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Home & Garden
HGTV Magazine

HGTV Magazine October 2017

HGTV Magazine is about real life at home. In every issue you'll find money-saving mini makeovers, simple ways to conquer clutter, smart DIY solutions, time-saving cleaning tricks, and so much more. Plus--see how the HGTV experts really live!

United States
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10 Issues

In this issue

1 min.
what does your front door say about you?

We give a lot of love to front doors at this magazine. Why? Because for something relatively small, it can make a big impression. It’s easy to imagine a nearly neon lime green door with a cool brass knocker belonging to someone energetic and optimistic. That the person with the deep red door and a pair of pruned boxwood on either side of it is someone sophisticated with understated style. And that the woman with ferns hanging on her porch, whose door is a pastel shade of lilac or lemon, is the sweetest neighbor on the block. Our front doors absolutely reflect our personalities. Is yours projecting the right vibe for you? If you’re ready to juice up your front door, you’re in the right place. We feature front door ideas…

2 min.
dear hgtv magazine,

Seeing this porch in the Mayissue [“Adorable Design Partners and Their Adorable Homes”] compelled me to update an old wood coffee table. I had one sitting in storage that I painted white—now it’s front and center in my living room. —John Nazworth, Orange, TX WhenHGTV Magazinearrives in the mail, it’s always a treat. My 10-year-old daughter and I race to see who can get their hands on it first! —Rachel Unrau, La Crete, Alberta, Canada Your bright red nightstand in June’s “Paintovers!” was really fun. The piece you redid is just like one I found at a thrift store. I painted mine seafoam green and added silver pulls, but I love your take on it, too. —Maddy Hayes, Syosset, NY I have been a subscriber from the very beginning, and May’s Pops of Color issue was…

5 min.
let’s go to tool school!

SCREWDRIVERS basic The 10-piece set includes sizes from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch wide in flat- and Phillips-heads for nearly any quick around-the-house repair. Magnetic tips help hold screws in place. DeWalt 10-piece screwdriver set, $20, homedepot.com advanced This rechargeable battery-powered screwdriver has eight bits and an LED light so you can see into tight spaces, like the back of a bookshelf. It’s great for assembling furniture. Black+Decker Roto-Bit 4-volt cordless screwdriver, $25, homedepot.com gifted Installing kitchen cabinets? You’ll need a drill/driver. This one is less than 3 pounds—so wielding it won’t feel like a workout—and the 24 power settings are suited for nearly any material. Ryobi One+ 18-volt lithium-ion compact drill and driver kit, $99, homedepot.com SANDERS basic Only a bit bigger than a computer mouse, this rubber sanding block has slots that hold paper in place as you hand-sand your…

2 min.
how well do you know your grocery store?

1. True or false: The code you see on a piece of produce (a banana, for example) is the same no matter what store you’re in. a. True b. False 2. When is the busiest time to grocery shop? a. Thursday 5 p.m.–8 p.m. b. Friday 9 a.m.–12 p.m. c. Saturday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. d. Sunday 5 p.m.–7 p.m. 3. What is the average markup on precut fruit and veggies? a. 100% b. 50% c. 40% d. 20% 4. True or false: Fish that’s been frozen before it’s shipped out to stores is not as tasty as fish that’s never been frozen. a. True b. False 5. What happens to the prepared potato salad in the deli counter at the end of the day? a. It gets thrown away even if it’s still good. b. It gets wrapped up for tomorrow. c. It gets donated. 6. True…

3 min.

1. a. True. Produce codes— a.k.a. PLUs (Price Look Up)— are identical, whether you’re squeezing an avocado at Whole Foods Market in New Jersey or Kroger in Idaho. They mainly exist to make it quicker for cashiers to ring up fruits and veggies. The most popular code is 4011, for bananas; organic produce starts with a 9. 2. c. Saturday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. “That window on Saturdays is usually the most hectic time of the week, as people scramble to get shopping done so they can relax on the weekend,” says Phil Lempert, editor of supermarketguru.com. Sunday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. comes in second (hel-lo, procrastinators). The least busy day: Tuesday. 3. c. 40%. That’s the average markup for precut produce, per research by Lauren Greutman, author of The Recovering…

5 min.
how bad is it…

…to store a frosted cake on the counter? It all depends on your frosting, says Shelley Feist, executive director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education. “If your cake is topped with frosting you bought off the shelf at the supermarket, it likely has preservatives in it, and leaving it out on the counter, covered, shouldn’t be a problem.” (The FDA says you have about four days to finish a frosted cake made with canned frosting; hats off to you if it lasts that long.) Homemade buttercreams with just butter and sugar are likely OK at room temp, too, since the low water content keeps bacteria from growing. But if the frosting includes egg, milk, or cream cheese, or if the cake has custard filling, store it in the fridge so…