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Highlights for Children February 2021

The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated while they learn. Filled with fiction, nonfiction, Hidden Pictures®, skill-building puzzles, science experiments and more, this read-only digital version of Highlights magazine strengthens reading abilities, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, and helps build confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 6-12.

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hurdles in life

My friend Tristan was a hurdler on a track-and-field team. I loved to watch him run at the low “fences” and leap, gazelle-like, to clear them. In these races, the hurdles are meant to slow down the runner. Most of us face hurdles in life—obstacles that slow us down as we race toward a goal. Some hurdles can be leaped over, like low fences. But others are so high, deep, and protected, they’re actually barriers that must be broken down. I thought about this as I read about Tybre Faw (page 24), a young friend of Congressman John Lewis, the great civil rights leader who died last year. Congressman Lewis faced many barriers, unjustly erected, because of his skin color. In 1956, when he was 16, he was denied a library card.…

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the northern lights

Some dark nights in the mountainsThe ridges light with fires That dance among the lofty peaksIn shifting, twisting gyres. Some claim that you can hear themAs a whispering, crackling breeze That flits in velvet pinks and greensAway above the trees. They overwhelm the sensesAs they stage a quiet show For those who watch in spellbound aweUnmindful of the snow. The northern lights (called the aurora borealis) are a stunning natural light display that occurs around the North Pole. The glowing light is made of charged particles that are energized by the sun.…

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february 9 national pizza day

Celebrate everyone’s favorite doughy, cheesy, saucy food! Since ancient times, people all over the world have eaten some form of flatbread with toppings. But the modern pizza originated in southwestern Italy in the 1700s. Early pizzas were topped with ingredients like tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, and garlic. In 1889, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples, Italy. They tried a variety of pizzas from Pizzeria Brandi. The queen’s favorite was a pie topped with white cheese, red tomatoes, and green basil—the colors of the Italian flag. This pizza is known as Margherita pizza!…

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cleats for a cause

Each year, NFL players root for causes they care about—using their feet. With the program My Cause My Cleats, players wear custom-designed cleats to raise awareness for charities. They support causes such as Barbershop Books, Special Olympics, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Players share images of their cleats and the stories behind them on social media. The athletes can also raise money for their charities by auctioning off the cleats. Way to “step” up for the community, NFL!…

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about you

Enjoy this recipe! Mix a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of rosemary into a big glass of water. Oscar Michalsky Czech Republic This is my favorite book. It is delightful, funny, and you will really like it. Garth Sterling Oregon I am Chinese. My family is too. My mom and dad say that my brother Aiden and I are so different—but we both love candy! Christina Liang Age 8 • New York I’m into writing things like Dear Future Me, Dear Future Owner of This House, and why bubble gum should be allowed in school. Lillian Age 10 (by e-mail) Sometimes I donate money and food to the animal shelter to help the little kittens. Caleigh Petersen Age 10 • Massachusetts Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce is a special dish because my favorite cousin (Max) makes it for…

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For about 40 years, a dinosaur skeleton lay in a museum—under the wrong name. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. When it was found in South Africa in 1978, the skeleton looked very similar to Massospondylus, the most common dinosaur found in that region from the early Jurassic period. This led scientists to believe that it was also Massospondylus. But no! Years later, scientists used new technologies to study the skeleton—and found that it was different from Massospondylusin about 20 ways. The specimen, Ngwevu,showed paleontologists that Massospondyluswas not the only dino in town after all! As more fossils in storage are examined with modern technologies, scientists expect to find more surprises like this one. 10-foot-long Ngwevuwas an early sauropodomorph. This group evolved into sauropods, the big plant eaters of the later Jurassic period. It was not a…