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of these i’m quite certain

Over the last 1,563 days observing stay-at-home restrictions, I’ve worn a path in the floor pacing from the home office, where I now make a living, to the garage, where I alternate between tinkering with projects and shouting obscenities at them. (They deserve it and it doesn’t faze them one bit.) To spice things up on the weekends, I go to the transfer station and talk about scrap metal, from 6 feet away, with the guy on duty, followed by a relaxing afternoon ride on my favorite social-distancing machine: my lawn tractor. The Chief has instituted strict decontamination protocols for anything that enters the house: packages, mail, groceries, etc. She enforces these rules with an iron fist that’s first been washed for 20 seconds in hot soapy water then treated with hand…

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pandemic projects

“But it’s those other ‘little things’ that always seem to get overlooked…” Being cooped up for nearly three months has taken its toll on many of us, but instead of looking at the glass as being half empty, I looked at this self-quarantined exile as a golden opportunity to get things done that I otherwise would not have considered doing. Owning several old cars is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because variety allows you to drive assorted cars while working on different projects without getting bored. The downside is that there are always projects to attend to: batteries to charge, oil to change, engines to tune, and bodies to polish. But it’s those other “little things” that always seem to get overlooked as they take a back seat…

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Thank you for the June issue’s tribute to the 1953 Buick Skylark. Like a best friend who introduces you to the love of your life, I first met these grand machines back in the 1970s. Bob and I were in our early 20s when he called me one day to see if I’d join him on another quest. I was living in New York at the time, so I dutifully drove my ’58 Buick Century across the George Washington Bridge to my friend’s house in New Jersey. Back in ’73, the Skylark was just an “old” car, and Bob had found one for $900. It needed a lot of work, but its drop-dead feature was the mint interior. Just like the one pictured in the article, this car’s cabin was…

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motoring news

EVENT NEWS Fall Hershey Canceled Among COVID-19 Concerns For the first time in its 65-year history, the Eastern Fall Meet hosted by the Antique Automobile Club of America’s Hershey Region has been canceled, another victim of the coronavirus pandemic. The board of directors of the AACA’s Hershey Region reached this decision on May 28, after a careful review of Pennsylvania’s three-tiered, county-specific reopening strategy. Under the best of circumstances, a “green tier” county would be permitted to hold gatherings not to exceed 250 people, a fraction of Hershey’s 200,000 attendees. A statement issued by the board read, in part, “This decision was not arrived at lightly. While making the difficult choice to cancel, the Board took many obstacles into account, including but not limited to: the health and welfare of our volunteers, vendors,…

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1956 chrysler new yorker convertible

Chrysler’s early experiment with streamlined bodies and a radical construction process—the precursor to today’s unit-body automobiles — didn’t exactly attract throngs of buyers during the mid-’30s. After the initial wow factor had worn off, the Airflows were all but grounded, and corporate front office executives, such as K.T. Keller, were none too happy. The fallout from the market flop, however, bore tremendous fruit for decades to come when Keller shook up the lead division by reorganizing its series of cars. Evidence of this first appeared in 1937 when the five series of Chrysler-badged cars were reduced to four, and then reduced again to just three a year later: the C-18 Royal (using both a short- and long-wheelbase chassis), the C-19 Imperial, and C-20 Custom Imperial. Of note, though, was the C-19…

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1970 buick riviera

Since its 1963 model year debut, the Riviera had served the personal luxury car market with exemplary designs, plush interiors, and smooth performance for a premium price. Though the basic shell was carried over for 1970, it featured more styling changes than in the prior few years. Exposed quad headlamps, last seen in 1964, returned. A new grille was set into a thick chromed extension of the redesigned bumper and the fenders were mildly reworked. Optional Custom body side moldings recalled earlier Buicks and offered a hint of 1971 styling. Rear fender skirts (shown) appeared for the first time or the buyer could choose “High Profile wheel opening covers” (shorter fender skirts). Rear quarter panels were revised and the bumper, taillamps, and body-colored valance were new. A 455-cu.in. engine (up from 430-cu.in.)…