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what’s your holiday style?

My niece, Addie, has a January birthday (this year she’s the big 1-0!), and as anyone with a birthday around the holidays knows, the day can accidentally get downgraded. To make sure Addie’s b-day has plenty of hoopla, my sister triples her baking efforts with elaborate cartoon-character cakes. I encourage Addie to pick a party theme, then suggest lots of ways to run wild with it. This year it got me thinking: Should I theme up my holidays? I could max out a star or snowflake motif on everything from wreaths to wrapping paper. Or trim my Christmas tree with all furry, fuzzy, and feathery ornaments. I like that last idea a lot! This issue boasts tons of ways to make your holidays more festive, more fun, and more theme-y, if…

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copy our cover

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dress up a wreath

• Assemble honeycomb ornaments according to the package instructions. Cut off the loop meant for hanging. • Cut an 8"-long piece of floral wire for each ornament. Fold the wires in half. Adhere the folded part of each wire to an ornament with a dab of hot glue. Attach the ornaments to the wreath, using the floral wire like a twist tie. SOCIETY6 PILLOW, TREE, WREATH: ALISON GOOTEE/STUDIO D; WREATH CRAFTING: ASHLEY PAGE NORTON…

1 min.
wow! what color is that?

fort york red BY FUSION MINERAL PAINT “A bright barn-ish red felt just right for the farmhouse-y chest in my family room. It’s the perfect country red, no purple or orange. The amaryllis I put on top seems like it was made to match!” —Susan Handler, Saw Nail and Paint blog, Seattle, WA blackberry BY C2 PAINT “When a room is large and also gets a ton of light, it can lack an intimate feel. Navy that’s so dark it’s almost black gives a space a cozy vibe, like it did for this master bedroom sitting area.” —Beth Bourque, Beth Bourque Design Studio, Milton, MA lemon twist BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS “As soon as I saw the homeowner’s bright yellow dining room chairs, I knew I wanted to do an accent wall in a near-matching color. I love how it peeks through…

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the high/low list

$248 A luxe leather holder for your favorite magazines. $97 Free up cash for reading materials with this synthetic version. $30 The pattern is by an artist who has worked for Calvin Klein. $16 Bring a blast of color to post-snowball-fight hot cocoa. $799 Fluffy Mongolian lambswool upholstery makes this a cozy entryway perch. $150 The top may be faux fur, but gold legs are a decidedly glam accent. $617 Both gold and silver finishes are a cool modern mix. $364 More intricate cagework and seven lightbulbs! $109 Choose a wool throw to stay toasty during holiday movie watching. $45 Acrylic is just as comfy for warmer climates. $139 A pre-lit wreath to make your mantel or front door merry and bright. $40 For indoor use only, this one is also very festive. $995 An abstract hand-tufted take on animal print. $278 Machine-made, but still a walk on the wild side. $655 A faceted frame catches light for added…

3 min.
make my guest room look 10 years younger

If Kathryn Kaiser had to describe the style of the guest bedroom she put together in her 1921 Craftsman bungalow in Birmingham, AL, it would be “random.” She had hand-me-down furniture, travel souvenirs, and—against her better instincts—a dated floral bedspread with matching drapes. “They weren’t my taste at all, which skews more simple,” says Kathryn, “but when I bought the house, the owner asked if I wanted to keep them, and I said sure because I didn’t have any others.” Cut to five years later and, she says, “I still hadn’t gotten around to replacing anything!” That included a wall color she describes as “dried Grey Poupon mustard.” Just in time for holiday visitors, HGTV Magazine stepped in to create a guest haven with rich blue paint, Roman shades in…