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Highlights for Children December 2020

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The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated while they learn. Filled with fiction, nonfiction, Hidden Pictures®, skill-building puzzles, science experiments and more, this read-only digital version of Highlights magazine strengthens reading abilities, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, and helps build confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 6-12.

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you are super!

As 2020 ends, I’m feeling grateful for kids who are using creativity, kindness, and empathy to make the world a better place. You can read about one of these changemakers on page 11. Using some of his own money, Cavanaugh Bell, age 7, helped seniors stay safely at home during the pandemic. Along with some helpers, he gathered supplies for more than 1,000 people in need. Other kind, caring kids wrote to tell us about masks they made and positive messages they posted in their windows for neighbors and health-care workers. They wrote cheery letters, left goodies on friends’ porches, and planned surprise Zoom parties. Although the year was full of disappointments and uncertainty, these kids refused to feel helpless or hopeless. They discovered they had a superpower—optimism! And when they…

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it is the lightof candlesthat shines brightlyafter a long journeyof darkness,that empowers my souland proclaims my placein the culture of humanity it is the sounds that vibrateacross the earth with an echothat whispers and sings my song it is the smell of nameless soulslong gone, that was cast outof the family of man, whose scentdwells beneath my skin it is the taste ofthe pain of yesterday, withthe flavor of hope for tomorrowproclaiming here I stand it is the touching of my heartwith your heartin joyful celebrationof the sacrifice of our ancestors…

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Welcome to the Creatures in the Kitchen mail-order club! Each month, you can look forward to a new package delivered straight to your doorstep, with everything you need to create a mouthwatering masterpiece. We hope you enjoy this month’s breakfast recipe. For best results, carefully follow each step. Dragon has just received the package he’s been waiting for. Step 1. Pour contents of pouch into a pot. Step 2. Add 2 cups of water and bring mixture to a boil. Remember: Always have adult supervision around an open flame! Or, in a microwave-safe bowl, heat mixture for 1 minute. Step 3. Let it cool. If it’s too thick, add a splash of milk. Step 4. Sprinkle raisins generously over the top. Add a touch of brown sugar. P.S. As a thank-you, we have also enclosed a free sample from…

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goofus and gallant

“My parents are so mean.They said I can’t go,”says Goofus. “My parents said not this time, but thanks anyway,”says Gallant. Goofus is careless with things he carries. Gallant carries things carefully. YOUR Goofus and Gallant Moments “I felt like Goofus when I didn’t push in my chair, and someone tripped on it.” Holly, Age 8, Illinois “I feel like Gallant when I help my mom peel hard-boiled eggs.” Noah, Age 7, New Jersey Tell us when you’vefelt like Goofus or Gallant! Visit HighlightsKids.com or write to Highlights Goofus and Gallant Moments 803 Church Street Honesdale, PA 18431…

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caring during covid

Since he was five, seven-year-old Cavanaugh Bell has done volunteer work with his parents. He wanted there to be more opportunities for kids to take action. So he and his parents started an organization called Cool & Dope. That stands for “ Considering Others’ Obstacles in Life, Dish Out Positive Energy.” Cavanaugh says, “That means, you don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives, so stay positive.” Supporting Seniors As the COVID-19 outbreak started, Cavanaugh thought about the obstacles senior citizens faced. They were supposed to stay home to be safe, so he wondered how they would get supplies they needed. “I was thinking about my grandma because usually she walks to the grocery store every day,” Cavanaugh says. “I decided to make a care pack for her.” He and his mom bought items…

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wicks and wax

1 A lit wick begins to burn. Its flame melts a little wax at the top of the candle. 2 The wick soaks up melted wax. 3 The hot flame turns the soaked-up wax into a vapor. 4 The vapor’s molecules rise into the flame, where they mix with oxygen and burn, creating heat that melts more wax and continues the process. 5 Parts of the wax vapor that don’t burn completely form soot. It rises, heats up, and glows, making the flame look yellow. When a candle is lit, you might think that the string wick at its center is what burns. That gets the process going, but the wick alone wouldn’t burn for long. Instead, it pulls up fuel for the flame from the wax candle. Here’s how. MAKE A WISH! When you blow out…