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HELLO! India February 2020

Hello! covers the world of celebrities from a completely different angle, making it the world's most loved celebrity magazine. Hello! is invited into the palaces and homes of some of the world's most elusive royal families, movie stars and celebrities, to get a view from the inside. The result: intimate, never-seen-before private moments far removed from the glare of the paparazzi, and interviews that are as insightful and interesting as they are exclusive

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calling for an encore…

As we drive to the sea port at Bremerhaven, from Hamburg, Germany, we see white smoke spewing out of factories, and windmills dotting the wintry landscapes, indicating the use of clean energy. We are an entourage of writers, publicists and bloggers from all around the world – Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Panama, with me alone representing India, here to experience the inaugural sail of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest innovative ship – the Norwegian Encore. Once on board, we are lucky to have this bespoke hotel-at-sea to ourselves, (it cost US$1 billion to make) as guests are only officially to be on board the next day. This means no queues to experience the smorgasbord of entertainment options. This cruise ship features the world’s longest race track at sea, at…

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lug it in style

Travel essential(s) you can’t do without... “Yes, I’ve got a few customs. I travel a lot, I spend about half the year on the road and I have for several years now. I live out of my suitcase. I like to take a note with me that I carry around – something that my son gives me, so I have a little piece of him. It could be a note or even a toy of his. A Bible, my necklace that I wear everywhere, a Rubik’s cube and my laptop.” What’s the strangest place that you’ve ever travelled to? “Ooh… I went and saw these amazing pyramids in Mexico – San Miguel de Allende – they blew my mind!” Tips to avoid jet lag… “You’ve just got to roll with it. It’s going to make…

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the inside story

RAVEENA TO PRODUCE WEB-SERIES ON PERSONALITY DISORDER Actress Raveena Tandon plans to foray into the digital space as a writer and producer with a web-series based on multiple personality disorder. Speaking to the media about her new venture, Raveena has said, “I’m really excited for the world to see a story that I have worked very hard for. This web-series is a gripping story that I have written, and it will surely keep the viewers on the edge of their seat. Concept-wise this web-series is something very different I have tried, so I hope people love it.” CATE BLANCHETT NAMED JURY HEAD OF THE 2020 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL Actress Cate Blanchett has been chosen to serve as the jury head of the 2020 Venice Film Festival. The two-time Oscar winner has previously served…

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dawnn says...

Healing through fashion... “starts with colour. Wear your favourite colours to start the process of healing.” Matching colours/prints/styles to moods... “is essential to having an authentic life.” Following fads and trends... “can be hurtful and helpful, depending on why you are following that fad or trend.” How to deal with ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome ... “I’d suggest, start by determining how you would like to feel or how you currently feel. And dress as such.” Dressing as per age... “is a notion that should not exist. You should dress how you feel. Your age maybe 52, but your mental age maybe 25. If you feel good wearing what you wore at 25, you should wear it.” Sustainability in the fashion world... “is crucial to the next generation’s existence.” The role of social media in…

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life et style: decoded dawnn karen

At the young age of 30, you are the pioneer of fashion psychology in the world and The New York Times has hailed you as “the dress doctor”... “It feels surreal at times. Honestly, I struggle with imposter syndrome, which occurs when one feels chronic self-doubt in the midst of their successes. But then, everyone who attains a certain degree of success, experiences a certain level of self-doubt. But, it’s a bit nerve-wracking because I consider Naomi Campbell and Priyanka Chopra to be global fashion icons. I feel I need to do more work!” Dawnn, how would you describe your own personal sense of fashion? “I would describe it as a glamorous minimalist. I do not believe in having two of the same shirts or pants. I believe in knowing every piece inside…

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NUNO OLIVEIRE Born in Lisbon and having lived in several cities including London, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Cairo, Nuno Oliveira offers a wide range of photography disciplines and film making. For the February issue of HELLO! the ace fashion photographer captures our cover star and leader of the new power pack, Vicky Kaushal, in a contemporary style, playing up his earthy charms. KARAN TAKULIA Karan is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Delhi who believes creating images are a form of self-expression. Smitten by a particular Max Vadukul photograph years ago, he started a lifelong endeavour of creating imagery which spoke volumes in silence. For this issue, he has photographed the young royals of Gujarat, and shares, “I was quite pleasantly surprised by the talent and dedication of this young royal generation…