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Celebrity & Gossip
HELLO! India

HELLO! India September 2019

Hello! covers the world of celebrities from a completely different angle, making it the world's most loved celebrity magazine. Hello! is invited into the palaces and homes of some of the world's most elusive royal families, movie stars and celebrities, to get a view from the inside. The result: intimate, never-seen-before private moments far removed from the glare of the paparazzi, and interviews that are as insightful and interesting as they are exclusive

Worldwide Media Private Limited
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12 Issues

In this issue

3 min.
to the editor

CELEBRATING DESIGN AESTHETICS I totally agree and connect with the editor’s piece in the August Interior’s Special, which says that homes convey a lot about the people residing inside them. No matter how big or small our homes are, no matter how much we can or cannot splurge on our house interiors, we still dream of making it look the best we can. All a person needs to have a beautiful home is a great sense of aesthetics and the perfect vision. Designer Manish Malhotra’s home oozes his keen sense of aesthetics – his abode is truly tastefully designed. The uber-luxurious homes of Dikshu and Arunima Kukreja, Dr Reem Tariq El Mutwalli and Ritu Beri are lessons in artful interior designing, but Nikhil and Bahar Dhawan Rohtagi win hearts with their…

1 min.
hello! india

CEO Deepak Lamba Editor Ruchika Mehta Executive Editor Sangeeta Wadhwani Chief Copy Editor Sreemita Bhattacharya Fashion Director Avantikka Kilachand Fashion Editor Sonam Poladia Digital Writer Reena Arya DELHI Senior Associate Editor Sanghita Singh Senior Fashion Editor Amber Tikari Special Correspondent Neeva Jain Consulting Art Director Suresh Bhandary Assistant Art Director Navin Mohit Editorial Coordinator Anita Nair Assistant Vice President - Digital Revenue & Marketing Priyadarshi Banerjee Chief Financial Officer S. Subramaniam Head Human Resources Meghna Puthawala Head Experiential Marketing Aakash Mishra Publisher Joji Varghese Content Studio Vidyut Patra BUSINESS DIRECTOR Sunil Wuthoo, sunil.wuthoo@wwm.co.in BRAND SOLUTIONS WEST Anita Anand, anita.anand2@wwm.co.in MUMBAI Salman Shaikh, salman.shaikh@wwm.co.in PUNE Ekta Dang, ekta.dang@wwm.co.in AHMEDABAD Kamal Rajput, kamal.rajput@wwm.co.in NORTH Vice President & Sales Head – Long Form Content Anjali Rathor, anjali.rathor@wwm.co.in DELHI General Manager Shikha Sinha Suri, shikha.suri@wwm.co.in Pooja Sharma, pooja.sharma@wwm.co.in JAIPUR Pushpesh Sood, pushpesh.sood@wwm.co.in SOUTH Vice President – South & Business Head – Femina Tamil Pravin Menon, pravin.menon@wwm.co.in Meenakshi Nag Roy, meenakshi.nag@wwm.co.in EAST Assistant Vice President Alka Kakar, alka.kakar@wwm.co.in KOLKATA Bijoy Choudhury, bijoy.choudhury@wwm.co.in Senior Manager Vipin Tyagi subscriptions.wwm@wwm.co.in Assistant General…

3 min.
editor’s note

“We at HELLO! have chosen to steer clear from our ‘over-styled’ red carpet favourites, and instead, look at individuals whose signature style is consistent wherever you may see them” The word ‘Style’ or rather the phrase ‘Style Statement’ has often been overused and misused. I would also say it has been grossly abused. In today’s day and age everything and anything related to fashion gets related to style. That’s the first sign of style going wrong, and the lines between fashion and style getting blurred. Being fashionable does not make you stylish, and for all you know, this person could be a terrible fashion victim – all branded and forced. In fact a stylish person sets the fashion trends rather than follows them. Style is inborn and effortless. This comes naturally…

1 min.

JATIN KAMPANI A professional photographer since 1996, Kampani has earned several accolades for his accomplished skills in photography, including being cited as one among ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’ twice in succession in Lurzer’s Archiven special editions. His images have won at the IPA (International Photography Awards) and the Black and White Spider awards and PX3 Awards in Paris, in advertising, fashion and fine arts consecutively, from 2007 to 2011. He also has showcased photography as an art form in prestigious galleries in India and Poland. Having shot with Sonam Kapoor many times, it was no surprise to see the natural rapport between our cover star and him. Topping our list of HELLO!’s Most Stylish, Kampani captured Sonam in a mood best described as ‘couture meets casual attitude.’ BANDANA TEWARI A strong voice…

3 min.
editor’s lounge

MICHAEL KORS’ LATEST CAMPAIGN American fashion brand Michael Kors has released their latest Fall 2019 ad campaign for MICHAEL Michael Kors and Michael Kors Mens, starring Bella Hadid and Austin Augie. The campaign has been shot by legendary photographer David Sims. Featuring action-packed, high-octane stills and video, the new campaign – dubbed “Hell on Wheels” – plays on the brand’s travel roots and the jet-set lifestyle that has long inspired designer Michael Kors. The mix of props and motion showcases the style in a bold, modern way with Bella always on the move, and Austin, a professional BMX rider, on his bike, emphasizing the brand’s tenets of speed, energy and optimism. The Fall 2019 MICHAEL Michael Kors apparel and accessories is a graphic mix of zebra stripes, rock ‘n’ roll studs…

3 min.
september calendar

SPORTS SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX WHERE: Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore WHEN: 22 Sept The FIA Formula One World Championship motor racing event is all set to host thousands of visitors at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, this year. Incidentally, the event was known as the Orient Year Grand Prix, back when it was first organised in 1961. A year later, the race was renamed the Malaysian Grand Prix. In 1965, after Singapore gained independence, the race was renamed to the Singapore Grand Prix. Ace racer Lewis Hamilton won the races for the fourth time in 2018. ARTS AND CULTURE ONAM WHERE: In Kerala and across India WHEN: 1 to 13 Sept One of the biggest festivals in Kerala, the annual event is marked by celebrations around the country. As part of the harvest festival, Vallam…