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High TimesHigh Times

High Times April 2019

Get your High Times digital magazine subscription today to learn all about the marijuana counter-culture. It features articles on the legalization of marijuana, gives tips on growing cannabis, as well as detailing other drug articles, and providing "Highwitness News." It also has concert information and music reviews.

United States
TransHigh Corp
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12 Issues


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◗ BEST THC CARTRIDGES ON THE MARKET Concentrate connoisseurs know that nothing beats a tasty low-temp dab off a quartz banger. But the reality is that you can’t take your rig everywhere. Certain situations call for stealth, and that’s where a high-quality vape pen shines. Of course, even the best pen is only as good as the product that goes in it. Fortunately, concentrate producers are invested in bringing the best possible extracts to pre-loaded cartridges, offering convenience and quality to consumers. With a number of options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. But fear not! High Times has you covered with our review of the very best THC cartridges available. We highlight our favorite cartridges with an eye on flavor, potency and the best…

2 min.
get growing indoors

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”—CICERO WHY MAKE CANNABIS cultivation your new hobby? First, because you can create a better quality and more affordable product than you can purchase. In fact, you can go from planting seeds to harvesting buds in just three months in a relatively small space. More important, you’ll know everything that went into—or was sprayed onto—your precious nuggets. If you want to grow organic, or even “vegan” flowers, it’s totally up to you. Lab tests regularly find evidence of pesticides, fungicides and other potential poisons on commercially produced cannabis. Most pot grown for retail sale is rarely flushed, nor properly dried and cured. Overfeeding is the norm, and the finished product can burn improperly and taste harsh. It’s also essential to know…

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contact high

4 min.
the whole package

ONE OF THE great promises of legalized cannabis is that the natural environment will finally catch a break with new industry regulations. Many illegal grow operations have trashed otherwise pristine areas with ghastly fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, while at the same time taxing local water supplies and threatening aquatic systems. Black ops still exist, but they are being marginalized by encroaching legal regimes. But even heavily regulated legal cannabis farms take their toll on the environment. Indoor grows require massive inputs of energy to power lights and fans, outdoor farms suck up great quantities of water and both produce various kinds of waste. Responsible growers are taking on these challenges and working to build a more sustainable industry. Which brings us to packaging. The United States generates about 35 million tons of…

2 min.
canine cops after legal weed

MULTIPURPOSE TRAINING Dogs trained to detect one odor cannot be deprogrammed from that odor. While some departments train their dogs to detect a variety of drugs, those dogs still work in narcotics detection and could alert on cannabis. Training dogs in a variety of disciplines would be a better option, as they are capable of a wide range of skills including tracking suspects, detecting explosives and locating missing children. A dog with skills outside of narcotics detection could transition to a different field in newly legal pot states. DOG SWAP While adult-use states may no longer need to employ pot-sniffing dogs, some states still haven’t seen the light in regard to cannabis. One promising idea is to transfer dogs from states that have legalized pot to work in prohibition states. In return, the…

1 min.
job security

Massachusetts is newly legal, but legislation to protect people who exercise their legal rights is lagging behind. Case in point: Workers who are subject to drug testing are at risk of losing their jobs. This travesty befell Bernadette Coughlin, a patient services manager for Sodexo, who was sacked after testing positive for weed last year. State senator Jason Lewis heard Coughlin’s story and has drafted legislation to prevent employers from punishing their workers for off-hours recreational use (medical-marijuana patients are already protected). He is expected to formally introduce his bill soon. Too late to help Coughlin, as she’s still looking for work and hopes her story will help others. “Be very careful,” she told the CBS affiliate in Boston, “and hopefully this bill will make it so you don’t have…