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heading into february,

By now, I’ve made all my favorite comfort-food recipes at least twice and I’m ready to tempt my taste buds with something new. And as for some fun, it’s time for a party! Our entertaining feature this month is an easy menu for a Mardi Gras feast. Instead of king cake, cupcakes steal the show in all the right colors, and the entire menu can be made ahead. Red-carpet viewers: Check out the champagne cocktails and snack ideas on page 29, including a favorite from Wolfgang Puck. This is his 25th year catering the Governors Ball that follows the Acadamy Awards ceremony. And for all the football fans planning to eat during the season’s biggest game, Allrecipes’ best-loved pizza recipes start on page 51. I’m also loving “Cook to Follow,” about a couple…


Sashay THIS Way Put on some jazz and invite your crew for a New Orleans-inspired soirée that does Mardi Gras style in a big, easy way. Get THE Look Start with traditional Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold, and green), then turn up the dial with iridescent and metallic finishes. Add intrigue with matte navy and black accents. And tuck in a few peacock feathers for a look that says, “Laissez le bon temps rouler!” even before you bust out the plastic beads. MENU MADE EASY Chef John’s Étouffée, Cheater Gumbo, King Cake Cupcakes, and more Recipes on pages 90-91 PARTY FAVORS Pick up some feathers and beads at your local crafts store. JARS TOURRON SALAD PLATE Handcrafted at a famed French ceramics factory, each of these reactive-glazed pieces is unique. We chose the salad plate in purple, the color…

almond joy

POINT YOUR PHONE HERE to see more details—or to buy this soap right now! GET SCRUBBED Point your phone’s camera here to see more details—or to buy this right now! Portable, delicious, and sustaining, almonds have been an on-the-go snack staple as far back as biblical times. One of the earliest foods to be cultivated, they were grown across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East before they were introduced to California by Franciscan padres in the 1700s. Today, California produces 80 percent of the world’s almonds—which show up in our cabinets in forms as diverse as milk, butter, paste, oil, and flour. And what was once just a trail-mix favorite is now on the rise as a common beauty food, too. Almonds are loaded with benefits for skin health, starting with high levels of…

comfy, cozy

Felton Pendant Create pleasing pools of light with fixtures made of natural materials, like this black aluminum and wood pendant from Possini Euro Design. $130 at Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Cheese Knives These all-wood cheese knives embrace an essential element of the hygge design aesthetic: the natural beauty and rustic warmth of wood. $15 for set of three at Organic Grid-Stitch Tea Towels Each hand-stitched Anchal towel has a tag with the name of its maker. And every purchase helps provide an Indian artisan with a full-time job, health-care benefits, and design training. $18 each at Speckled Stoneware Mugs These cozy mugs each come with a nifty lid that keeps your tea or coffee hot until you’re nestled into your chair. It doubles as a coaster, too. $28 for set of four in…


1 SOAK UP SOME SUN AT DESERT BOTANICAL GARDEN ( Home to cacti, wildflowers, and thousands of plants that thrive in the desert, this is not your typical botanical garden. Thanks to Phoenix’s climate, it’s beautiful year-round. P.S.: If you like animals, this gorgeous garden is inside Papago Park, which is also home to the Phoenix Zoo. 2 TRY THE BURRO AT PONCHO’S MEXICAN FOOD. Housed in the original owners’ home, this family-owned restaurant ( has thrived for more than 40 years. My favorite thing to get is the Borracho Burro, a tortilla loaded with beef and green chili sauce. The green corn tamale and the chile relleno are also popular. 3 ROCK OUT AT THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MUSEUM. Play instruments from around the world in the Experience Gallery at this musical museum ( Use…

paws off

It’s only natural to want to pamper your loved ones with home-cooked meals, chocolates, and sweets—especially on Valentine’s Day. But extending those same treats to furry family members can make them ill. Most pet owners already know that chocolates are a big no-no for dogs and cats. We asked Dr. Kurt Venator, chief veterinary officer at Purina, to share a few other common ingredients pets should avoid eating. 1 ONIONS, GARLIC, LEEKS, AND CHIVES Whether raw or cooked, these members of the allium family contain compounds called organosulfoxides, which can cause anemia or digestive problems in cats and some dog breeds, including the Akita and Shiba Inu. Symptoms to watch for include rapid breathing, increased heart rates, pale gums, and fatigue. 2 LARGE AMOUNTS OF XYLITOL This artificial sweetener, often used in low-fat peanut…