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Hemmings Motor News December 2020

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at home in the garage

Hey, where are you right now? In the garage, I hope. That’s where I’d like to be, on a cool fall morning as I write this. Just a heads up: The urge to stroll out there midsentence might be tough to resist. So, if this column seems even less intelligible than usual (yes, the bar is low) it’s probably because I’m typing with one hand while spray-painting a bumper bracket or something with the other. Given my historically second-rate performances at writing and painting, a little multitasking certainly can’t make things any worse. A few issues back, we gave a shout-out to “The World’s Awesomest Readers” (registered trademark, patent pending, ipso facto, do not remove under penalty of law) asking for photos and descriptions of their garages. The Hemmings Nation really…

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“i’d daily that”

“My mythical everyday vintage car needs to stand out a little.” I hang out in sketchy internet groups. No, not that kind of sketchy. Rather, these groups have a thing for cars that were truly unloved and unwanted for the longest time, and their scarcity alone now seems to make them desirable. So, when members find one of these now oddball cars for sale, they share the ad. I also mill about in a group that is dedicated to putting the hate on the worst “custom” cars you can imagine, the sort that probably include spray foam insulation as a major structural component to support the hand-cut plywood parts. Here’s the funny thing: Almost every post, seemingly without fail, includes a comment from someone that reads “I’d daily that.” It could be…

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There’s a framed print of a Honda N600 hanging on the wall in the service department of our local Honda dealer. The car looks innocent and kinda cute… not as cute as the Tribbles in Star Trek, but just as prolific, thanks in large part to Detroit’s decision to build cars like the 2002-’05 Thunderbird, full of unserviceable and unavailable components. Steve Raymer Via email I was very pleased to see the article regarding 2002-’05 Thunderbirds in the September issue of Hemmings Motor News. It was great that the Hemmings editorial staff and writers gave this generation of T-Birds the recognition they deserve. Of course, having owned one identical to the feature car since September 2001 may make me a little biased. Jeff Koch did an excellent job with the information developed,…

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motoring news

MUSEUM NEWS LeMay–America’s Car Museum reopens to the public Following a lengthy closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LeMay–America’s Car Museum, located in Tacoma, Washington, reopened its doors to the general public on September 25. Through the end of the year, the museum will operate with limited hours, specifically from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only. A recent order by Governor Jay Inslee permitted the reopening of museums with reduced capacity, as long as strict protocols intended to reduce the spread of the virus are followed. Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan allows for up to 25-percent capacity, while Phase 3 will permit up to 50 percent. Masks are required inside the building, and LeMay–America’s Car Museum will provide sanitizing stations and signage for one-way routes through museum…

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1967 pontiac firebird 326

General Manager Semon E. “Bunkie” Knudsen came to Pontiac in the summer of 1956 with a plan to reinvigorate the division by developing new models that spoke to a younger generation, and it proved to be successful. By 1959, Pontiac had moved up from sixth place in sales to fourth, and in 1961, it rose to third place. Knudsen was promoted to general manager of Chevrolet late that year, but Chief Engineer Elliot M. “Pete” Estes took the helm at Pontiac and enjoyed continued success. The youth market was then changed forever in 1964 with the release of the highly popular GTO. Estes became Chevrolet’s general manager in 1965 and Chief Engineer John Z. DeLorean, who was largely credited with the GTO’s success, ascended to the top position at PMD. DeLorean wanted…

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Engine OHV V-8; cast-iron block and cylinder heads Displacement 326-cu.in. Horsepower 250 @ 4,600 rpm Fuel system Two-barrel with cast-iron intake manifold Transmission Three-speed manual (standard); four-speed manual or two-speed automatic (optional) Wheelbase 108.1 inches Length 188.8 inches Width 72.6 inches Height 51.5 inches Curb weight 3,266 pounds Base price $2,666 hardtop Production 82,560 hardtop and convertible; 40,210 with 326 two-barrel engine; 7,719 with 326 two-barrel engine and manual transmission…