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it’s officially spring!

You’ll find a lot of these spring favorites in recipes throughout this issue, along with stories showcasing a wide range of flavors. “Spice World” (page 82), for instance, introduces three very different spice blends and ways to use them, and “Bowled Over” (page 90) offers great ideas to customize what’s for dinner. Speaking of dinner, readers often ask us for help in pulling everything together into menus. We run several menus each issue (10 of them start on page 40), pairing our recipes with simple sides or desserts. And now we can offer even more help: We just launched an Allrecipes Meal Plans service that delivers a new menu every week, using top-rated recipes selected by Allrecipes food editors. Our partnership with eMeals makes the menus and recipes available both online…

carrots are tops

For glowing, dewy skin this spring, eat your carrots. when I say carrot, you probably think orange. But in the history of carrots, the orange carrot is a relatively recent creation—born from a gene mutation in the original domesticated purple, white, and yellow carrots in the 17th century. Though rainbow carrot varieties are in vogue these days, the crunchy orange-color specimens actually are tops in beta carotene—and thus your best bet for healthy eyes and glowing skin. When you eat orange carrots, their vast stores of beta carotene convert to vitamin A, which supports skin cell renewal and turnover (read: a smoother complexion and fewer blemishes), oil balance, and UV protection. And just one cup of sliced raw orange carrots gets you four times your daily vitamin A needs. A high intake…

coffee talk

Full Circle Brumi Pour-Over Brewer This sleek brewer lets you make either hot or cold pour-over coffee as you head out the door. Doublewall insulated glass helps your brew holds its temperature, and a removable filter allows for easy cleanup and sustainable brewing. $37 at Hamilton Beach Two-Way Flex Brew Want the convenience of a K-cup brewer and the entertaining potential of a big 12-cup coffeemaker? The Flex Brew is just the ticket. It has a single-serve pack holder, a standard brew basket, and settings for bold or regular strength. $90 at Wacaco Minipresso This handheld espresso maker brews at the same pressure as traditional machines, sans electricity. Simply pour in hot water and squeeze the pump to build up pressure. There are two models: One uses Nespresso pods, the other uses loose…

mom & me selfies

To honor the moms we have, the moms we are, and all the mother figures in our lives, we’re sharing “mom and me” selfies on Mother’s Day this year. Join us, won’t you? Share a favorite portrait, selfie, or snapshot of a touching moment with you and your mom (and/or your children) on Instagram. Use the hashtags #myallrecipes #momandme and share on Mother’s Day, May 13, to show all our moms some extra love.…

meet ms. summer sausage

“Ms. Summer Sausage loves to wear necklaces. Her Barbara Bush pearls are her favorite.”—Angela Cox Edge “Our 13-year-old miniature blue dachshund is from Louisiana and often quite the diva, although she also never had a problem with rolling in cow pies with her pearls on when we lived on a ranch. Ms. Summer Sausage’s favorite human foods are baked salmon and chicken. She will jump in a chair at the dinner table and sit up on her back legs like she’s waiting to be served. She loves her baby blankets, pillow, squeaky toys, and half-chewed-up rawhide bones. And she sleeps under the covers, right in the bend of my knees.” Some Allrecipes community members love their pets so much they use a pet photo for their profile picture or sneak their pet into…

spring cleaning smarts

1 Remove and launder the soft stuff: curtains, towels, rugs, and other linens. While they’re in the wash… 2 Remove all items (including small appliances) from counters, open shelving, and floors. Remove racks from oven and set oven to self-cleaning mode. While it cleans… 3 Dry-dust all surfaces with a dustcloth, broom, or vacuum, working from the top (ceiling, light fixtures, walls, upper cabinets, shelves, and countertops) all the way down to lower cabinets and the floor. 4 Make separate cleaning (hot water with dish detergent or Borax) and rinse (hot water) basins, rinse your cloth well before sudsing up, and wash all surfaces—again starting from the top and working your way down. Don’t forget appliances, cabinet fronts, handles, knobs, counter edges, light fixtures, switches, or the undersides of shelves and vent hoods. 5 Wipe down…