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Highlights for Children April 2021

The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated while they learn. Filled with fiction, nonfiction, Hidden Pictures®, skill-building puzzles, science experiments and more, this read-only digital version of Highlights magazine strengthens reading abilities, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, and helps build confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 6-12.

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memory tricks

Sometimes I feel frustrated when I can’t recall something I want to remember. But I won’t forget what I learned from “Ever Wonder?” (page 30). Forgetting some things helps us remember other things; it keeps our memory buckets from overflowing. I find little memory tricks helpful. You likely know the trick that helps us recall the colors of the rainbow in order: Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Some kids use a memory trick to help them tell their left hand from their right. They straighten their index (pointer) finger and thumb, folding in their other fingers. The hand that correctly forms the L shape is the left hand! Have you ever been to a special dinner with lots of dishes on the table? Here’s a way to make…

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now earth day

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth.” It was chosen to inspire hope and to encourage people to search for solutions to environmental problems. One way that scientists create solutions is through biomimicry—the design of technologies inspired by things found in nature. For example, ECOncrete developed a type of concrete for coastal building projects such as marinas, ports, and city waterfronts. While regular concrete can disrupt the ecosystem, ECOncrete has a rough surface and 3-D design that can host marine life, as a coral reef does. MORE BIOMIMICRY! Inspired by butterfly wings, Cypris Materials created a paint alternative that produces beautiful colors without toxic pigments. The unique design of the mantis shrimp’s strong club inspired a tough, new, eco-friendly building material invented by Helicoid Industries.…

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penguin adventures

At Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, the penguins are sometimes let out of their habitats after-hours to roam the halls. These explorations are part of the penguins’ enrichment—experiences that break up the birds’ routine and keep them active. When the aquarium closed to the public during the pandemic, the staff shared videos of the cute, curious penguins exploring so that people could watch from home. Recently, caretakers have added new field trips. The penguins explored the football stadium at Soldier Field, checked out dinosaur skeletons at the Field Museum, and saw paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art.…

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about you

Art is my favorite thing to do. You can express yourself and emotions in many ways! Katie Hynes Age 12 • New Jersey Me and my brother River, who has Down syndrome, are best brothers! Corban Lanzillo Age 9 • Nevada I love trees because they help nature by making fresh air! I also love swings, birds, and books. Emma Miller Age 8 • Pennsylvania I’ve learned that belly breathing can help with your self-control. It’s good to use when you’re mad. Taylor Lavish Age 8 • Florida I couldn’t remember my tap dance, so I practiced so hard! I danced around the house, saying moves in my head and out loud. My teachers were proud of me, but I was prouder! Livi Lucado Age 10 • Mississippi I want to be a horse trainer for kids with disabilities and…

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hitting streak

“You’re on a streak, little brother,” Tara said as they walked to the baseball field. “You’ve had hits in five games in a row.” Bryan shook his head. “It’s bad luck to talk about it.” “OK,” Tara replied. “Just wanted to make sure you knew.” Oh, I know, Bryan thought. He had started the season in a batting slump, but lately he was on fire. He’d had eight hits in those five straight wins. “My hard work is paying off a little,” Bryan said. “It doesn’t really mean much.” But it did mean a lot to Bryan. He was used to his older sister getting most of the attention. Tara was the star pitcher and a great batter. Bryan’s hitting streak was exciting, but it was also causing pressure as he tried to keep it…

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sun shapes

Use a pencil to draw a suncatcher shape on the plastic side of clear contact paper. From tissue paper, cut out pieces that will form the pattern inside the shape. Tape the contact paper, plastic side down, to a flat work surface. Peel off the paper backing. Arrange the tissue-paper pieces on the sticky side. Stick another piece of contact paper on top, starting at one side and peeling off the paper as you go. Untape it from the work surface. Trim along the pencil line. Hang the suncatcher in a window! What design will you make?…