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220 Beginners Guide to Triathlon220 Beginners Guide to Triathlon

220 Beginners Guide to Triathlon

Beginners Guide to Triathlon

220 Triathlon's Beginner's Guide to Triathlon will make your entry to triathlon a successful and enjoyable one. This 132-page special edition gives you all the training, gear and nutrition advice you need to become a triathlete in 2019. INSIDE YOU'LL DISCOVER… - How to choose your first triathlon - Step-by-step drills to make front-crawl swimming easy and fast - Sub-£500 road bikes that are comfortable and swift - Simple techniques to increase bike confidence – and speed - Delicious recipes to boost energy and lose weight - How to run fast off the bike - Essential race-day tips - And much, much more

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from the editor…

Congratulations – by buying The Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon, brought to you by 220 Triathlon magazine, you’re that bit closer to completing your first swim, bike and run event. And without blowing our multisport trumpet too loudly, we’re confident we can guide you from dreams to reality as our monthly offering has been helping triathletes achieve their goals for nearly 30 years. In that time, Olympic hero Alistair Brownlee has regularly offered his training advice, while Ironman Hawaii winner Chrissie Wellington has been our exclusive columnist. There’s more about 220 to your left but, for now, enjoy this beginner’s guide… and taking those first steps toward the finish line.SUBSCRIBE TO 220 TRI MAGAZINE ■…

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three steps to reaching your goals

(MAIN IMAGE GETTY IMAGES)GEAR ESSENTIALSTriathletes love their gear but, while a certain amount of kit’s necessary, it doesn’t need to break the bank. We show you what to look for and the best entry-level items p20.MAXIMISE TRAININGFitting three disciplines into a working week is a juggling act but it can be done. You just need to train smart and make the most of every session. Cue our huge training section p40.FUEL PEAK PERFORMANCETicking off swim, bike and run training is wasted if you graze on crisps, cola and chips. That’s why our nutrition section serves up tasty, healthy recipes to refuel and energise. p132. ■…

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10 TO TRYHEVER CASTLE TRIATHLON22-23 Sept 2018Range of distances including starter sprint (200m swim / 13km bike / 2km run) and super-sprint (400m swim / 20km bike / 4km run)Since 2009, the Hever Castle Triathlon has established itself as an essential fixture on the UK multisport circuit. The race is the UK’s second-largest triathlon and is also the biggest children’s triathlon in the world thanks to 2,000 junior racers. The location has plenty of quirks for athletes and supporters, from searching for the ghost of Anne Boleyn to spotting filming locations used in the fantasy classic," The Princess Bride.castletriathlonseries.co.ukAJ BELL LONDON TRIATHLON4-5 AugustRange of distances including super-sprint (400m swim / 10km bike / 2.5km run) and sprint (750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run)The London Triathlon is a biggy…

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which distance should you race?

SUPERSPRINTSWIM 400m BIKE 10km RUN 2.5kmA great entry point to tri, giving you the chance to experience the three disciplines together without having to put in hours of training. Finish one and you’ll be a triathlete!What’s a good time? Anything under 1hr and you’re flying. Plenty of beginners just aim to have fun and complete rather than compete, so enjoy!SUPERSPRINT TO TRYBlenheim Triathlon, 1-3 June 2018, has a super-sprint option in stunning surroundings that you’ll remember long after race daySPRINTSWIM 750m BIKE 20km RUN 5kmOften the shortest option at many events, but long enough to give you the chance to really experience triathlon, so you’ll need to incorporate tri- specific skills such as brick sessions into your training.What’s a good time? Come in under 90mins and you should feel chuffed.Sprint to…

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triathlon terminology

At some point on your journey to becoming a triathlete, you’ll have a conversation with a fellow athlete and have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Don’t worry. It’s all part of the learning curve, and before long you’ll be throwing terms together that’ll make newbies’ eyes water. To help you on your way, here’s a list of some of the key terms to help ease your transition into tri…AEROBARSAlso known as tri-bars, these are the special aerodynamic handlebars used in racing.AEROBICThe use of oxygen in the body’s energy-generating process. Aerobic exercise involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body. Exercise intensity is usually moderate.ANAEROBICWhen your body produces energy without utilising oxygen, stimulated by exercise that’s at high intensity.BASE TRAININGLow-intensity training that stimulates your aerobic system and helps develop…

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“i just pretend i’m a kid again. it’s pure joy”

I didn’t choose triathlon – it chose me. I was introduced to running by a priest in 1977. It made no sense to me until he told me that running harmonises mind, body and soul. That caught my attention, so I went out and tried it. He told me to keep at it and after a few weeks I’d feel the runner’s high. To this day I’m not sure if I know what the runner’s high is, but I know what the low is for sure.I found out about triathlon from a friend who had returned from racing the Ironman in Hawaii. He told me: ‘Sister, you have to do this!’ The more I tried to knock it out of my mind, the more it stuck, and I’ve been stuck…