person needs to have a beautiful home is a great sense of aesthetics and the perfect vision. Designer Manish Malhotra’s home oozes his keen sense of aesthetics – his abode is truly tastefully designed. The uber-luxurious homes of Dikshu and Arunima Kukreja, Dr Reem Tariq El Mutwalli and Ritu Beri are lessons in artful interior designing, but Nikhil and Bahar Dhawan Rohtagi win hearts with their…

6 min
riddhima kapoor sahni decoding the genetics of style

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni grew up under the flash bulbs. Quite literally. Actor Rishi and Neetu Kapoor’s daughter and Bollywood veteran Raj and Krishna Raj Kapoor’s grand-daughter, Riddhima has seen it all – hailing from a family where everyone has been a star in their own right, the Kapoors as a family were trendsetters not only in the film industry, but also shaped the fashion sensibilities of the nation. Riddhima travels back in time to share some glimpses of her coming-of-age days and induction into the world of style and sensibility. Style icons I looked up to: “It has to be the two ladies of the house that I was really close to – my grandmother Krishna Raj Kapoor and mother Neetu Kapoor. My grandmother has to be the most elegant woman…

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luck by numbers

1 LOVE: Those single should keep their eyes and ears open for that special someone. People in serious relationships may see some progress, but only if they can keep their stringent thoughts and emotions in check. CAREER: This month, you move beyond your comfort zone and do things more confidently than you have in the past. If you get any new job offer, don’t say no in haste. HEALTH: You are advised to pay extra attention to your health and take as many precautionary steps as possible as you are prone to falling sick. Eye trouble is indicated for some of you, especially students. LUCKY COLOUR: Blue 2 LOVE: If you have been feeling a touch obsessed with someone who seems to defy your natural charm and beauty, it may be better to try and cool…

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life on front row with natasha poonawalla

‘The fact is, Natasha loves the cinematic canvas fashion offers to play out her glamourous eccentricities; but in no way does she think she should be trivialized for it; or worse be overlooked for her productive accomplishments’ Natasha Poonawalla has always been a fascinating friend to watch. She is beautiful, fashionable and, needless to say, comes from a prolific family that has wealth, power and character in equal measure. But more importantly, I notice on a regular basis, that inspite of her educational qualifications, financial acumen, corporate finesse, and professional accomplishments, because she also loves fashion and glamour, she is stereotyped every day. This is one of fashion’s twisted gifts of abundance. Fashion and smart are a combination we have been indoctrinated to believe is mutually exclusive, if not obscure at…

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all in the family

Rolf and Helen von Beuren with their sons Sri and Nicki, daughters-in-law and grandchildren (above). The family is credited for having created more than 15,000 designs over the last three decades, using opulent raw materials and bold ideas. To the left, is the Parrot clutch bag, featuring colours taken from green-blue Scarab beetles. To the right, a pair of earrings again coated in Scarab beetle hues, with rubies and diamonds. At the centre, a jewel featuring the trademark Asian dragon as inspiration, and to the right, an Elephant bag with gold and precious stones as embellishment…