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letter from all recipes

favorites This is the magazine’s most popular column—no need to mess with success! But we happen to love the site’s new photo-driven design, so when you turn to page 21, you’ll see we incorporated a similar look. get-togethers The whole notion of “entertaining” is changing—it doesn’t have to be a formal event or a fancy holiday dinner (although we’re into those, too). The Allrecipes Allstars (our most active and engaged community members) came up with casual “themed” dinners they would love to host or attend—complete with drinks, a playlist, a game plan, and easy tabletop ideas you can re-create at home. We kicked it off with a farm-to-table-inspired dinner; check it out on page 66. cook 2 follow On the site, you can now follow other cooks you like—and when you do, you’ll get similar…


Allrecipes 16,648,996 Views of community member Dakota Kelly’s Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes, the site’s most popular recipe (see the recipe in motion at No. 2: Easy Meatloaf. 16,758,262 Searches for “chicken,” which probably comes as no surprise. We’ve got more than 4,960 chicken recipes on the site—and four great ones in this issue (check our Recipe Index on page 8). Facebook 3,355% Rise in searches for “potatoes” since 2014, making it last year’s fastest-growing search term. Our Facebook fans are sweet on them, too: The No. 1 recipe on our Facebook page is Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Browned Butter and Toasted Marshmallows, liked 2.9 million times. Pinterest 2,137,467 Re-pins of Grandma’s Green Bean Casserole, our most-pinned recipe on Pinterest. Blipp to see it right now on your phone (blipp details are on page 2). 1,035,403 Re-pins of community member Nell Marsh’s Cabbage…

the kitchen sink

KALE AND BRUSSELS SPROUTS ARE THE PROUD PARENTSÉ of a new baby called kale sprouts! A cross between Red Russian kale and Brussels sprouts, the hybrid is peppery, sweet, nutty, and milder than its stand-alone parents. You can roast or sauté the sprouts with other veggies, throw them in a grill basket and grill them, or use them raw mixed in with your favorite salad greens, omelets, or any other dish where a bold green can go. You may see them under the brand names Kalettes or Lollipops in some markets, while they’re called just “kale sprouts” in others. PHOTO: ANDY LYONS; FOOD STYLING: CHARLIE WORTHINGTON; PROP STYLING: SUE MITCHELL…

very superstitious

ONE : NOODLES The Chinese say that long noodles represent long life. If you cut them before serving, the unlucky recipient will have his or her TWO : COFFEE If there are bubbles in your coffee, you should catch them on your spoon and eat them—you’ll unexpectedly come into some money. THREE : ORANGES Want to help a romance bloom a little faster? Give an orange to the object of your affection. In China, the brilliant color of the orange symbolizes gold, or good luck. That’s well worth peeling a few tangerines, we think. FOUR : BREAD An air hole within a loaf of bread symbolizes a coffin. If you find one, someone may pass away soon. And cutting a cross into bread dough before baking keeps the devil from sitting on it and squashing it. FIVE :…


While there may not yet be a chicken in every yard, raising chickens in our suburban and urban spaces is a lot more common these days. Whether it’s the allure of ultrafresh eggs or the spirit of going ultralocal, coops are springing up in unexpected locations. A USDA study of four U.S. cities found that fewer than one percent of households had chickens, but nearly four percent of households without chickens planned to have them within five years. My family and I were eager to join this flock. Although keeping a couple of backyard hens is now legal in my city, I worried not only about caring for them in winter, but also about my neighbors not loving the idea. The solution: Rent-A-Chicken, one of several such companies across the country. In…

better butter

When a recipe calls for just two tablespoons of cream, what do you do with the rest of the carton? Make butter. If you have a stand mixer with a whisk attachment, it’s a hands-free operation that, in minutes, gives you butter that tastes just like the fancy European kinds sold in grocery stores. It has lower water content and a creamier texture, and melts beautifully. Bonus: You get some fresh buttermilk out of the deal, too. Any cream makes exceptional butter, although ultra-pasteurized cream will have a slightly lower yield. The better the cream, the more delicious the butter. So search out the best, perhaps from the farmers market or a local dairy. Fresh Butter Makes 4 ounces (1 stick) and about 1 cup buttermilk 1 . Whip 1 pint heavy cream in…