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The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated while they learn. Filled with fiction, nonfiction, Hidden Pictures®, skill-building puzzles, science experiments and more, this read-only digital version of Highlights magazine strengthens reading abilities, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, and helps build confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 6-12.

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a brand-new start

Does going back to school feel a little different this year? Are you in a physical classroom again, after finishing the last school year with distance learning? Or maybe you are continuing with homeschooling or online learning. Whatever going back to school looks like for you, it means change. I hope you are ready to get back to learning and growing. To start the new year off right, don’t miss “Train Your Brain for School” (pages 22–25). From practicing gratitude to learning breathing tips to relax, these ideas will help you kick off the new school year with a can-do attitude. One of the tips is to look for ways to be kind. I tried that when I started sixth grade and noticed a new girl in class. We were both a…

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the challenge game

“I challenge Lina,” I heard myself say. “OK, everyone, it’s time for the Challenge Game,” called Coach Nicki. My stomach clenched. I had heard about the game but never played it. “I’ll call out a player’s name. That player picks a teammate to challenge,” said Coach Nicki. “Both players shoot on goal. If you score, you’re done. If you miss, you go back to the sidelines and wait for another challenge.” And feel terrible, I bet, I thought. “Lina, you’re up,” said Coach Nicki. Lina dribbled her soccer ball onto the field. “I challenge Tori.” Tori was the top scorer on our team. I couldn’t believe Lina challenged her! Tori dribbled her ball to the field. She and Lina lined up and shot their balls as hard as they could at the goal. Tori’s went in. Lina’s missed by…

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goofus and gallant

YOUR Goofus and Gallant Moments “I felt like Goofus when I teased my brother, and when he said to stop, I didn’t.” Paloma, Age 9, New Jersey “I felt like Gallant when I cleaned the cooler without being asked.” Nathan, Age 9, North Carolina Tell us when you’vefelt like Goofus or Gallant! Visit HighlightsKids.com or write to Highlights Goofus and Gallant Moments 803 Church Street Honesdale, PA 18431…

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gallant kids

Asking for the Animals Every year for my birthday, I ask for money to help the animals. With that money, I go to a store and buy dog food, cat food, and animal treats and toys. Then I take those items to the animal shelter by our house. I always ask the staff if I can go give the dogs the treats and toys. I love going there because I KNOW I AM HELPING LIVES EVERY TIME I GO. I also like stopping by to see the cats and playing with them. At Christmas, we make cookies for the staff there. Another reason why I like animals so much is because I have a cat and a dog at home. We got our dog from the animal shelter there too! We all need…

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Milkweed Seeds By Robert Lerose A seedpod sits at the top of a five-foot-tall stalk where this milkweed plant’s colorful head of flowers used to be. (You can see a photo of milkweed flowers on pages 4–5.) Months ago, you might have seen butterflies and other insects visiting its many small, nectar-filled flowers. After the flowers wilted, a few of them developed into seed-filled pods like this one. Auroraceratops By Dougal Dixon ah-ROAR-ah-SAYR-ah-tops “Dawn’s horned-face” Auroraceratops was one of the earliest horned dinosaurs, or ceratopsians (SEHR-ah-TOP-see-enz). Paleontologists have found fossil bones from more than 80 individuals of different ages, as well as almost-complete skeletons. The shape of its head makes scientists think it was a burrowing animal. Auroraceratops was a lot smaller than Triceratops, a more recent ceratopsian. How is paper made out of trees? (Is…

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“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Gorilla.” “Gorilla who?” “Gorilla me a burger, please.” Izaiah, Texas Farmer Ben: I can’t hear the radio. Farmer Paul: What would you like me to do? Farmer Ben: Please turnip the volume! Dominic Dosch, Alaska A book never written: The Beautiful Sights of a Mountain by Rocky Hill . Luke Mitchell, New Jersey Lola: Why was the pig covered in ink? Josh: I don’t know. Why? Lola: Because he lived in a pen. Lola Howard, Arizona Two water bottles were walking down the street. Water bottle #1: What’s your favorite place to refill? Water bottle #2: The Missis-Sippy River. Shinga Hutchins, Colorado Make us laugh! Send a joke or riddle, along with your name, age, and address, to Highlights 803 Church Street Honesdale, PA 18431 Early Birdsong Bird out the window sings so sweet with a titter and a chitter and a tweet, tweet, tweet. She serenades sunrise with each…