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Highlights High Five Bilingue

Highlights High Five Bilingue

February 2021

Inspire learning in two languages! This read-only digital version of the English/Spanish magazine helps young children strengthen their first language while learning a second. The engaging stories, poems, puzzles and activities are perfect for young children — and for parents — who are learning to speak and read in Spanish and English. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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United States
Highlights for Children, Inc.
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1 min.

En mi salón de preescolar, teníamos días especiales de limpieza varias veces al año. Los niños lavaban los juguetes y limpiaban los estantes y las mesas. Mientras ordenábamos el salón, escuchábamos música, conversábamos y nos reíamos. Era divertido. Este mes, en “Dar una mano” (páginas 6 a 9), Andy quiere jugar, pero antes ayuda a su familia a limpiar. Pronto terminan las tareas y tienen tiempo para jugar su juego. Andy está feliz, pero creo que también se siente orgulloso de haber podido ayudar. ¡Diviértanse compartiendo las tareas y trabajando con su hijo! Atentamente,…

1 min.
helping out

In my preschool classroom, we had special clean-up days several times a year. The children washed toys and scrubbed shelves and tables. We listened to music, talked, and laughed together as we tidied up our classroom. It was fun. This month in “Helping Hands” (pages 24 to 27), Andy wants to play. But he pitches in to help his family clean. Soon the chores are done and there’s time to play his game. Andy looks happy about that. But I think he’s probably also proud of his ability to help out. Have fun sharing the load as you and your children work together! Sincerely,…

1 min.
sigue el maullido

—¿Qué haces? —preguntó Tex. —Estoy buscando al gato —dijo Indi. —Seguramente está encima de los periódicos de la caja para reciclar —dijo Tex. —No —dijo Indi—. No está ahí. —¿Y debajo de la butaca roja? —dijo Tex. —Tampoco está ahí —dijo Indi—. ¡A lo mejor se ha perdido de verdad! —Espera —dijo Tex—. ¡Acabo de oír un maullido! Indi escuchó. —¡Tienes razón! —dijo—. ¡Vamos! —¡Mira! —dijo Tex—. ¡Ahí está su cola! —Creo que está muy asustado y no sabe salir —dijo Indi. —¡Tengo una idea! —dijo Tex. Cuando el gato oyó el cascabel de su juguete favorito, se dio media vuelta y salió, listo para jugar. —¡Ay, mi bolita de pelo! —dijo Indi, dándole un gran abrazo. ¡Después estornudó muy fuerte! Tex se rio. —¡Dirás tu bolita de polvo!…

1 min.
follow that meow

“What are you doing?” asked Tex. “Looking for the cat,” said Indi. “He’s probably on top of the newspapers in the recycling box,” said Tex. “Nope,” said Indi. “He’s not there.” “How about under the big red chair?” said Tex. “He’s not there, either,” said Indi. “Maybe he’s really lost!” “Wait,” said Tex. “I just heard a meow!” Indi listened. “You’re right!” she said. “Come on!” “Look!” Tex said. “There’s his tail!” “I think he’s too scared and doesn’t know how to get out,” said Indi. “I have an idea!” said Tex. When their cat heard the bell on his favorite toy, he turned around and popped right out to play. “Oh, you goofball!” Indi said, giving him a big hug. Then she sneezed a gigantic sneeze! Tex laughed. “You mean ‘Oh, you dustball’!”…