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Highlights for Children

Highlights for Children May 2018

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The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated while they learn. Filled with fiction, nonfiction, Hidden Pictures®, skill-building puzzles, science experiments and more, this read-only digital version of Highlights magazine strengthens reading abilities, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, and helps build confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 6-12.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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we ’ re listening !

The world can seem like a very noisy place sometimes. You might wonder if your voice is ever heard, especially if you’re a kid. At Highlights, we think that listening to kids is important. After all, if you want to serve kids, it helps to understand them. And who better to help with that than the experts on kids—you! That’s why we created the State of the Kid survey. In this survey, we ask kids about things that affect them in their lives. Over 10 years of polling, we’ve learned a lot about your thoughts, dreams, and worries. When we share what we learn with other people who care about kids, we spark great conversations about the fun and challenges of being a kid. We can’t do it without you, of course! I…

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snore master 3000

Do you wake up tired? When you get out of bed, does it seem as if your “get-up-and-go” has gotten up and left? The problem may be that you’re having trouble falling asleep. Nodding off on the bus ride to school doesn’t count. What you need is the Snore Master 3000! This amazing machine is guaranteed to send you to slumberland in minutes. Just imagine: no more restless tossing and turning! And it’s so easy to operate! Simply flip the switch, and the Snore Master 3000 pumps floating Z’s into your room. Watch the Z’s dance around and around and . . . around . . . . . . and . . . mmm . . . ahh Huh? What was I saying? I must have dozed off. Oh, right! See how quickly the Snore…

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stone surprises

Perhaps you’ve seen them in your neighborhood—small stones with inspiring words written on them, tucked among flowers, on a windowsill, or in the nook of a tree. The Kindness Rocks Project has become popular around the world. All you need to take part are paints or a paint pen, a rock, and a kind thought. The idea began with Megan Murphy, a coach, writer, and mom who lives in Massachusetts. When she’d find beach glass or heart-shaped rocks on her walks along the shore, the small treasures would remind her of her mom and dad, and she’d instantly feel happy. She began thinking about the other people walking along the beach. How could she boost their spirits too? On a whim, Megan wrote messages on a few rocks, then left them on…

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when we get hurt, why do we feel pain?

When nerve endings in your body detect possible damage somewhere, they send messages to your brain, which produces the feeling or sensation of pain. If you were to step on hot sand with bare feet, nerve endings would send a speedy signal along pathways through the spinal cord to the brain, telling it that your feet were being hurt. You’d sense pain and would react to the signal almost immediately to protect your feet. If you didn’t get that pain signal, you wouldn’t be alerted to the problem, and your feet could get seriously injured. Pain can be an important, protective alarm signal letting you know that something is hurting you.…

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night lights

Green light comes from atoms of oxygen gas more than 60 miles above Earth’s surface. Red light comes from oxygen atoms that are even higher and thinner (more spread out from one another). Unlike the aurora, these lights are not natural. They’re city lights bright enough to be seen from the International Space Station (where this photo was taken). Some nights, the sky puts on a spectacular light show. High in the air, glowing colors seem to hover and dance. The glow, or aurora (uh-ROAR-uh), is called the “northern lights” when it’s over the Northern Hemisphere (or the “southern lights” over the Southern Hemisphere). It happens when tiny particles called electrons hit the air high above Earth, giving energy to the gas atoms and molecules there. The gas gets rid of that extra energy…

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hidden pictures®

Want a challenge? Fold back page 15 to hide the picture clues. In this big picture, find the glove, comb, wedge of lemon, bottle, bowl, kite, piece of popcorn, coat hanger, musical note, banana, drinking straw, toothbrush, heart, ruler, hammer, fishhook, carrot, crown, and shoe. Picture Clues BONUS Can you also find the slice of pizza, bell, boomerang, and needle? Answers on HighlightsKids.com. A Clover Thought A bee is in the clover flitting from bloom to bloom. On buzzy wings she dips and drinks, and once or twice I bet she thinks it would be nice if we had clover all over. —Toby Speed…