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History Revealed

September 2019

History Revealed brings the past to life for everyone. It’s an action-packed, image-rich magazine with zero stuffiness. Each issue has a central section that takes a closer look at one of history’s big stories, such as the Wild West or Ancient Rome, telling everything you need to know. We also explore the lives of the truly famous, follow the great adventures of the past, taste the blood and thunder of battles, and look at how closely Hollywood blockbusters have told history. Plus, we answer questions about some of the more surprising and strange aspects of the past. If you want to get into history, subscribe today.

United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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outlaw origins

He (allegedly) stole from the rich to give to the poor, wore Lincoln green, shot arrows with astonishing accuracy and has featured in countless films – from Hollywood to Disney. But did Robin Hood actually exist? It’s a question posed in this month’s cover feature, which takes a closer look at the enigmatic medieval hero and explores the stories of some of the medieval outlaws who may have inspired his legend (p48). Elsewhere, with the fifth series of BBC historical drama series Peaky Blinders due to air, we head deep into the criminal underworld with our A–Z of gangs and gangsters (p43), while from p32, we examine three nailbiting days in September 1939, which culminated in Britain’s declaration of war against Nazi Germany. We’ll also be exploring the remarkable life of…

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1927 DEEP DESCENT Fifteen-year-old diver George Knight, one of the youngest professional divers in the world, poses with a man believed to be his father – also a diver. George is thought to have been carrying out underwater repairs on Brighton Pier at the time this photograph was taken. To his left is a Siebe Gorman 12 bolt helmet – one of the most popular diving helmets in this period. The rope to his right suggests that his only way of communicating with those above water was by using pull signals. C1970 TROUBLED LEGACY Between 1966 and 1976, China went through a period of social and political upheaval known as the Cultural Revolution. The movement was spearheaded by communist leader Mao Zedong in an attempt to assert his authority over the government and…

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alan turing to feature on the new £50 note

The Bank of England has selected Alan Turing as the face of the new £50 note, in honour of his vital efforts in World War II to crack the Enigma code used by the Germans, and his pioneering work with early computers. “As the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, as well as a war hero, Alan Turing’s contributions were far-ranging and path breaking,” said Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England. “Turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand.” Turing was chosen from a list of nearly 1,000 scientists, compiled from over 200,000 nominations sent in from the general public. Other names put forward included James Clerk Maxwell, Mary Anning, Ada Lovelace and Stephen Hawking. The new banknote, which goes into circulation in 2021, features a photo…

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family home of lady jane grey unearthed?

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester have been carrying out research and excavations at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, since 2015, but the stone structures recently unearthed underneath the visible brick building, Bradgate House, may hold a piece of Tudor history. It is now believed that one of the ruins was the home of the Grey family and where Lady Jane Grey, the doomed Nine-Day Queen, was born. Dr Richard Thomas, co-director of the research project, said to Leicestershire Live : “Our evidence suggests that the home Lady Jane Grey would have recognised may have looked very different from what we see today. We also hope to find evidence that tells us about the living standards of one of the most important families in Tudor times.” Built in c1520 by Thomas Grey, 2nd marquess…

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glass fish shard sheds light on roman britain

A shard of 1,800-year-old blue-green glass, discovered at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire in 2017, has finally been identified as coming from a fish-shaped bottle imported from what is now Ukraine. The fragment, which boasts an unusual fish scale pattern, is so rare it has taken glass experts two years to identify. The discovery of the shard indicates that villa’s occupants were in contact with the furthest regions of the Roman Empire. £5,000 The top estimate a 19th-century banner advertising Jumbo the elephant is expected to sell for at auction. The male giant, with a shoulder height of over three metres, was part of PT Barnum’s circus and the inspiration behind Disney’s Dumbo . CAMBRIDGE KEROS PROJECT X1, CHORLEY’S X1, GETTY IMAGES X3, NATIONAL TRUST/ROD KIRKPATRICK X1…