Airways Magazine July/August 2021

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editor’s briefing

THE COVID-19 pandemic crisis is having many negative effects. Around the world, infections and death rates have been disastrous and businesses have collapsed or are on the brink of bankruptcy, with millions of jobs at stake. Not to mention the stress placed on overwhelmed healthcare systems and the billions that countries have spent on bailouts to keep their economies going. And yet, some clouds are lifting. In aviation, things are slowly turning back to a ‘new normal’ and to an atmosphere in which there are still threats but also new business opportunities. In this issue, we at Airways wish to show a glimpse of hope in the industry with new players such as Avelo Airlines and Breeze Airways in the United States. These two airlines have come to fill gaps left by…

on the cover

ON THE COVER “The third time is a charm” says the old proverb. But for David Neeleman, an industry veteran with four airlines under his belt, we could say that the fifth time in creating an airline is a “Breeze. PHOTO CEAN ORRETT / CEANONE STUDIOS SOCIAL MEDIA airwaysmag 1,290 likes A 787 always looks good but with a beautiful backdrop and some creative aspects it looks even better! PHOTO: Daniel Gorun ERRATUM CENTER: In the May-June 2021 issue of Airways, the table displaying SOUTHWEST’S FIRST SIX YEARS BY THE NUMBERS should have shown the first two years of the airline’s operation resulting in net loss instead of profit. Parentheses around those figures were inadvertently omitted. OUR MOST VIEWED VIDEO Welcome to the first Airways Aviation Experience onboard Flair Airlines first 737-8 flight from Edmonton to Toronto. Airways is now on YouTube.…

airways photo news

1 AIR CANADA AIRBUS A220-300 C-GNBN MSN 55112 Air Canada (AC) brings back its original name, Trans Canada Airlines, with this livery. The old-fashioned design, applied on an Airbus A220, has a red cheatline on a gray fuselage, Trans Canada titles, and a retro maple leaf on the tail. A small Air Canada name and logo are on the front. 2 SPIRIT AIRLINES AIRBUS A320-271N N932NK MSN 10008 Spirit Airlines (NK) has inked a partnership with Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Animation, and the Universal Orlando Resort to promote the new animated film Spirit Untamed. The promo is on applied the aft section of an Airbus A320neo. 3 CANADIAN NORTH BOEING 737-7CT(WL) C-FHNI MSN 32769 · LN 1665 Canadian North (5T) has taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-700. Having retired all of its DHC-4 turboprops, 5T now operates an all-Boeing fleet: two…

japan airlines at 70

JAPAN AIRLINES Its forerunner, Japan Airlines Co, Ltd, was founded with ¥100 million (about US$5.5 million in today’s currency) on August 1, 1951. Nineteen days later, the fledgling airline hired its first 15 Flight Attendants. Then, on August 27, it flew for the first time with a Douglas DC-3 leased from Philippine Airlines. The aircraft, named Kinsei, had perhaps the shortest stint in JAL history; after three days, the carrier returned it to the lessor. Kinsei was used for invitation flights until scheduled operations to the Japanese home islands began on October 25, 1951—the first civil aviation service in Japan after the war. The airline’s first official aircraft was a Martin 2-0-2 christened Jupiter, used for the Tokyo-Fukuoka-Osaka and Fukuoka-Sapporo routes. Then, in November, JAL welcomed Uranus, its first Douglas DC-4. The following year,…

southampton airport: back from the brink

SOUTHAMPTON AIRPORT (SOU) has weathered numerous storms over the years. More than once, it has even faced closure. However, despite the COVID-19 devastation of the aviation industry, the airport, located 6.5km (3.5 miles) from central Southampton, has been making headlines for all the right reasons. The arrival of numerous new airlines and routes and the approval of a runway extension are all set to transform the facility over the coming months and years. Despite being only the 19th busiest airport in the UK, Southampton plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy and developing regional travel connectivity. A CHECKERED HISTORY Aviation activities commenced at the current site in 1910, when a pioneer pilot from the area, Edwin Rowland Moon, test-flew his homemade monoplane, Moonbeam II. During World War I, the airfield welcomed the US…

breeze airways

WITH THE combined major carriers owning large fleets and low-cost airlines emerging, it hasn’t been easy for anyone to find a new niche in the airline market, especially not for novices. But this hasn’t stopped someone like David Neeleman. After a brief hiatus, Neeleman is back with a new invention—his fifth carrier, Breeze Airways (MX). Neeleman has been a serial airline entrepreneur for almost 40 years, revolutionizing the industry with each iteration. He began in the early 1980s with Utah-based travel agent June M. Morris, the founder and CEO of Morris Travel Agency. The outfit did exceptionally well in the late 1970s by making newly deregulated airfare accessible to the state of Utah. Together, Morris and Neeleman created a charter airline, Morris Air Service, which began operations in 1984 using wet-leased aircraft…