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289 REVIEWS hands-on 10 min total 30 min serves 6 submitted by: carol HEALTHY PICK STAR RATINGS See at a glance what your fellow Allrecipeeps thought about the recipe. REVIEWS All it takes to rate a recipe is a single click. But when readers take the time to write a review, you get much more: insights and suggestions on what they loved about the recipe—or what they suggest to make it even more lovable. KEY STATS You don’t have to guess how long a recipe will take you to make or how many servings you’ll get. ICONS These highlight key features to make browsing easier. Hidden Gem = A gem of a recipe—a newer one, usually—that doesn’t yet have a lot of reviews but still deserves your attention. Healthy Pick = In line with U.S. Department of Agriculture healthy eating guidelines, based on a 2,000-calorie-per-day…

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Pick a quiet spot that’s free from distractions and filled with soft natural light. Choose decor colors that match your meditation goal. Soft greens, grays, and blues are best for relaxation, while warm and sunny colors like orange and yellow evoke joy, energy, and happiness. Include a comfy chair or a soft pillow or pouf to sit on—something that lets you maintain good posture throughout your meditation practice. Layer the space with soft or earthy textures, such as faux fur and crushed velvet pillows or woven jute rugs and a linen throw. Incorporate plants. A 2017 study found that just looking at bamboo plants lowered blood pressure. Other easy-to-grow indoor plants include philodendrons and spider, snake, and fiddle-leaf fig plants. Create a focal point. Arrange a meaningful photo, painting, figurine, lit candle, or flower-filled vase…

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Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics NBC news anchor and New York Times bestselling author Dan Harris has a humorous reply to each and every one of your reasons for why you can’t meditate. He’ll get you meditating with practices that meet you where you are. $26 at Calm This Apple App of the Year for 2017 offers multiple seven- and 21-day programs, including beginner, calming, self-esteem, better sleep, and anxiety-reducing meditation. Free seven-day trial and options from $5 to $13 a month available for iOS and Android The Art of Living This book by Buddhist Zen master and prolific author Thich Nhat Hanh serves up seven meditations to provide perspective and open you up to peace and happiness. $26 at Headspace A multitude of meditation tracks are just a tap away. This soothing app has programs…

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NATURALLY AROMATIC, EXTRA LONG-GRAIN WHITE RICE Add an authentic twist to your favorite rice meals with Royal® Basmati Rice! Royal’s Basmati comes from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and is a naturally aromatic, extra-long grain white rice that is sure to make tonight’s family meal extra special. NO ROOM FOR ADDED SUGAR Kids love Mott’s Unsweetened Applesauce because it’s delicious. Parents love it because there’s no sugar added. FARM TO FAMILY BY BUTTERBALL—TURKEY RAISED WITHOUT ANY ANTIBIOTICS…EVER. From our farms to your family, we are committed to making delicious, nutritious food in a responsible way. INTRODUCING NATURE’S OWN® PERFECTLY CRAFTED™ BREAD Enjoy Nature’s Own® Perfectly Crafted™ bakery style bread. With thick-cut, fluffy slices, and a flour-dusted crust, each bite is, you guessed it, perfect. Located in the bread aisle. BOLD, SASSY & SMART: NIKOS® FETA Taste any of…

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Foodie Pencil Set Sporting phrases inspired by favorite foods, these No. 2 pencils will become your No. 1 favorites. $12 for set of five at Metallic Magnetic Dry-Erase Board A sophisticated alternative to standard whiteboards, this 12x16-inch stainless-steel-two finished board comes with magnets, a dry-erase marker, and mounting hardware. $30 at Swiveling Ethel Chair With a curvature designed for comfort, this stylish handmade chair swivels so you can slip into your desk without scooting. You can also turn to see who’s sneaking cookies. $480 at THIS PEACOCK BLUE CHAIR ALSO COMES IN BLACK, WHITE, OR PEACHY PINK. Sort It Out! Wall Caddy Multitasking is easy with this clever catchall, which includes a dry-erase mini calendar to schedule your week and jot to-dos, metal hooks to hang keys, compartments to stash mail and devices, and a…

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1 EVOL CHICKEN ENCHILADAS Loaded with chicken, corn, black beans, and cheddar cheese, these filling (and spicy!) enchiladas are protein-packed (18 grams) and, thanks to corn tortillas, gluten-free. $4.50 at retailers nationwide 2 CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN SICILIAN FLATBREAD Microwave it on the included crisping tray for cheesy, Italian goodness in minutes. Each flatbread (two per pack) has 210 calories and 12 grams of protein. $4 at Target and other retailers 3 EATINGWELL BUTTER CHICKEN MASALA With a whopping 20 grams of protein and a full cup of veggies, this hearty chicken and brown rice dish has a rich curry sauce that is so good. Pop it in the office microwave for guaranteed coworker lunch envy. $4 at Kroger and other retailers 4 MANN’S NOURISH BOWLS IN SPICY THAI Fresh kohlrabi noodles steamed with…