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HGTV Magazine May 2017

HGTV Magazine is about real life at home. In every issue you'll find money-saving mini makeovers, simple ways to conquer clutter, smart DIY solutions, time-saving cleaning tricks, and so much more. Plus--see how the HGTV experts really live!

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come on in!

front door of the month light fixture Kichler Seaside 12"- tall aluminum light in black dark sky, $63, mail slot Contemporary Letters 4" x 12 1/4" brass mail slot in polished finish, $75, pillow pillow chair Safavieh Alexei acacia wood rocking chair in ash gray, $241, door 70720 Traditional Shaker wood door, from $400, for stores; Rope handleset with knob and rope keyed plate in polished brass finish, $178, for stores; Michael Healy Designs Anchor 5 1/4"-tall stainless steel door knocker in brass finish, $69, doormat Cabana Stripes coir doormat, $28, paint Night Magic Violet by Glidden house number House Numbers 6" x 6" ceramic tile in teal and purple with big number in Bernhard Roman, $18, garden stool Magnus Blue 18"H x 13"-diameter earthenware garden stool, $130, DOOR, HOUSE NUMBER, DOORMAT: LARA ROBBY/STUDIO D…

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cookie jar Pineapple 8 1/2"-tall ceramic cookie jar, $37, vase Hemingway Rose 7 1/4"- tall stoneware vase, $43, plates 10 1/2"-diameter ceramic plates in aqua, $30 each, plates Farmhouse 10 1/4"-diameter stoneware plates in yellow, $8 each, sugar bowl 4 1/4"H x 3 1/2"-diameter ceramic sugar bowl in Bauer orange, $35, canister 5"H x 4"-diameter stoneware and wood canister in Marseille, $35, salt and pepper mills 4 1/2"- tall plastic salt and pepper mill set in soleil, $60, pitcher Monterey 60-ounce ceramic pitcher in turquoise, $70, bowls Darling Dots 5"-diameter stoneware bowls in cobalt, $16 each, honey pot 16-ounce stoneware honey pot and silicone dipper in Dijon, $42, bowls 5 3/4"-diameter earthenware latte bowls in green, $6 each, art Fruit: Lemon by Christopher Dina 13" x 17" unframed print, $32, DAVID TSAY, STYLING: CATHERINE DASH…

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ready, aim, add pops of color

It’s a phrase as familiar as the doorbell chime during an episode of House Hunters. Designers love to say it. It’s just about the easiest (and budget-friendliest) way to change up a room. I’m talking, of course, about “add a pop of color,” which is exactly what we did to this issue! How did we prep for our pops? We started months ago, looking at hundreds of new accessories—pillows, vases, lamps, trays, poufs, frames, pitchers—choosing the best (final tally: 98), and organizing them—how else?—by color, so you can easily shop for your favorite pop. Some colorful debates cropped up during the process: Is black a color? Is gold or silver? What trendy shades are we seeing everywhere? (Our answers: No. No. Emerald green and blush pink, especially when paired with black,…

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dear hgtv magazine,

“The House of $5 Finds” was my favorite story in the January/February issue. Amy Lind’s home is so unique and stylish. I also love the hunt of finding things for my home. I’ll bring objects home from anywhere, and I’m always happy to read about kindred spirits who enjoy that too. —Jennifer Schuman, New York, NY I was delighted to see Home Town’s Erin and Ben Napier featured in your March issue [“Behind the Scenes”]. I love their new show, and I hope it stays on the air for a long time! —Cindie Brandt, Palm Bay, FL My 12-year-old daughter can hardly wait for me to finish looking at my copy of HGTV Magazine each month so she can study it as intensely as I do. I’ve been a subscriber for four years now, and I have…

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what’s your appliance iq?

1. Many refrigerator crisper drawers have high- and low-humidity settings. Which of the following belong in a high-humidity drawer? (Check all that apply.) □ Broccoli □ Apples □ Kiwis □ Kale □ Peppers □ Cantaloupes □ Mangoes □ Peaches □ Cucumbers 2. If one of your stove top’s gas burners isn’t igniting, what’s the first thing you should do to try to fix it? A. Call an electrician B. Clean the igniter and burner holes C. Turn on the gas and light a flame with a match D. Switch the burner on and off three times 3. How often should you clean your drip coffeemaker? A. Once a week B. Once a month C. Three times a year 4. Your dishwasher is leaking out the front. What most likely needs to be replaced? A. The filter B. The sprayer arm C. The gasket D. The whole dishwasher 5. Which of these is the correct…

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1. Count as correct only if you get all four. Broccoli, kale, peppers, and cucumbers. As these and many other vegetables age, they lose moisture and wilt or soften. Keeping them in a drawer with high humidity helps them stay crisp. On the other hand, foods that give off ethylene gas—including most fruits—tend to rot in high humidity, so they belong in a low-humidity drawer. 2. B. Clean the igniter and burner holes. Food and other debris can block gas from escaping from the small holes on the sides of the burner, which means the gas can’t fuel the surface burner spark electrode. Use a toothbrush or a metal skewer to remove debris, then try again. 3. B. Once a month. Letting a coffeemaker go uncleaned for longer than a month can cause buildup that can…